Judge Pirro Just Destroyed Obama In Her Latest Interview

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a conservative talk show host and tv personality who just pushed the hosts of the ABC talk show, The View, to their boiling point when defending President Trump.

The hosts of the often controversial show were digging deep into the Russian conspiracy, and tearing down President Trump.

But one quick word from Judge Pirro not only shut the talk show hosts down but brutalized Obama’s reputation in the process.

While interviewing with the hosts of The View, Judge Pirro blasted former President Obama’s moves in Russia during his presidency and defended Trump against allegations of treason made by Whoopi Goldberg.

In particular, Pirro criticized the red lines that were drawn around Russia by Obama were brought up during her appearance on the show last week.

This argument began with Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks that President Donald Trump made a mistake when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

But Fox News’ Judge Pirro jumped into the President’s defense — and brought down Obama in the process:

We are arming the people in the Ukraine. $70 billion of arms while Barack Obama stood by and let Russia go in.”

As a result of the annexing of Crimea, we have thrown out Russian officials and nationalists. We have closed consulates. We are also in the United States making sure that — with respect to Russia, had Obama done anything about the red line,” she continued before being interrupted again by Whoopi Goldberg, who was visibly fuming at this point.

Obama drawing the line in the red sand and doing nothing about a red line in the sand, we wouldn’t have killed hundreds of Russians who were over there,” Pirro continued after Sunny Hostin finished interrupting her.

While there was controversy with the president’s actions, many have come out in support of Trump trying to reach out and mend ties between the two long-feuding nations.

He has since confirmed in a statement that he does not side with President Putin over the United States’ intelligence agencies, as many were confused he was claiming.

Judge Pirro pointed this out in her defense against Goldberg.

But during her most recent segment of her show, Judge Jeanine Pirro said that her experience on The View exemplified the hatred towards President Trump.

She claimed that the level of hatred towards President Trump is beyond anything that has been seen in the history of the United States thus far, and causing tremendous issues within the populist due to outraged, violent liberals.

This isn’t about me,” Pirro said. “There is a bigger issue at play here. ‘The View’ was just a microcosm of what’s going on in this country,” she said.

She later went on to explain how frightening the political climate was amongst the controversy –and praised how President Trump is standing strong amongst the chaos while working in the best interest of the country.

President Trump has since issued a statement clarifying his comments made during the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Do you believe Whoopi Goldberg and the remaining hosts of The View were out of line?

Do you believe Obama handled the Russian situation worse than anything President Trump is being accused of?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


    Good for the judge.

  • Sheila

    Whoopi is insecure when speaking with an intelligent, well-educated woman!

    • Basically the same thing I I commented. She would have loved to hit Judge Pirro because her Pirro spoke intelligently and logically. All goldberg could do was get agitated and frustrated.

    • Bilgeez

      Whoopi is insecure when around ANY people who arent fawning over her and trying to suck her fat black ass!

    • Jimmy R. Stevens

      Whoopi has a good education. LOL
      High-school dropout Whoopi Goldberg now has a doctorate degree in humanities. Wilson College, a women’s school in Chambersburg, Pa., awarded the honorary degree Thursday,

  • Deborah Gillis


    • Mary DiBenedetto

      I agree these people wouldnt know the last thing about much of life when all there money has been handed to them buy acting not working a real job. let see one two of them act stupid all the time insulting the inteligence of our race and the rest are mainly just unintelligent followers that just want to make money the easy way and cant do it any other way all they do is tear eveything and everyone thats not in there little pool down I think this kind of entertainment should be totally banned and especially the view because they support this kind of behavior this is not the first time they have mad the show personal they should fire all of them. I would personally love to see the whole show change back to the way it was a long long time ago it was more tasteful and tactful now its just out right bashing from people that are no better then whom the bash.

      • Bilgeez

        Never gonna happen, ABC is owned by Disney one of the furthest left of all the LSM!

  • masterjsaxton

    very best part of view .goldwater was hit with fake news he would A atomic rocket if made president 2ed one fake news on president .

    • NiteOwl984

      Wait…..what ?

