James Comey Just Got Hit With This Truth Bomb

Former FBI Director James Comey was known for his belligerent behavior against the President, and it seems his behavior has changed.

During an interview with Fox News, former President George W. Bush’s White House press secretary discussed the upcoming release of Comey’s memoir, which has been surrounded by controversy.

Ari Fleischer hit James Comey with the last thing he wanted before his big release– a massive truth bomb that may cripple his already devastated career.

Fleischer attacked Comey claiming that, “In a town full of grandstanders, Comey is one of the biggest.”

Comey’s memoir, A Higher Loyalty, is set to be released soon, and reportedly will discuss his involvement in Trump’s administration in further detail.

Fleischer was not impressed by Comey’s judgment in the memoir, and believes the frenzy surrounding his career loss should be served as a warning for another key government iplayer.

The Daily Caller reported:

Fleischer, who served under George W. Bush, appeared on the “Ingraham Angle” on Fox News Thursday evening to discuss the upcoming release of Comey’s memoir, “A Higher Loyalty,” and the media frenzy surrounding it, and he made it clear that he was not impressed by Comey’s judgment.


He framed Comey’s behavior, both as FBI Director and since leaving the Justice Department, as a warning for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Bob Mueller is not James Comey. What James Comey shows is that prosecutors who have bad judgment will make mistakes, and not everybody is perfect at the DOJ or the FBI.


That’s an interesting and important reminder for Bob Mueller, as he goes forward, but what we know about James Comey … is that the things he did before the election were wrong, and that goes back to the Bush administration too.


Fleischer then recalled one instance when Comey had “created this whole drama” about himself when it wasn’t necessary. “It was a program that the FBI had previously approved, the Justice Department previously approved, and then James Comey had this dramatic moment at a hospital to reverse everything the Justice Department previously did.


In a town of grandstanders, he’s one of the biggest, often against good judgment.”

Prior to the interview, Fleisher also attacked Comey’s judgment when it came to the vile things he said about President Trump.

Fleisher mainly wondered why, if Comey truly felt he was working for a fascist, would he choose to continue to work under him?

Do you believe James Comey is spinning a tale in his memoir in order to profit off the controversy?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



32 thoughts on “James Comey Just Got Hit With This Truth Bomb

  1. jack

    Yes and he and Mule r are guilty of treason with there uranium one debacle ! Both belong under the jail ! Also they helped produce the collusion Dossier Hildabeast paid for to hurt Then Candidate Trump’s chance to win ! As everyone knows it backfired and these fools and Hildabeast are all guilty of collusion.

  2. "Bama" girly

    I heard issues early in the investigation Comey was conducting that he was very close to the Clintons and his brother was renting a home from Hillary R. Clinton.
    Dont know how unbiased his investigation of her server could have been. He was the driver in that whole sordid mess.

  3. char

    Why isn’t anyone investigating Hillary along with the rest of the of the criminals? Somehow she has been dropped out of sight. There is so much house cleaning to do. You are spending the Taxpayers money foolishly. So Trump might have a past.90% of the population does. He is our president. Let him do his work & drain the swamp. I think he is doing a great job. GET RID OF THE CRY BABIES. They should not be in office more than 4 years. Things would go a lot smoother then.

  4. ramona baldwin

    I have been aware that bush had some problems with comey and I want to thank ari Fleisher for cluing people in on the real comey. he does not deserve the respect usually given to someone in that position.

    1. Kathryn Jordan

      neither does the psychopathic president or the “fixer” of all his problems. I respect Comey more than I do the psychopathic president and the fixer of all his problems.

      1. bendecido

        Yes Kathryn, but I do not see you complaining about all the benefits you are enjoying from Trump’s doing like lower taxes, a better economy, etc, etc. etc…….Even is he is psychopathic, He is doing better than your Obama good for nothing president did in 8 years.

        1. Kathryn Jordan

          Rump’s so called “tax cut” and this god awful budget SCREWED UP MY SOCIAL SECURITY! I don’t work because I am DISABLED. Rump may not even be in office for too long. Obama was a far better president than Rump.

