Liberals Want To Pursue Impeachment Again

Democrats are consistently evolving unsettling situations into major scandals, and they did not hold back when it came to blaming Trump for the Charlottesville riots.

Many claimed President Trump did not respond in a timely manner to the violence in the Virginia city, while some simply did not like what he had to say– including one liberal in particular.

Enraged over President Trump’s professional and presidential response to the Charlottesville events, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski is rallying for impeachment once more.

On her morning talk show, Brzezinski claimed President Trump’s time in office is not only a “low point in America’s history”, but that “blood and carnage” will be on his hands if he is not impeached.

The Morning Joe host claimed President Trump should be removed under the direction of the 25th Amendment.

Breitbart reported:

“White House cabinet and staff must speak out, step down or act decisively or it will be on their hands too. #it’s time,” she tweeted on Wednesday. “With his own words TRUMP has created a permissive climate for violence. The blood and carnage will be on his hands. #shame.”

She had previously tweeted: “Is it time? #25thamendment #GodBlessAmerica.”

Brzezinski is referring to this provision in the 25th Amendment:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

While the political left claims Trump’s situation falls under the jurisdiction of the 25th Amendment, it was originally enacted if a president fell ill or was incompetent to fulfill his position for other severe reasons.

No evidence has been found to support Trump’s removal under this amendment.

Breitbart continued:

As the Atlantic pointed out, though, this would be “a dangerous path” to go down because “the provision was intended for situations in which the president has become too ill to work, and was enacted after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, to answer the question of what might have happened if Kennedy were kept alive but unable to handle the duties of office. There have been other, similar situations in the past, like that of Woodrow Wilson, who was for months incapacitated by a stroke.”

“But there’s no evidence that anything has happened to Trump since the election that has changed his fitness for office. He shows no new signs of illness. If Trump is unfit for the presidency in the estimation of Douthat or anyone else, he is no less fit than he was on November 8, 2016, when voters had their chance to render a verdict,” the Atlantic concluded. “Pressing for the 25th Amendment solution in this case, with no evidence of a change in cognition or health, is de facto pressing for Mike Pence and the Cabinet to nullify the will of the voters.”

Mika Brzezinski’s comments seemed fueled by her personal disdain for the President, as bad blood boils between the two after Brzezinski taunted Trump and the size of his hands on her morning show. Trump replied in turn by tweeting about her recent “face-lift”.

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54 thoughts on “Liberals Want To Pursue Impeachment Again

  1. Dennis Anderson

    Why didnt you impeach Obama he did, and said nothing about Tamoressi being locked up in a Tiajuana jail. He created a devide in this country, and incited race riots. I hope there is a war so I can start shooting ignorant trash that dont appreciate this country. No one owes anyone a living. You better start with Obama first you dumb $cheits are to stupid to live and good ridence. Obama got funding for shovel ready jobs and chose to spend it on illegal immigration. He was busted with off shore bank accounts of tax payers money and you think hes the best thing since sliced bread?

    1. Vernon Devine

      You are full of shit. And he was the best thing since sliced bread. Trump is a first class asshole. Six bankruptcies, three wives, did not pay his taxes, bragged about being able to getting away with touching women inappropriately.
      Obama was a decent person, a real contrast to the disgusting Donald “asshole” Trump.

      1. Dennis Anderson

        Wahhhhh! The free stuff is over pal and those who are prone to this infection will soon have food boxes instead of food stamps. I can see why a deadbeat would hate Trump. Oh you`re going to have to be sober to get the food boxes. Get a job or starve. Next Trump will sign up all you deadbeats to rebuild our infrastructure. You know the money Obama got and gave away to the illegals. Vernon Devine I was stepping in some bovive
        diatribe. You have been watching to much CNN and your brain is warped.
        Oh Obama doesn`t eat bread? He eats japote what`s wrong with you?

