Loretta Lynch Told This Lie About Her Secret Meeting With Bill Clinton

If the FBI recommends bringing charges against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server to evade government record keeping laws, Attorney General Loretta Lynch will determine if a criminal case is to be brought against the former First Lady.

Many critics contend there is an inherent political conflict of interest in Barack Obama’s Attorney General deciding on whether to pursue an indictment against a presidential candidate her boss has endorsed.

And this secret meeting Attorney General Lynch just held has increased the volume of those calls.

Attorney General Lynch’s government plane recently landed in Phoenix, Arizona.

In itself, that fact was not newsworthy.

But what made national headlines was who she met with, how she tried to keep the get-together secret, and what they may have discussed.

The mystery guest on Attorney General Lynch’s plane was none other than former President Bill Clinton.

This gathering reeks of the former Commander-in-Chief either being given a heads-up on the investigation into his wife, or President Clinton twisting arms to make sure no indictment that could sink Hillary’s campaign is forthcoming.

Attorney General Lynch claimed they just had an innocent chat about trivial family matters.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Obama appointee told the TV station that she and Clinton did not discuss the investigation or any other government business. Instead, she says they talked about Clinton’s grandchildren and golf.

“I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport,”  she told ABC15, “as I was leaving, and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane. Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social and about our travels. He mentioned the golf he played in Phoenix.”

ABC15 reported that the meeting on board Lynch’s plane lasted about 30 minutes. The FBI is conducting the email server investigation. Investigators are said to be near the end of their investigation. FBI director James Comey will make a recommendation to Lynch on whether to press charges against Clinton or any of her aides at the end of its probe.

To make matters worse, the meeting was not listed on Lynch’s schedule and was only revealed to the public when a member of the press asked her about it.

She claims she met with the former president just to chit-chat.

Will anyone believe Attorney General Lynch’s claims?

During the years of the Obama administration, it has been impossible to separate politics from the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice, first under Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch, has become a part of the Obama administration’s public relations apparatus.

The rule of law is no longer their primary concern.

Protecting Obama and advancing a leftist agenda are the first, second and third priorities.

When Obama imposed illegal executive amnesty, despite saying on 22 previous occasions he did not have that power, Loretta Lynch defended his decision.

And after an ISIS-inspired terrorist murdered 49Americans at a nightclub in Orlando, Loretta Lynch repeated the Obama line that gun owners, and not Islamic terrorism, was to blame for the massacre.

This pattern of behavior makes it hard to dismiss concerns that the fix is in on the Hillary email investigation, and that Loretta Lynch was just providing advanced knowledge of her decision not to prosecute Hillary to the former president.



12 thoughts on “Loretta Lynch Told This Lie About Her Secret Meeting With Bill Clinton

  1. ReaperHD

    This Lynch is about as big a liar as the POS in the White House telling you ISLAMIC MUSLIM TERRORIST ARE YOUR FRIENDS and he’s shipping them into your neighborhoods. They need Cliton to carry on the OBLOZO Third Term.

    1. Adrian Haas

      If she thinks that these redicallists are our friends, hmmmm well according to Hillary they are, and she always tells the truth, hehe, tell Lynch to go to europe and stop the nonsense that this group has carried on, stop the invasion into the USA. She is about as stupid as they come, created by none other then, yours truly Barry Soetoro, better known as Barrack Obama, who is the biggest liar in the history of the United States.

  2. Cass Moret

    Well for goodness sakes. Clinton and Lynch lied? Really? Lynch’s comments show how much disdain she has for the public. I would hope even an ardent liberal would see throgh this smoke screen – though, being a liberal he (or she) wouldn’t object.

  3. Adrian Haas

    the meeting between Lynch and Bull Clinton, yes, that’s not a typo, I said Bull Clinton, is absolutely illegal, no if ands or butts, lol, Lynch has to be removed from the Case, now the question is, who will replace her, the speaker of the house?

  4. disqus_H1HLZOVLww

    How did clinton know that Lynch was in the plane unless they had already made the connection and time?

  5. Broos

    “14. Employees shall endeavor to avoid any actions creating the appearance that they are violating the law or the ethical standards set forth in this part. Whether particular circumstances create an appearance that the law or these standards have been violated shall be determined from the perspective of a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts
    5 C.F.R 2635.101 (b) ” The Resignation, PLEASE!

  6. Americans Wake Up

    Articles a little old. FBI screwed up again and let her off the hook. Same old politics – different alphabet agency.

  7. aurora9

    I had read that bubba gave lynch a ‘soft intimidation’ about her grandchildren. ‘He wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.” Considering his past history and the number of dead people tied to him, I’m sure that she would have taken this threat seriously.

  8. Joe Scott

    In my opinion Lynch admitted the fix was in when she refused to answer question from Congress. I would bet a dollar to a doughnut hole Supreme Court was talked

    about. Maybe Lunch did think about the 81 that lost their lives that were connect to the Clinton

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