Liberal Racism In “Get Out”

Get Out is being hailed as “the movie of the moment.”  It’s a scathing satire that meets intense horror, like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner meets The Stepford Wives.

If you’re a fan of Key & Peele – the short-lived and very successful Comedy Central sketch comedy show – you might be surprised to learn Jordan Peele wrote and directed this movie – which you’d think was out of his wheelhouse.

It’s the story of an interracial couple, a black man and a white woman, visiting her rich liberal family for the first time, but he soon discovers something more sinister about this family.

In this scathing satire, Get Out examines racism and how white liberals are obliviously racist, which was summed up perfectly with the line, “I would have voted for Obama for a 3rd term.”

Examining this idea, Slate reported:

“Her father, who immediately starts calling Kaluuya ‘my man,’ goes out of his way to demonstrate that he’s cool with Black people: Why he would have voted for Obama a third time if he could!


But his efforts feel like efforts, as do those of the entirely White guests at their garden party, who want to make sure Kaluuya knows just how much they appreciate Tiger Woods.


‘That is how we experience racism,’ Peele said, less through open acts of bigotry than through conversations that make it clear who belongs and who comes from outside. ‘The monster of racism lurks underneath that conversation.’”

Saying “I would have voted for Obama for a 3rd term,” to another white person isn’t racist at all, but saying it to a black person – because that person is black – carries a different meaning entirely.

The subtext of is like defensively saying, “Oh, I love Black people.  See, here are all my Black friends.”

Peele is showcasing that the want and need to prove you’re not racist is actually even more racist.

Liberals are tone-deaf to the concept of being overly welcoming and accommodating because a person is black is clueless racism, and can be even more damaging than being completely open about it.

Because one of these racists is in denial about it.

Slate summed it up well with this examination:

“Although the movie was shot in Alabama, the characters don’t speak with drawls, and the parents’ mansion is more evocative of Rhode Island than the antebellum South.


His target, Peele explains, wasn’t red state racists, but the liberal elite, who tend to believe that they’re—we’re—above this.’


Liberals have learned from Trump’s election—or if they haven’t, they’d better—that racism isn’t solely the province of gap-toothed cretins who live in those other states, and assuming it is only allows its more insidious forms to flourish like the Black mold in the Get Out family’s basement.”

Get Out has obviously struck a chord with America.

On a $4.5 million budget, it has grossed over $100 million in its first month domestically, and will surely lead to many more Peele-directed movies.

Peele seems to have exposed a newfound type of complacency gone unnoticed for far too long and that liberal elites should to take a long hard look in the mirror before calling anybody else racist.

Maybe this will finally wake up white liberal America and they will finally understand that being especially inclusive to anyone because of their race, is in fact, racist.



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