  • R Morgan Burrow Jr.

    Keep it up Whoopi; you will find yourself receiving Secret Service visits or wearing orange in the Big House…

    • I’d bet that goldberg has working class knowledge of Americas penal system.

  • William Manners

    The only reason that show exists is to stir the pot! and those women are amongst the Progressive idiots that want to allow immorality to flurish in the US. And Woopie is the worst one!

    • ROB

      Great day ,who would ever be immoral with that deformed creature.

    • Bilgeez

      Whoopi never met a joint or a coke spoon she didnt like! Her brain is definitely fried!

  • mary

    Wouldn’t watch the View if you paid me.

    • Paul Dragotto


      • Bilgeez

        you need to turn the caps lock off and learn to use spell check, amigo!

  • Cindi


  • Victoria

    It is getting to the point where nothing matters! You hear & see ppl of both sides going after one another! Stuff comes out then each side says it’s a lie depending on what side it favors! Then when u think true info comes out nothing changes! The witch hunt goes on & on! President Trump I feel is trying to better our country and work for the American ppl, the Dems just keep trying to resist ne agenda he tries to do! All they care about is having power and resisting! Sad both sides don’t wanna work together by doing what’s right for our country! Tired of all the hatred being shown! Ppl need to wake up and see what’s lies & what’s truth! It’s not about what party ur from it’s what’s right vs wrong, truth vs lies!

    • Bama Bill

      All the LIberals do is work for the “Open Borders” group the Mr. George Soros funds and controls. That group supports over 2,300 liberal groups like MoveOn, BLM, Planned Parenthood, etc. Where do you think all these college grads with a degree that has no value getting as “Job” are going to fine a “Paying Position”? My friends daughter went to college until she was 38 years old, on her mother’s “Dime’! What job did she qualify for? A “Graphic Therapist”! She said those jobs were very rare, and only in cities like LA or NYC! Twenty years and she was still on her 4th semester of her senior year! Now in a group home with a “Drug Fried Brain”!

      • Victoria

        It’s a sad, sad world! I was blessed to have 3 wonderful kids that are loving, caring, honest and hard workers. My daughters could care less about politics whereas my son is really into it! Lol I never got into it much til like 2016 when Trump ran. Though I have always voted. I hate to see what the world will be like when my grand children grow up! For the most part the generation now a days don’t wanna work or if they do they wanna make top dollar!

        • justme444

          Be safe, or make your grandchildren safe, tell them about Jesus and His salvation to the point that they receive Him as their Lord and Savior because time is real short, read my above post.

          • Victoria

            Sorry I can’t find ur above post.

          • Bilgeez

            Jesus ain’t gonna save you! You have to do research and protect yourself!

        • Bilgeez

          Thank doting parents and the Publick Skools for inflating kids’ self worth to an unrealistic level. In my job I talk to kids almost every day that want top pay with zero experience on the job! I’m surprised how many kids dont have a driver’s license nowadays! How do they get around? Their mom? Or do they drive without one and hope they dont get caught? In our area, the police are impounding any car that the driver cant produce any of a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and valid registration. I bet mom wont be happy when junior or baby girl get the family car impounded and have to pay around $300 to get it out, because their kiddies dont want to bother getting a driver’s license! What fairy tale land are they living in?? Oh yeah they have been brainwashed by Davis-Soetoro, the Publick Skools and the LSM, they dont need to follow no stinkin laws! That’s for squares!

  • Bama Bill

    Trump is NOT owned by Mr. George Soros, all those on the view, and Obama, Hillary, Comey, and all the Dems are. As are the Unions, and the Lame Stream Media. If you want to be part of the “Americas Union”, just stick with the liberals and Dems! Soros already has his “European Union”. You like to be in the same boat as Venezula? The vote for the Dems. Look what they did to Detroit, and California now has a $1.7 TRILLION debt! I’m sure all the “Illegals” that are coming in are aware they will have to pay that off? New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, are all now slums. IF some liberals don’t wake up, they are going to find themselves on the “Outside, looking IN”!