        1. Deplorable Robert

          I agree Dennis. Just you can’t reach or reason with Loony Liberals. Their HATE is tremendous and they just keep their eyes and mind closed. You are wasting your time trying to convince them of anything. We will just eventually have to kick their butts, bloody their noses, or dispatch them.

  2. ECwashr

    Bring it on Liberal FOOLS!! Americans will fight to keep our President Donald Trump in office!! See you in the streets Obama Useful Idiot scum!!!

      1. Vernon Devine

        I am competent to give my opinion that many other people also share. Trump will go down as one of the worst Presidents in history of this country. He misused the pardon process with the terrible sheriff. The FBI is supposed to do a discrete background check with neighbors and work colleagues and share this information with the justice department which makes the decision whether to pardon the person based on that person’s behavior since he was released from prison. Arapio should have served his time and then a pardon could be considered if he followed the law faithfully for several years.

        1. Deplorable Robert

          Keep telling yourself that. Only you and a handful of other Liberal Left Mental Midgets believe it! Ohomo and Jimmy Carter are first and second respectively the worst in history, of course in my opinion, and half of America’s voters opinions. But nice try😎

        2. Intelligal

          Never Happening-OBAMA WON THAT AWARD already buddy! Obama as “THE WORST”-Actually, Obama was never a legal POTUS! TRUMP IS OUTSTANDING POTUS!! YOU ARE NOT COMPETENT AT ALL!

          1. Vernon Devine

            As I said you are full of shit. Obama was a great President unlike asshole Trump who is a disgusting person. I hope I live to see Trump in prison. He certainly deserves it.

          2. Vernon Devine

            Really describing Trump not Obama who was a great President. Trump should be in prison for all his illegal behavior including his inappropriate touching of women, his tax evasion and on and on. Trump is truly a disgusting human being.

          3. Deplorable Robert

            Ok. Name just ONE thing that he has done that is ILLEGAL?
            YOU CAN’T!
            You and your Liberal demoncRats are losing so bad, you have to lash out in unproven allegations.
            You are Sad.

          4. Vernon Devine

            I can very easily tell you things asshole Trump has done illegally. He did not pay his taxes when they were due. His use of multiple bankruptcies are at least questionable. His touching women inappropriately was not legal, which he admitted he did. There are plenty of problems in his financial doings and in his treatment of women. I doubt he will complete his term as President. At this point I am just watching him use poor judgment on a regular basis and waiting for him to implode. The worst President in my lifetime.

          5. Vernon Devine

            He did not pay his taxes. He touched women inappropriately and bragged that he could get away with it. He had six bankruptcies and three wives. He is a disgusting person. Hope he winds up in prison. Or at least is impeached. He is worst President in my lifetime. Study this man’s life and you will see what a slime ball he is.

          6. Deplorable Robert

            You are FULL OF CRAP. Actually Trumps tax rate was higher than what BARRYs rate that was PAID in 2015 which was due in 2016. Of course big businesses do QUARTERLY reporting and payments.
            Please prove he didn’t pay his taxes. He PAYS MILLIONS every year.
            He gets audited EVERY YEAR.
            He would and should take advantage of any breaks he could, but it will all be legal moves. Accountants are good at that.
            But you are wrong if you insist he didn’t pay his taxes.

          7. Vernon Devine

            You are dreaming. Trump is a crook and a disgusting person. Touching women inappropriately and bragging about it. His disgusting behavior goes on and on.

          8. Vernon Devine

            Trump is much worse than Clinton. Three wives, six bankruptcies, touching women inappropriately. Bill Clinton was an amateur compared to disgusting Trump

          9. Deplorable Robert

            And 6 bankruptcies which are BUSINESS bankruptcy out of over 500 businesses that he owns just Proves he is a GREAT BUSINESSMAN. That amount is much less than the average.
            If a person purchased and ran 20 businesses I would be they would end up filing bankruptcy at least once or twice.
            So, do the math.
            And admit Trump is a Great businessman.

          10. Intelligal

            Prove any of that! You feed into MEDIA LIES! Opinions and the sickness of hate that you Liberal Americans have-Period!

