Majority Of Refugees FLOODING Here From Terror-Exporting Countries RIGHT NOW

Think about it.  How many refugees do you think are rapidly scrambling into the United States because the 9th Circuit Court overturned President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order?

Well, on the day after Federal District Judge James Robart issued a halt on Trump’s executive order, according to figures provided by the State Department, 113 Muslim refugees flooded into the country because they thought it may be their last chance to ever get in.

And since the 9th Circuit Court upheld Robart’s decision, the number of Muslim refugees flooding into the U.S. from terror-exporting countries will certainly shock you.

According to Breitbart:

“[After emergency order halting] President Donald Trump’s refugee resettlement freeze on Feb. 3, 2,576 refugees arrived. Of those, 1,549—or 60.1 percent—are from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Sudan, according to CNS News.

Trump’s order banned all refugee resettlement from Syria, froze all refugee resettlement for 120 days, and restricted all migrant travel from seven countries for 90 days. Over half, or 55 percent, of the 2,576 refugee arrivals are Muslim, including 99.6 percent of Syrian refugees.

The regional judge’s order did not affect Trump’s halving of total refugee resettlement numbers, which he reduced to 50,000 for F2017.

Terror-exporting countries combined with record levels of immigration into the U.S. present obvious national security problems.  Foreign nationals from at least some of the countries named in Trump’s executive order (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) have been convicted of terrorism charges in the U.S.

A report published by now-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate subcommittee revealed at least 580 had been convicted on terrorism charges, including 380 foreign-born individuals:

Out of the 580 names on the Department of Justice’s list, at least 380 individuals were born abroad, at least 24 were initially admitted to the United States as refugees, and at least 33 had overstayed their visas.

Out of the 198 U.S. citizens, we were able to identify, at least 100 were naturalized citizens who initially came to the United States through one of our immigration programs.

Of those born abroad, at least 62 were from Pakistan, 28 were from Lebanon, 22 were Palestinian, 21 were from Somalia, 20 were from Yemen, 19 were from Iraq, 16 were from Jordan, 17 were from Egypt, and 10 were from Afghanistan.

That’s 60 convicted foreign nationals from Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq alone. Furthermore, a study released on Feb. 11 by the non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies revealed 72 foreign nationals from the seven countries named in Trump’s executive order had been convicted in terror cases since Sept. 11, 2001.

Dramatic attacks such as the Boston marathon bombing, committed by two Muslim refugee brothers, also highlight the mortal risk refugee resettlement poses to American communities.

Vetting Syrian refugees, in particular, is “impossible,” according to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton – and by extension, former President Barack Obama – felt proper vetting was “impossible”, which proved their incredible disdain for the American people and a ultimate apathetic view concerning our safety.

But a majority agreed with Trump’s refugee resettlement freeze.

Breitbart concluded:

“Trump’s refugee resettlement freeze is popular with voters: A Feb. 8 Morning Consult poll found 55 percent of voters supported Trump’s executive order, including 82 percent of Republicans.

A more detailed Feb. 8 McLaughlin & Associates poll found 57 percent supported halting refugee resettlement in order to implement better screening procedures.

A Feb. 2 Rasmussen Reports poll found 52 percent of voters favored a months-long freeze on all refugee resettlement until the government could better screen out terrorists, including 57 percent of young voters.”

So what’s the problem?

The problem is the Judicial Branch undermined President Trump’s actions, which are clearly in accordance with the majority of the American people.

The problem is that a judge’s opinion now takes precedence over a majority of the American people’s wants.

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