Jaw Dropping Bombshell Tried to Throw Tucker Carlson Off the Air

Tucker Carlson is one of the fiercest supporters of Donald Trump and his America First agenda.

And he has one of the most popular news programs in America.

But this jaw-dropping bombshell nearly threw Tucker Carlson off the air.

Or so the mainstream media had hoped.

The radical progressive “watchdog” group known as Media Matters released a series of audio clips of Tucker Carlson when he had called into a shock-jock radio show a decade ago.

Tucker’s comments, according to Media Matters, were “misogynistic” and “racist.”

Tucker called Martha Stewart’s daughter “cunty,” and Arianna Huffington a “pig,” and labeled Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton as “the biggest white whores in America.”

And Tucker didn’t stop there. In other call-ins to the show, Carlson said immigrants should be “hot” or “really smart,” putting forth the question of whether “people [who] come over and pick lettuce” are going to ultimately “build, you know, a stronger country 20 years from now?”

Media Matters for some reason doesn’t think these are legitimate questions that Americans are asking, when in fact its these observations that made Americans love Trump in the first place.

Tucker went on to say that Iraq is filled with “semiliterate primitive monkeys” who “don’t use toilet paper or forks.”

Leftists calling conservatives “racist” or “misogynistic” usually results in some conservatives bowing down to the mob and apologizing.

But Tucker Carlson did no such thing. In fact, he doubled down in one of the most scathing monologues he’s ever delivered.

You can watch here via the Daily Caller:

“You know the role you’re required to play. You are a sinner that needs the forgiveness of Twitter. So you show a statement of deep contrition, you apologize profusely for your transgressions, promise to be a better person going forward with the guidance of your patrician consultant companies and money to whatever organization claims to represent the people you supposedly offended. Then you sit back and brace for a wave and stories about your apology, all of which are simply pretext for attacking you again. In the end, you get fired, you lose your job. Nobody defends you. Your neighbors avert their gaze as you pull into the driveway. You are ruined,” Carlson said.

“You have to pretend the people yelling at you are somehow your moral superiors. You have to assume what they say they are mad about is what they are actually mad about. You have to take them at face value. You must pretend this is a debate about virtue and not about power. Your critics are arguing from principle and not from partisanship. No matter what they take from you in the end, you must continue to pretend that these things are true. You are bad, they are good, the system is on the level.”

Tucker refused to apologize.

In fact, even Fox News is showing a tough stance by sticking by Tucker, prompting the host to admit that “toughness is a rare quality in a TV network, and we are grateful for that.”

“We will never bow to the mob, ever, no matter what,” Carlson said.

Conservatives are sick and tired of our supposed “leaders” within the conservative movement bowing down to the leftist mobs when not even the leftists themselves abide by their own standards.

It’s a breath of fresh air to have someone like Trump and Tucker willing to fight and punch back twice as hard.

And while some advertisers have left Tucker, the American people are with him as he’s had record ratings.

So, even though Media Matters continues to target Tucker with more released audio, it doesn’t seem to be working.

We will continue to update you on any developments in this story.



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