Mainstream Media Defends Muslim Activist And Attacks Man For Opposing Sharia Law

Leftists and the media are very effective at influencing the public to adopt their political agenda by accusing their opponents of racism, homophobia, and so on.

It’s a simple tactic called an “ad hominem” attack used to debase the character of their opponent without having to actually debate the issue at hand.

Because if they had to debate their positions, they would lose virtually every single time.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is publicly funded by a license fee paid for by United Kingdom television owners, is the most recent example of an “ad hominem” attack and a rather shocking example at that.

The publicly funded T.V. news station declared that resistance and opposition to Sharia law is “Islamophobic” — meaning discriminatory toward Muslims.

It’s a shocking position to take, and a bit of a contradiction for liberals, considering countries that have adopted Sharia law enforce harsh penalties against homosexuals and have a terrible track record of abusing women.

According to Breitbart:

“A man called “Paul” approached a BBC film crew while recording an interview with Islam campaigner Ruqaiya Haris.


Ms. Haris, a Muslim activist and student at the School of Oriental and African Studies, is told by Paul, “There’s no Sharia law here”.


The clip opens with Ms. Haris openly stating that she doesn’t believe in condemning recent terror attacks. Her voice, solemn and almost bored, changes immediately when the man known as Paul confronts.”

That’s when the situation takes a dicey turn.

The women leap to their feet from the park bench and glare at the man known as “Paul”.

“Do you wanna talk about Sharia law, you wanna talk about Sharia law to me?” Ms. Haris shouts.

The woman begins to scream questions.

Paul responds calmly by saying that “I wasn’t talking to you” and says, “We’re losing our right to freedom of expression.”

He continued by adding that, “we’re being told to be politically correct when we don’t want to be politically correct.”

BBC edited the footage of the incident and uploaded it to its website and social media accounts with the headline:  “BBC Islamophobia discussion interrupted by Islamophobia”.

Paul was calm and collected throughout the incident, but was shouted down for disagreeing with the Muslim activist’s position and discussing the threat of Sharia law in the UK.

But BBC did a complete 180 and made Paul out to be a villain who was spewing “Islamophobia” for simply talking about the idea of Sharia law in the UK, which has been reported on as happening in certain areas of the country.

After watching the coverage, Ms. Harris later admitted on Twitter that she “lost it” with the man in the park and said “he was irritating me big time.”

Instead of headlining its coverage objectively as “Muslim Activist Loses It With Irritating Man,” BBC took aim and “stoked the fires” of so-called Islamophobia in the UK.

The Muslim activist also stated that she has “very little desire to prove my humanity/the humanity of all Muslims to people.”

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