List Of Americans On New ISIS “Kill List” Revealed

Since conquering territories in northern Iraq and southern Syria, Islamic terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has unleashed devastating attacks on innocent people in the United States and other Western nations.

Now the radical Islamic terrorist organization has created a hit list containing the names of Americans they seek to kill.

More recently, they announced a list of 700 soldiers in the U.S. Army they are ordering their members to kill.

A group of Islamic State hackers, called the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), has published the list of soldiers online.

Expert analysts claim that most of the names of American soldiers were selected at random and chosen because they were publicly accessible. Moreover, the analysts claim the names were not generated by hacking into any official government database or website where the information was stolen.

But a Pentagon official said the analysts have not discovered how the Army “kill list” was created and where the source of information derived from.  The Pentagon official continued saying it is possible one or more government sites were hacked by the Islamic State.

The headline of ISIS’s hit list begins with, “We want them #dead. #Revenge for Muslims. Kill the dogs.”

A review of the Army “hit list” shows that the American soldiers are stationed at multiple bases:

Fort Riley, Kansas

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Fort Belvoir, Washington, D.C.

Each name on the list was accompanied by the soldier’s address, phone number, and official email address.

Most of the professions of these soldiers include infantry and special operations — the same MOS’s of soldiers battling the Islamic State and their fighters on the front lines in the Middle East.

The list was distributed by ISIS to their jihadist fighters around the world through their encrypted communications channel they also use to send out kill orders and the targets to follow.

Despite ISIS operating primarily in Raqqa, Syria, they have branched out to more than twelve countries and have the ability to launch an attack at anytime.

This news could mean that the Islamic State is rolling the dice in hopes of publicly revealing the soldiers they are fighting against to their so-called underground cells in the U.S. Then they could attack those targets and take the fight to America’s mainland.

The Army “hit list” isn’t the first time ISIS has publicized a kill list of American citizens.  In June of this year, they released another hit list of 8,000 U.S. citizens.

In that release, the Islamic terrorist group sent smaller lists through social media for their followers to target and potentially launch attacks, which included the names of police officers in Michigan.

ISIS uses propaganda to encourage so-called “lone wolf” attacks in Western countries.  They also use this propaganda to recruit other jihadists to join their efforts.

Experts agree that the longer these attacks continue the stronger ISIS will grow.

Since the formation of ISIS in 2011, President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both refused to dedicate our military power to completely wiping out the terrorist organization.

Instead, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wants to use “love and kindness” to combat ISIS and counter their recruiting methods.

Her strategy has failed thus far, and most Americans believe it is severely flawed.

Let us know how you think the United States should defeat ISIS in the comments below.



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  1. Mary Stinson

    thank you Barack (who r u) Obama & Hillary (the pretender) Clinton, I blame the two of you (also eric holder, sold guns that KILLed a border patrol officer,REMEMBER fast & furious), OBAMA & HILLARY you both have so many citizens BRAINWASHED it’s sickening.

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