Liberal College Faculty Accuse Trump Of Promoting “Hate Speech”: Sign Letter Banning Free Speech On Campus

12-7-16-cr-4Liberal college professors still can’t accept the fact Donald Trump won on Election Night and will be America’s next president.

While the anti-Trump protests continue, with shouts of “Not My President!” and “Love Trumps Hate”, none of these actions change the fact Trump will take over the White House in January.

Instead of accepting reality, liberal professors are turning their rage towards conservative college students, attempting to force their radical agenda onto them.

In the latest attempt to silence free speech on America’s college campuses, almost 50 college professors rallied together at Boston University, and wrote a letter demeaning President-elect Trump and accusing him of “hate speech”.

The letter called on Boston University to ban Trump inspired “hate speech” from being uttered on university premises.

The Heights posted the letter written by the liberal professors who call themselves “faculty for justice” and reads:

“In the wake of the presidential election, we as faculty at Boston College declare our unequivocal opposition to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and all forms of identity-based hatred and discrimination on and off this campus. We believe in the power of constructive political dialogue and the imperative to organize and act in strategic, collective ways, but we refuse to engage in dialogue or action that sanctions hate speech or bigotry in any form.

The present political moment calls for an explicit and unambiguous statement of these principles. In the leadup to the election, one candidate, President-elect Trump, ran a campaign designed to pit Americans against one another along the lines of race, religion, ethnicity, and immigrant status. One candidate, President-elect Trump, refused to publicly condemn the hate crimes against Muslims, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals that his campaign emboldened.

One candidate, President-elect Trump, failed to unambiguously disavow his boasts about sexually assaulting women. In the wake of the election, President-elect Trump has appointed a chief strategist whose media outlet traffics in racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and other toxic forms of bigotry. These and other dangerous failures of leadership at the national level demand that we renew our responsibilities to our students, each other, and the wider world in which we live by affirming and upholding our basic values.

In this spirit, we call on the Boston College administration to immediately adopt a zero-tolerance policy against hate speech. We also call on the administration to take proactive measures to counter the climate of hatred and violence generated by this election and its aftermath. Such measures should include a promise of safety and protection to groups under threat, as well as a statement of empathy for and meaningful solidarity with such individuals and communities. We further call for policies that encourage and support student and faculty action in pursuit of substantive social justice and political transformation. At stake at this historical juncture are not only the rights of women and minoritized groups, but the future of our planet, the welfare of the poor, and many other matters of urgent concern. We believe that actively addressing such issues of fundamental human importance is at the heart of our work as educators, and we call on the Boston College administration to join us in this effort.”

The double standard liberal college professors demand conservative college students accept is unbalanced and disgraceful.

Conservative college students are forbidden to cheer on Trump’s surge to victory. And if they do, they face expulsion simply for publicly supporting Trump.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, liberal hysteria is on full display on college campuses, with professors offering grief counseling to students, crying rooms, and even postponing midterms, all because Hillary Clinton suffered a massive defeat on Election Night.

Yet college students who supported Hillary still proudly stand on college grounds holding up signs such as “Not My President!” and refuse to accept the election results.

And even worse, at one university, college professors supported the anti-Trump rally by promoting it on Facebook and supplying materials for the protestors to make signs, Breitbart reported.

Two Trump supporters decided to protest the Never Trump rally, but when liberal college professors from the Women’s Studies Program saw the two pro-Trump supporters protest the rally, they had a sheer meltdown and even went so far as to call for these two college students to be expelled, simply for exercising their first amendment right.

Liberal college professors need to accept Donald Trump is going to be in charge in just a matter of weeks.

And no amount of “safe spaces”, protests, or banning of free speech will change that.

Do you agree with the liberal professors’ letter demeaning President-elect Donald Trump and calling the University to ban “hate speech”?

What are your thoughts on banning free speech on college campuses?

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  • Diane McKaye

    great idea,, you snowflake wallflowers dont talk anymore ,,,we dont want to hear you anyway…remember SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…no talking !!! you are so naive to think anyone GAFF about what you think or do,,and can you extend your no free speech to off campus too, we would appreciate it…now ya’ll go fuck yourselves..

  • Crystal

    They are so stupid they can’t even realize the incongruity of this! And THIS is our future generation??? How pathetic!

  • Send them all to live in Saudi Arabia.