  • Uncle Milty

    Like Whoopi, majority of the black community hate Trump with a passion. This is the result of 8 years of Obama’s transformation of America into a lazy give-me society.

    • And milk the middle class to do it with.

    • Paul Dragotto


      • Bilgeez

        It WAS that bad before Davis-Soetoro became “President”. His mismanagement and racism just brought more attention to the chitholes these cities are. All black police in those towns? Fuggedaboudit! 1) Blacks usually dont want to rat out or bust their “bruvahs” 2) You probably couldnt find enough viable black candidates to meet the minimum requirement from those areas. Remember, about 60% of black males have a felony record, excluding them from becoming a police officer. Even those with an extensive misdemeanor record would be precluded. 3) They would actually have to work for a living, welfare is much easier to obtain for them!

  • John Green

    Stay strong judge Pirro!

  • Turtle Keeper

    The View is nothing but some very unattractive very overrated and over weight as well, sick women. None of them have any common sense at all. Of course liberals don’t have common sense now do they. I would bet there IQ’s are extremely low. I say that because none of them know anything about politics or Foreign policy. I won’t watch that show because I’m afraid my TV screen will break.

  • ROB

    That crowd has never been in line. Can you imagine any show on one of the networks that would have been anti obama every day? There were as many people who despised where obama was trying to lead this country. That’s why congress flipped in a short period of time. The ONLY reason Obama was ever elected in the first place was because he was black and people thought if a black person was elected the race relations would improve. They got worse all by progressive design. Till they have society by the throat there will be turmoil. That is their way.He started out early on by calling the Bridgeport Police Dept. stupid the way they handled his friend skip gates. It only went down hill from there. trayvon, michael brown and other high profile cases. All he ever did was throw gas on the fire. By far he is the worse we’ve ever had.

    • Bilgeez

      Barry won because most folks vote on looks, sound and demographics, they dont do any research outside of watching the LSM, but that seems to be changing, I hope. Seeing out far out there the LSM is getting, they have zero cred with anyone who has any brains and hasnt been brainwashed by the them and the Publick Skool Socialist System. I thought Davis-Soetoro was fishy from the get-go, after doing some digging, I’m glad I wasnt sucked in by the “Hope it will Change” BS.

  • James Pogue

    The VIEW is a joke. Everyone know that. These “Ladies” are not qualified to critique anything the President does or does do.

    • C William Hanscom

      LADIES ?????

  • James Ruddy

    The judge was wrong about one thing. There was another president in our nation’s history that was hated as much as Pres. Trump. It was Abraham Lincoln, the democrats hated him so much they went to war over it.

    • jbt

      Couldn’t have said it any better. Conservative (for the common people) for life.

    • Bilgeez

      Good thing today’s Democraps are too stoned, and lazy to go to war over Trump being President. Maybe legalizing marijuana will be a good thing, it will cull out all the lazy, useless riff raff in a couple generations and the country will be led by genuine, industrious people again, not brain-dead, doped up sheeple led by Georgi Soros graft.

  • donnypinetree

    I think woppie looks like a [email protected]#$$%^?ee with dread locks, just the opinion of a trump supporter

  • Quite out of line. Especially golberg’s rantings at Judge Pirro during the telecast, and her extra extracurricular threatenings aimed at Pirro after the segment. It’s clear that because goldberg’s views were mindless and without base, that she intended to start a physical altercation with Pirro because half-wits such as goldberg know when their point wasn’t made and was ready to start an altercation with Pirro to prove the opposite. I wish she would have only because she would have been arrested, sued, and shown the middle class in America the mindset of the extreme left liberals in America.

  • Diane Ross Eslinger

    Judge Jeanine for SCOTUS

    • Deb DuBay Erickson

      Judge Jeanine for President..

      • Charles P

        GREAT IDEA!

