Liberals Seek Justice For ‘Slain’ Gorilla

The life of a gorilla or the life of a human child — which is more valuable?

Without hesitation, most Americans would choose to save a human life over that of an animal.

However, after the recent Cincinnati Zoo controversy, not everyone seems to agree.

On Memorial Day, witnesses watched in horror as shocking video showed a 450-pound gorilla dragging around a 3-year-old child who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

In a split second, zoo officials had to make a quick decision to save the life of the 3-year-old child or preserve the life of their 17-year-old gorilla.

Cincinnati Zoo officials agreed the life of the child mattered more and decided to shoot the gorilla to protect the child.

Taking to Facebook, zoo officials released the following statement:

We are heartbroken about losing Harambe, but a child’s life was in danger and a quick decision had to be made.”

However, many leftist animal activists seem to disagree.

Earlier this week, animal activists held a vigil outside the Cincinnati Zoo with signs such as “RIP Harambe – Senseless Death” and “Because His Life Mattered.”

A Change.Org petition titled “Justice for Harambe” now has over 460,000 signatures.

The Blaze reports on the liberal outrage:

“A guy on Twitter wished that humanity would become extinct so that gorillas and other creatures could finally reign in peace. His comment received almost 1,000 likes in the space of one hour. Some have blamed the child saying he entered the gorilla’s space wrongfully and perhaps should have been left to face the consequences. Another popular opinion is that the enormous beast was only trying to protect the child.”

Jane Goodall, a primatologist who founded a global wildlife and environmental conservation organization, emailed the following statement to the Cincinnati Zoo Director:

“I feel so sorry for you, having to defend something which you may well disapprove of. I tried to see exactly what was happening – it looked as though the gorilla was putting an arm around the child – like the female who rescued and returned the child from the Chicago exhibit. Anyway, whatever, it is a devastating loss to the zoo and to the gorillas. How did the others react? Are they allowed to express grief, which seems to be so important?”

Instead of recognizing the fact a human life was saved, liberals can’t get over the fact a gorilla was shot.

Do you think Cincinnati Zoo officials made the right call?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



8 thoughts on “Liberals Seek Justice For ‘Slain’ Gorilla

  1. nj101

    It is easy for people who bore no responsibility for anything in this situation to second guess the zoo officials’ decision to shoot the gotlrilla; whether they are right or wrong, there are no consequences.

    But those zoo officials had no such room for error; a child’s life was at stake. If they made the wrong decision, the boy could have been gravely injured, disabled or killed.

    Most of their critics have never been in such a position; they speak out of emotion, not experience. Everyone is saddened by the loss of the gorilla, but the loss of the boy would have been even more tragic.

    I believe that the zoo officials made the right decision; they erred on the side of caution in regard to the child’s safety. No one cared more about that gorilla than they did; they must have been devastated by what they had to do. However, they would have been even more distraught if they had lost the child.

    1. marshmil

      The Zoo officials made the right decision. Nobody loves animals more than I do but I do not worship animals. A human life is safe now and in this incident that is the morally correct outcome. People can express bereavement over a deceased primate. But in the long run after several months they will have forgotten the issue. BUT had the Cincinnati parents lost their child as did some recently at Disney World the grief would not stop after a few months. The long term lesson to be learned from both incidents is that parents should pay very close attention to their children. That is where the crucial point sticks.

        1. marshmil

          If that is what it takes! A picture is worth a million words but even then some will not get the message.
          Thanks “Proud.”

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