          1. bendecido

            You are delusional. Your so called Obozo, almost ruined America Where were the jobs that Americans needed? Why were the corporations leaving America? And regarding the budget, the socialist Democrat party got almost all of what they asked for and desired. Also calling other p[eople names isn’t civil. He is your President, like it or not. Face it you are defending the wrong party. If you are disabled, why haven’t you applied for Social Security Disability, it is there for you. Go for its and good luck getting it.

          2. Kathryn Jordan

            I have Social Security Disability. Rump’s tax scam and budget scam have only BENEFITED the top 1% and wealthy corporations. Why were the corporations leaving America? Ask George W Bush that question; he allowed it. Obama was trying to get jobs back especially with infrastructure but the stupid Republican controlled congress would not let him. I got my SSDI in 2009 on the FIRST TRY! This administration has f**ked up the GOP big time; the traditional GOP is DEAD!

          3. danmaine

            I’m also on SSDI (since 1992) Trump hasn’t done anything to screw up SS. Obama on the other hand totally screwed up my health insurance. I was no longer able to keep my old plan due to new requirements and it changed so off to an Obamacare plan. Result: Double the monthly payments and double the deductable, off a private RX program and onto a Medicare part D program. Result yearly costs, out of pocket up $10,000 a year!

          4. Kent2012

            moron has been watching those hores on the view…and the other hores on cnn…many mental midgets from coast to coast believe every lie that those clowns put out…you offer proof and they will go into mental epilepsy….we have seen the intellectual levels of them marching in the streets in their Giant Vagina costumes and cutesy little pink pu$$y hats…they think that the juddhole was quite the public speaker when she was out there talking trash…not sure what has happened in the USA, but I often site the rooooshans efforts going back to the 1920s to infect the USA with agents pretending to be media newscasters, teachers in school and university, and finally politicians…look at what happened in 2008…kenyan boyo was elected(sic) and he publicly espoused support and affection for the rags and the commies…the morons missed that during their daily devotionals to the african pretender on national TV..

          5. Kent2012

            she is, but just think their are millions more out there…that is why the democrapo aholes have been closing mental institutions, their voters would not have been able to get to the polls..

          6. intheknow

            Obama is a liar and has been since he was a child. He is a fraud and I can prove it. Want some truth. Look up the name Frank Marshal Davis and do your own investigating. Don’t take my word for it check for yourself. Frank marshal Davis is Obama’s real father. Not the goat herder from Kenya that he knows is not his real father. The whole reason his birth certificate was forged had not 1 thing to do with where he was born and everything to do with covering up who his real father was. Would you have voted for him knowing his father was a card carrying communist. No I didn’t think so. Obama was the worst president in history. My god blacks in this country were hurt more under Obama than any president since Johnson. The unemployment rate for blacks was as high as 19.1% during his presidency. It was only for a month it was that high but it was above 14% for most of his presidency. Do you have a clue what it is currently 15 months after Trump became president? 7% what does that tell you even black groups that are trying to do good things and help are behind trump. CAAP for 1 Give him a chance. I thought Obama was a horrible president. I still respected the fact he was the president and accepted it and made the best of it. Owning a small business that I started on my own in 1998. Obama almost put me out of business. I had provided health insurance for my employees and paid 1/2 the premium as a benefit. My own policy for my wife 1 daughter and myself went from $791.00 a month to $2450.00 a month. The deductible went from $1,000 per person $5,000 per year family to $25,000 per person or $50.000 per year family. I could no longer afford to either provide it for my employees or my own family. Obama Care provided health care to 6 million people who had not had coverage prior to Obama Care. The latest estimate from the IRS is that between 20 and 25 million people who prior to Obama Care had health care coverage currently do not have any health care coverage at all. I can verify that between my 7 employees and their dependents we have 23 people who do not have any health care coverage. These people work their butts off 40 hours a week and don’t want any hand outs from the government or anyone else. The state I live in had 5 or 6 companies that we could shop for health care coverage before. Now we have 1 company that sells health care coverage in my state. It’s no wonder the rates went up 400% and the deductible went up 500%. There is nobody for them to compete with so they can charge whatever they want. why did the government exclude themselves from the Obama Care mandate. Because they knew it sucked and would be terrible. Not the Senate or house of representatives has the same health care coverage as every other American in this country. So thank Obama for pulling a fast one on us again. Obama will go down in history as one of the worst most corrupt presidents in the last 100 years.

