Loretta Lynch Just Made A Big Announcement About Illegal Immigrants

Democrats have been trying to jam Republicans into accepting amnesty for the so-called “DREAMers”.

These are illegal immigrants who came here as children.

And Attorney General Loretta Lynch just made a big announcement about their future.

Many open borders advocates have demanded Obama grant a blanket pardon to DREAMers who came to America illegally as youths, but signed up for the DACA amnesty program Obama imposed through executive order.

A pardon would absolve them of their crime and prevent a President Trump from deporting them if he revokes the DACA work permits which allows them to remain in America.

Lynch was asked about this at a Politico forum.

Politico reports she shot down the idea of a blanket pardon:

“A blanket pardon for undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children would be impossible, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Thursday morning, as would any similar blanket effort to offer clemency to those incarcerated for drug offenses.


Speaking at a POLITICO Playbook breakfast event, Lynch said the act of granting a pardon is “an individual decision that’s made on a case-by-case basis.” Thus, any effort to offer protection from deportation to the so-called “Dreamers,” undocumented individuals who were brought to the U.S. by their families as children and have grown up as Americans, would be impossible.


“There’s no legal framework or regulatory framework that allows for a pardon of a group en masse,” Lynch said. She called on Americans to continue the fight waged by the administration of President Barack Obama to protect Dreamers, arguing that to do so would be “consistent with the ideals of this country.”


But such a blanket pardon would, in fact, have historical precedent. Mass pardons have been granted in the past, including former President Jimmy Carter’s 1977 move on his first day in office to grant pardons to hundreds of thousands of men who dodged the draft to avoid serving in the Vietnam War.”

Some observers think Obama is trying to leave Trump with a mess so he is forced to accept amnesty.

Leftists promote the so-called “DREAMers” because they are the most sympathetic class of illegal immigrants.

They are students and soldiers.

But they are also illegal immigrants.

Allowing them amnesty could invite more illegal immigration as children are used as a bargaining chip to keep families together.

Critics also argue it creates a nearly impossible situation if children are given amnesty, but not their parents.

It creates a scenario where families would be separated because of decisions made by the adults to illegally immigrate into America and bring their children along.

Trump has options to deal with so-called “DREAMers”.

He could revoke the executive orders that granted amnesty to nearly one million illegal immigrants.

Another option would be to allow the work permits – which are issued two years at a time – to naturally expire and not reissue them.

Trump has pledged to do something that will make everyone “happy and proud”, but still insists he will keep his campaign promise to revoke Obama’s illegal executive amnesty orders.

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