          11. Intelligal

            Oh, Vernon-that is such a lie-you do NOT know Trump-so stop it!
            Obama is very evil and you will see 2019-he has caused many deaths in many of our military men.

          12. Vernon Devine

            You are so full of shit. Trump is a despicable person. Six bankruptcies, thee wives, does not pay his taxes. He should be in JAIL not the White House. He is the most immoral
            person to bePresident in my lifetime.

    1. civilwar1862

      Not nearly as unfit as most Democrats:

      -Ted Kennedy left a woman to die in a river.

      -Bill Clinton had sex in the Oval Office with a barely legal intern.

      -Obama ran guns to Mexican drug lords and gave billions to terrorist states.

      -Obama ran guns to the Syrian “Moderate Resistance.” They took those arms and instead of fighting Russia, went on a genocidal rampage against Syrian & Iraqi Christians. He did NOTHING about it till the US media went into hysterics over the beheading of an American journalist. Then his reaction was to call them “JV.”

      -Biden makes creepy and sexist comments and publicly fondles women.

      -Hillary Clinton endangered Americans, released classified intel, wiped her illegal server and destroyed mobile devices, left 4 American heroes to die and lied about it being caused by some stupid BS video, sold nuclear material to our enemies, and took money from terrorist-producing countries.

      -John Edwards was indicted for using campaign funds to hide his mistress — campaign videographer Rielle Hunter — while his wife was dying of breast cancer.

      -Rod Blagojevich is in prison for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat.

    2. Intelligal

      Vernon-Trump is one of the Greatest Presidents we have ever had! He works hard for America and is honest in all his dealings-He is MAGA! Obama is an evil doer and trys to destroy our USA! Got it? Stupid man!

  3. Darleen Smith

    We do not need to impeach this president that the people have voted for. We have a Constitution that we as a people should make sure our elected officials follow as law. The fact that we have the division of the government , the Presidency, the Congress and the Judicial should be followed. We need to STOP. We need that our elected officials stop trying to remove the results of our VOTE and get on with what they are in office for. We need to remember if we can remove one, we can also remove the others that impede the ability of work done by the man we elected to the office of our President. He has and continues to be impeded at all turns he makes and this is why we are now almost at a stop with this government of childish behavior from many of the dissatisfied Senators and Rep.. To put it straight, if they are unable to work with the person we the people voted into office, then take their ball and bat home and send someone that will be able to accomplish the work that needs to be done for the people of this nation. We have to many in office that have made it clear they have no respect for this government and are trying with all they have to destroy the US leaving us to become a non nation in this world of corruption. Wake up people, we can not have it more than one way and we truly need to learn to work together or we as the United States will fall and fall terribly.

    1. Deplorable Robert

      You are correct, they DO want us to fail and fall. It was Killery who was supposed to break the camel’s back, but God intervened, and Trump was the answer to America’s (half anyways) Prayers( the other half doesn’t believe in God. If it’s a fight they want, there are many more of “us” than them, so I say bring it, and Molon Labe, my friends😎

  4. Cissy Nobbe

    If the President of the United States is unable to “discharge his powers and duties”, it is the due to the activity of the fake news, the democrats, the deep state, the wealthy conglomerate that is furious over their inability to continue to have free criminal rein over Americans as with Obama and Clinton, and so is making use of every evil strategy to block our noble President’s agenda.

  5. Gary

    Obama face Americian money to all terroist in Syria lied about keeping your doctors lied about Benghazi and liberals love him nations did not like him turned against Israel why was he not impeached

  6. Deplorable Robert

    I LOVE how the Liberal Left Mental Midgets keep crying Whaaahahaaaaa! Give me a break. By definition, Liberals are mentally ill, and are not capable of determining who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE! Ohomo spent 8 years destroying America, and Nancy Piglosi and Chuck Scumbert , along with a slew of other Dimocrats, are still doing nothing but obstructing our progress due to their hatred of Trump😎

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