          7. Kent2012

            then apply for mental health disability …should get that without having to file anything, just show up..

      2. intheknow

        Are you serious. Comey got on national television and admitted to Blackmail and providing false information to a judge . Not to get a search warrant for some drug dealer but to alter a election for the president of the United States or America. Comey makes what Nixon did in Watergate look like a parking ticket. Comey has the character and integrity of a snake. He is a embarrassment to the FBI and this country. Look up Narcissist in the dictionary: it should have Comey picture next to it. The man is a criminal, his excuse is he did it for his country. His opinion is worthless. if there is anyone with any balls left in Washington Comey will be charged for his crimes, and jailed for a long time. What he did amounts to treason. Quit letting Bloomberg and Soros control your information. they want us all to keep fighting against Trump so he can’t achieve his goal. Drain the cesspool in Washington and Make this country great again. I have not a bit of doubt that he is sincere about what he wants to do. Everybody in this country or 95% of the people in this country want the same thing. So why are we all fighting, I don’t car if you’re Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red we all want the same basic things in our lives and for our families. The only reason we fight is because The network media in this country is 85% owned by either Bloomberg or Soros. Both of whom are Communists/ Progressives that would like nothing better than to bring socialism to the United States and have been trying to do that for 50 years.

      1. bendecido

        Take it easy snowflake or you will start to melt. I believe you have the wrong president. Try going back to number 44.

          1. bendecido

            You are wrong, admit it. It will go easier on you. Enjoy each day, go out and smell the roses, if you have any that is. Why work yourself up for nothing. You will live longer, trust me.

          2. Kathryn Jordan

            Nope. I do enjoy each day. I don’t work myself up for “nothing”. I will stop conversing with you since we seem to go back and forth with opposing views and it becomes a “he said, she said” game. I hate those kinds of games. So long.

          3. Kent2012

            say hi to the twats on the view…should change the name of the show to “unrestrained PMS” of course they have hired the perfect group of hores to be on the show…

      2. Kent2012

        need to wring out your soaking wet panties…your believing that hores at cnn…they give discount BJs and sometimes will lie about it….they also rely on buttfeed for really important disinformation to broadcast to the morons that watch their game show and those other hores on the view…just not too long ago they were suggesting that the president paid some hookers to piss on a bed in a hotel in Germany…mmmm sounds like the mental midgets are having to really stretch into the moronashpere to get the simpletons in the US who voted for the hore clintoney, believe in climate change, and think that kenyan boyo was a great prez to hate Trump…

  5. elmcqueen3

    The way I see it…Comey wanted to show Trump the newly Steele dossier he had acquired from Senator John McCain (AZ)…Comey’s thinking was to intimidate the President by holding the dossier over his head…like “play ball with me or I’ll bring down the hounds of hell on your head” with an expose of the contents of the Steele dossier…prostitutes, golden showers, turd eating, and other nasty stuff which Comey intended to release to the liberal MSM if trump didn’t play ball..by holding FBI Director James Comey at a level of the highest esteem…Comey knew the MSM would have a field day with Trump and would gleefully tear him apart at the seams…Trump asked Comey to go easy on Flynn…Comey was taking mental notes involving his discussion with Trump…inserting some lies and other made up stuff with which to defending his meeting with Trump…which he would write at a later date…Trump sensed Comey was setting him up with the contents of the “fake” Steele dossier…With due respect and presidential privilege Trump fired FBI Director Comey…Gasp..How dare he?…There was no obstruction of justice as claimed by the “deep state”…Comey’s subliminal threat against the POTUS backfired…Biggly…And now Comey is out for revenge writing a book which was edited and filled with lies, and cover up’s portraying his self as an FBI Director who had done no wrong…as we are now learning is quite to the contrary…Comey is a sleaze and a dirty cop…but then again so is SC Robert Mueller…Enough hasn’t been said about Mueller’s dirty past which also includes practices of corruption …As a prosecuting attorney for the city of Boston Mueller sent four (4) innocent people to life imprisonment for a crime he knew whey never committed…30 years later after 2 of these individuals had died in prison…it was found that Mueller was responsible for their false imprisonment…The remaining two were awarded $100,000,000.00 (100M) for being falsely imprisoned…Sadly the two deceased didn’t even receive a proper burial…That being said…We won’t hear any of this story from the MSM or the leftist Trump hating TIME magazine…I’m waiting for some one to smack Robert Mueller along side his crooked head about his sorid past which dumb a$$ Republicans declared Mueller as being one of the best FBI Director’s ever…nothing could be further from the truth…Republicans on Capitol Hill have to be some of the stupidest people on earth…That being said…Democrats are some of the most distrustful and disdainful human beings ever to soil the good earth we walk on…Nuff said.

