Loretta Lynch Tried To Stop FBI From Investigating Hillary Clinton

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s conduct has been repeatedly called into question.

Just days before FBI Director James Comey announced he would not recommend charges to be brought against Hillary Clinton, Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton on her government airplane in Phoenix.

But that was not the last time her moral compass would point her in the wrong direction.

After Director Comey’s letter to members of Congress was made public, reports surfaced that Attorney General Lynch had pressured him to not send the letter until after the election.

USA Today reports on Lynch leaning on Comey to keep Congress – and the public – in the dark about the new evidence against the Clintons:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch objected to the decision by FBI Director James Comey to notify Congress that the bureau was reviewing newly discovered emails that might be related to the previously closed investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, according to an official familiar with the matter.


Lynch’s views were relayed to Comey just hours before the FBI director transmitted a letter to federal lawmakers indicating that investigators were reviewing the emails that may or may not have a bearing on the Clinton case that was closed in July, said the official who is not authorized to comment publicly.


The official said Lynch was standing by long-held Justice Department policy that federal authorities should not take any action that may interfere with an election. While Lynch made her position clear, the official said Comey acted independently of the attorney general.


A second federal official familiar with Comey’s decision said Saturday that the FBI director considered the attorney general’s advice during a spirited discussion of the matter Thursday and early Friday but felt compelled to act.”

CNN’s Phil Mattingly reported Lynch was so “toxic” because of her meeting with Bill Clinton, that Comey was free to ignore her and release the letter.

Trump too hammered the point home at campaign rallies over the weekend.

He cited reports that Clinton had offered to keep Lynch as Attorney General if she won the election as evidence of a bribe.

The New York Times reports:

“Mr. Trump accused Ms. Lynch of corruption for failing to indict Mrs. Clinton, claiming without evidence that Ms. Lynch had likely interfered with an investigation in the hope of retaining her job in a Clinton administration.


“Effectively, you’d call that a bribe, wouldn’t you?” Mr. Trump asked at a speech in Las Vegas.”

Attorney General Lynch’s conduct must be viewed through the prism that Democrats under Obama have politicized every aspect of American life.

The Department of Justice now acts as an arm of the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign.

And the manner in which Loretta Lynch applied pressure to the FBI Director to keep the news about reopening Hillary’s email investigation under wraps comes across not as protecting long-standing institutional norms, but as a partisan who is scheming to protect the electoral fortunes of her favored candidate.

  • Bill Cash

    I don’t understand it. Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and all the DNC people have repeatedly said that there is nothing bad or illegal in those emails. So if that’s true what’s all the fuss about. The PRAISED Comey before when he said he wouldn’t recommend prosecution for Hillary. But this time he’s between a rock and a hard place. If he hadn’t sent the letter to congress he would have been accused of a cover up. However since all of the democrat machine are sure there’s no problem why are they screaming so loud.