Kentucky High School FORCED To Change Their Mascot

Mascots and symbols offend too many people nowadays.

Dan Snyder’s NFL franchise, The Washington Redskins, is the epitome of celebrating a mascot that offends Social Justice Warriors.

Even NBC commentator Bob Costas and CBS commentator Phil Simms refuse to say the word Redskins – instead they just call them “Washington”.

These Social Justice Warriors try to be the voice of a race that doesn’t need their help, because it might surprise you to know that only 10 percent of Native Americans supported a change to the Redskins name.

The survey conducted in May 2016 of 504 people across every state and the District reveals that the minds of Native Americans have remained unchanged since a 2004 poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center which found the same result.

Responses to the poll’s questions about the issue were broadly consistent regardless of age, income, education, political party or proximity to reservations.

But high schools are not big business.

A new petition just garnered over 200 signatures and was successful in its efforts to have a school district in Kentucky cancel their high school’s mascot.

Fayette County school district is forcing Frederick Douglass High School from using “Stallions” as their mascot because according to the petition, it’s “inappropriate and sexist.”

The petition’s supporters deemed it sexist because “Stallions” was not inclusive for female sports teams.

The petition read:

“This is inappropriate and sexist when you consider the definition from ‘YourDictionary’ …’The definition of a stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated, used for breeding or is slang for a powerful and virile man who has a lot of lovers’


And from Wikipedia…’because of their instincts as herd animals, they may be prone to aggressive behavior, particularly toward other stallions, and thus require careful management by knowledgeable handlers.


However, with proper training and management, stallions are effective equine athletes at the highest levels of many disciplines.’”

The district’s Superintendent, Manny Caulk, announced he would replace the current mascot with a more gender-neutral horse mascot, because he claimed it would be a more appropriate symbol.

Caulk then proceeded to plead with everyone that the district never meant to offend anyone in the community:

“Since the public announcement of the mascot Monday, we have received feedback from some community members who have concerns about the mascot and we want assure our constituents that there was absolutely no intent to offend or upset anyone.


We also recognize that there is support from others in our community to honor the former stallions of Hamburg Place farm.”

Caulk clarified that the school would keep its colors but they would all have choices from the horse-themed options:

“Moving forward, we will keep the Keeneland green and orange colors and horse image in the school logo to pay homage to Lexington’s rich history in the horse industry, but we will allow the incoming students of Frederick Douglass High School to choose their mascot.


We’ve already received suggestions of Thoroughbreds or Racers as possible alternatives to Stallions and we will solicit additional ideas from our students before they choose a horse-themed mascot grounded in the land’s equestrian heritage.”

Do you think this is ridiculous or fair?

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10 thoughts on “Kentucky High School FORCED To Change Their Mascot

  1. Mys77

    What is wrong with being masculine? This is, I hate to say it…the pus si fi ca tion of the American male. Shame on “manny” the metro male that pushed this. We are made male and female, two sexes…and we should celebrate their differences and their similarities. Who wants to be a pony boy? And who wants to be a STALLION! There is a difference…and one that defines masculinity, the other is California hairdresser who is a queen of makeup and stupidity,

  2. Frankiedoodle

    Until we put our foot down and say “ENOUGH” they will continue
    having their way. It’s about time this foolishness comes to an end.

  3. Les Gulledge

    This is the very definition of stupidity. What I want to know – which idiotic girly Libturd “news”caster, like Costas is gonna chase down the Italian Stallion –
    ROCKY… Stallone – wrestle to the ground, demanding that he change his nickname…. Who wants to make a BET on which of those two winds up castrated? Any takers on Costas? YO! Adrienne – bring this butthead a band aid… he didn’t HAVE any balls… Enough is enough.

  4. notrig

    People that have nothing better to do than make such a ridiculous complaint should just STOP! This is insane! This political correctness has gone way way way too far! ENOUGH! What a bunch of complete idiots! MYOB!

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