Media Silent On Hillary Clinton Laughing About Rapist She Defended And Freed

After conspiring with the Democratic National Committee to rig the primary election against the Bernie Sanders campaign, Hillary Clinton is now officially the Democrat nominee for President of the United States.

As can be expected, Clinton is using the same leftist strategy and brand of identity politics to divide and conquer her opposition, just like President Obama did in 2008 and 2012.

Her allies in the liberal mainstream media are pandering to their audiences and arguing that Hillary should be elected because she has female body parts.

Those liberal so-called “journalists” and the Clinton campaign have both perpetuated narratives that claim there is a rape epidemic and “culture” in the United States.  They argue that women who come out publicly with accusations of rape should always be listened to first, and that the public should believe their story before all else.

Hillary Clinton’s position on this issue stands at odds with her past history as an attorney, specifically in a case in which she volunteered to defend a 42-year-old man who was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl.

In court, Hillary argued that the young girl lied and made up the rape story because she “fantasized” about sleeping with older men.

The man  reached a plea deal and his sentence was reduced as a result of Hillary challenging the 12-year-old victim’s testimony.  Years later, in 1980, Hillary gave an interview where she admitted she knew the rapist had committed the crime and was guilty.

Unearthed audio files of Clinton discussing the case also show her laughing at some of the details.

Recently, the 12-year-old child rape victim decided to speak out.  Looking back on the case, she told interviewers that “Hillary Clinton took me through hell.”

When asked what she would say to Hillary if she could speak now, the victim responded:

“I would say, ‘You took a case of mine in ’75, you lied on me. I realize the truth now, the heart of what you’ve done to me. And you are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.'”

After listening to the audio files of Clinton laughing off details of the case in which she successfully challenged the 12-year-old victim’s rape story and reduced the rapist’s sentence, the woman said she went to her room in tears.

But today, she’s ready to speak up about what happened:

“I think she wants to be a role model being who she is, to look good, but I don’t think she’s a role model at all. … If she had have been, she would have helped me at the time, being a 12-year-old girl who was raped by two guys. She did that to look good and she told lies on that. How many other lies has she told to get where she’s at today? If she becomes president, is she gonna be telling the world the truth? No. She’s going to be telling lies out there, what the world wants to hear.”

The mainstream media went silent and has outright ignored this story, even though entire news cycles are dedicated to high-profile rape accusations, such as those against the Duke Lacrosse team, or more recently, the Stanford student whose sentence was reduced after being charged with sexually assaulting a drunk girl.

Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media are pushing a double-standard, where others are liable for their actions in the case of rape, but Mrs. Clinton isn’t liable for tearing down a 12-year-old rape victim’s story and defending her aggressor.

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One thought on “Media Silent On Hillary Clinton Laughing About Rapist She Defended And Freed

  1. tarheel

    All those women who have been sexually attacked by her husband were nothing more than hores, tramps, & trailer trash. Good job on defending them Hillary.

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