  6. Robert Walters

    Comey needs to Stop the whining and lying. He needs to be charged along with McCabe. End the Mueller Investigation NOW! Mueller, Comey and McCabe are ALL part of the FBI corruption, charge all three.
    Why hasn’t the two FBI lovers not been fired. End this corruption within the FBI & DOJ.
    Fire Rosenstein he’s the leader of the Trump Conspiracy.
    Fire Sessions if he doesn’t start doing his JOB.

  7. bendecido

    He will not get a dime out of me to purchase his book. Nowadays, anyone who works or worked in gov’t is trying to make a killing by writing a book whose facts are very dubious.

  8. Dave

    If Comey told me the sun would rise in the east tomorrow I would get up early to see if he was telling the truth.

  9. intheknow

    Comey said He was releasing his book and then we would all know who has character and integrity. What I have heard in his interview on Sunday with Stephanopoulos, I’m no lawyer. If I’m not mistaken he admitted to at least a couple of crimes. I think and believe that James Comey was a horrible choice to be the head of the FBI agency. I really believe that most of the people in the FBI are people of character and integrity. James Comey is a Narcissist that belongs in jail. The blatant disregard for our legal system is hard to imagine from the person who is in charge of what is supposed to be the best law enforcement organization in the entire world. Mr. Comey, reinforce my belief that he will in the near future be charged with some very serious crimes against the United States. He like so many others for some reason, they are above the law, they don’t have to abide by the same rules as everyone else. In my opinion he should be charged with treason against the United States. He makes Watergate look like a parking ticket compared to what he admits he did. This POS said his goal was to effect the 2016 election and make sure Donald Trump did not get elected. He used lies and fabrications to accuse Donald Trump and the Russians of doing what he said he admits he was trying to do himself. He actually believes in his mind that he is justified because he has some sort of higher calling. My God in his own words he admits to visions of grandeur. The man should be in a mental institution. I believe he will end up being charged with Treason, if there is a god in heaven, convicted and sentenced to Leavenworth for the rest of his pathetic life. The man is a criminal who admitted what he did on live television. He believes he did nothing wrong, WTF world does he live in. These people Democrats and a lot of Republicans also, think for some reason they do not have to follow the rules. We need to get behind our President and let him do what he said he would do. Clean out the cesspool in Washington. I have no doubt that is his goal. He really wants to make this country great again. Give him a chance to do it. We have to stop letting The Michael Bloomberg and George Soros’s of the world control our opinion of what the President wants to do. They are the ones who benefit from creating this anger between us. It would be nice if we could all discuss what the real topics are and not let the communists/ Progressives cause problems and fuel tension between us. It is in their goal to keep us fighting with each other. If we come together as one there is nothing we can’t accomplish as a country. We really want the same things if you get right down to what the average American wants, It doesn’t matter what color you are black, white, yellow, brown or red. We all just want to be able to live in peace and provide for our families so the next generation has it better than we did. What America gives you is opportunity to take a chance and make or do whatever makes you happy. You should be able to make enough money to support your family and be able to enjoy life. If you want to start a business and take a risk you can do that. If you fail try again and again until you succeed. That’s what made this country great before, that what will make it great again. We need to believe in one another and that most people are good.
    Most people are not like James Comey.

  10. Sheila Tucker

    Mueller was suppose to investigate the Russian influence on our elections. The worse involvement was Wikileaks and the fact that the DEMs server was hacked. We learned that the people Wasserman hired were corrupt and skipped the country. Yet, Mueller never obtained their computers or anything to learn what happened. I don’t get it! He was not appointed to only research if the GOP colluded with Russia but also how the Russians interfered with our election.

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