  • Big Jack

    The first year with Obama with Hillary as Sec. of State, Poland was supposed to get a missile defence system which was promised by Bush. That deal was scrapped to make a friendly jester to the Russians while getting nothing in return. I believe that was before Obama’s comment to Medvedev about being more flexible after the election. I think that comment was made before the second election. Obama came across as weak. Trump is not a politician, he is a CEO and he is running the country like a CEO and the shareholders are the american people. I’m sure he got his point across to Putin. It did not serve any purpose to embarrass Putin on the world stage. So Hillary killed the missile deal with Poland, sold twenty percent of our uranium to the Russians and gave a BS story of how four americans, one being a US Ambasador were killed, but Trump is controlled by Putin. The above are all facts, the only thing missing is an honest explanation of why.

  • Shelba Herring

    whoopi is adding to obamas hatred, she keeps referring to Trump as a raciest, whoopi should stop and think about what she says on national TV it shows her up to be raciest, people that are stupid enough to watch this hate filled show listen to what these people say take it as gospel, they are dividing this country more and more every day , there are some people of color who take what they say and look around at the mixed marriages come to the conclusion that the things they advocate are just not true

  • Alleged-Comment

    Where’s the one word?

    But understand this. The Negro NEVER liked America as a waycist and a person ENVIOUS of America that its people are NOT Negroes.

    He FOOLY knows what happens when a country is FOOL of them. Look at Africka. So naturally he sought to bring America down by weakening it in any manner he saw fit.

    Including importing more Negroes. But the Negro does not understand how GOOD Negroes have it here.

    But it does not matter to him. What matters to him is he still is a Negro and damn if he is going to let white people get away with it!

  • Michael Bryant

    Why the view is even on beats me… Nothing but over the hill nasty fat women. Doppie leaves staines on ever thing she touches…
    Can the view and replace it with reruns of Roy Rogers..
    What has the View and a Insane Hospital have in common? “NUTS”
    The Judge should sign assault charges against Nasty… No telling what nasty spit comes out of that 👄.

  • Terrij

    I used to watch “The View”, but since Trump became President I can’t listen to all the hate and disrespect they spew about OUR PRESIDENT! He has done everything he said he would do if/when he became President. I have never seen or heard of any of our past Presidents be so tore down during his term when he’s simply doing what he promised he’d do. I applaud and thank you, Judge Pirro, for your … view!!

    • R Morgan Burrow Jr.

      The most outstanding feature of the radio or TV is the OFF switch. Stopped listening to FROGGIES, STARS, etc. a LONG time ago. Same old worthless corporate crap on TV worse than radio. CLICK!

      • justme444

        I watch Fox news for reality and the cowboy channel for intertainment……..

  • James D. Gerhardson

    Whoopie should continue to be just what she is,,,,,,,A BIG WHOOPIE CUSHION!!! Her status as a movie star does NOT make her a Star anywhere else!!! Her actions on the TV show are not those of a PROFESSIONAL, and she showed exactly how professional she is! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, WHOOPIE!!

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Oh Whoopi whoppie boo – hoo ! Confronted with the truth it is new, The judge opened up a can of whoop ass
    Really made a fool out of you.

  • John Thomas

    Whoopi is exactly what the USA does not need or want. The other comments are correct that she is not that smart and way out of her class with Mrs Pirro. I am not sure why she is on the TV anyway, obviously it is just linked to her being Black. Whoopi next time pick someone not so far up the food chain, I know Libtards and Dumocraps may like you but I have a well diversified mixed family and they all think you are an idiot.

  • bARACH

    The View? Extremely ignorant sheltered “women” talking emotionally about things that they have no knowledge in. Why would anyone view the view? There is nothing positive to be gained there for yourself with that action. It just reaffirms that the left is a political religion full of criminals and the mentally damaged.

  • Mike from Texas

    From reading all the posts, there really isn’t anything to add. I will say this….I love the Judge.

  • C William Hanscom

    The only good thing Obama has done was leaving the White House. The view has and always will be a total joke hell bent on dividing this country. All it is, is MSM lies on tv

  • James D. Gerhardson

    The View is stocked with the most biased panel of women that I have ever laughed at, and Whoopie should go back to acting on screen! Joy is so close-minded that it is a wonder she can even open her mind. Throwing mud is the only thing they are good at, and the credibility of their statements are all in ?????!