Michael Phelps Has Tough Words For Critics Who Wanted Muslim To Carry American Flag

Michael Phelps has more medals than any other competitor in the history of the Olympics. Nobody else comes close to what he has accomplished.

This year’s Olympics in Rio marks the fifth time Phelps has competed in the games since he first started in 2000.

Phelps easily won the gold medal in the 200 meter butterfly and men’s 4×200 freestyle relay.

This past week, Phelps acquired his 25th medal — and he still has two more races to compete in.

According to Phelps, he can’t believe how many medals he’s acquired over the years and how all the hard work has paid off.

“One of the things that is kind of sticking in my head more: that’s a lot of medals,” Phelps said. “We’ve got a lot of medals. It’s just insane. It’s mind-blowing to think about.”

The 31-year-old also talked about how age is catching up with him and how much harder the events are than they were before.

But he continued by saying there was no way he would let himself lose his second event of the day on Tuesday night.

“Doing a double like that is a lot harder now than what it once was,” Phelps added. “That is for sure. There wasn’t a shot in hell I was losing that tonight.”

But the controversy and unfair targeting of Michael Phelps occurred before the events began during the opening ceremony, when Phelps was chosen to carry the American flag for the United States.

In typical liberal fashion, an anchor for CNN stirred up unnecessary controversy by arguing that Phelps should not carry the American flag and, instead, the first American athlete to wear a hijab while competing, Ibtihaj Muhammad, should be the one holding the flag during the opening ceremony.

The liberal anchor said that, “America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great again.”

 “Muhammad carrying the flag would be nearly a one-stop inclusion shop,” Kamau Bell said.


“Muhammad is an African-American, hijab-wearing Muslim woman who is also a world class fencer. Those are all groups that could always use some more love, acceptance and respect from this country.


Muhammad carrying the flag would be much bigger than your one moment.  If (when) Muhammad carries the flag, that moment (and Muhammad herself) would grow into legend. We’re talking bigger than just the Olympics. It will be cemented into history.”

It was a potshot at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and an unfair attempt to politicize the Olympics by using Phelps as the vessel.

Of course, Phelps took the high road and said that he was “honored” to carry the flag and that his teammates chose him to do the honors.

“I’m honored to be chosen, proud to represent the U.S., and humbled by the significance of carrying the flag and all it stands for,” said Phelps.

Phelps is learning the hard way that no matter how well you represent your country and how well you perform, some people just can’t be pleased.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Shannon Courtney

    I think the MSM and the OBAMA/Clinton/ sly administration- govt – the whole lot of them are sickening and have brainwashed masses in this country- what has become good is evil- and Evil has become vogue.

  • marshmil

    There will always be crybabies wanting to go against the current. For anyone to introduce politics and race into the Olympiad is ultra low class. Go Michael! Thanks for bringing magnificent recognition to the USA. God Bless you and our wonderful America.

  • Jennifer Tyler

    He was selected by his peers. He worked for years to earn the medals and honor that have come his way. There should never have been a discussion about carrying the Flag.

    • Kathy Brookbank

      Totally agree just those trying to change everything

    • SouthernPatriot

      It is the stupid and ignorant things that the Muslim woman Ibtihaj Muhammad has said concerning law enforcement those who were victims of radical coward Muslim terrorist attacks here in the U.S. that make me think she is nuts.

      The peers of Michael Phelps knowing how many Olympics he has earned gold metals in and his huge cache of metals voted for him. Thank God.

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      You said it all, Jennifer Tyler. There was absolutely no good reason to object to the consensus choice of Phelps for the honor, of which he was uniquely well deserving. The liberal left don’t even make any sense anymore! I am tired of kowtowing to Muslims, and I am not afraid of their insane behavior.

    • Donald Tribble
  • Janice Dexter

    I agree also go Michael

  • J Marie

    CNN is an awful “news” organization. It should just drop the word “news from its name. Such bias. FOX all the time!

    • Joseph Carrilho

      They’re ALL bull shit. Is the ‘S’ in MSM for stupid?

  • Infedel48

    Kamau Bell is NOT an anchor….just another CNN spook

  • dsantos

    non story.
    See Clinton national security, foundation, lying for real storyline.

  • William L. Finucan

    The liberal anchor said that, “America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great again.”
    SO…. This CNN thinks that those earning that right must yield it to those who haven’t.

    • sensrbtch

      too many lusers, that gota drag down the winners. this is not a level plain field, it is letting the luzers ride, wile u have too climb the stairs!. tardsa first, then dogs, then cats, then u wile u r on fire?? my kid is smarter then yours and moves ahead of yours! 1st come,1st served! u r kid is late and stupid, U R FAULT!

      • NolanR

        Didn’t you mean LOSERS?

        • sensrbtch

          thanks 4 readin mies shit! and i lick u r stuff 2!? as schrillery,billery,chillery r apt to express, hoos cares as long as u gots the kontexxt?! yana hoo! i’m an english major.

    • keithbreedlove

      Redistributing the spotlights. Redistributing honors.

      • Bogomil Ochrony

        To enemies of our republic, no less.

    • Steve Menice Sr.

      That’s what Socialism and Communism is all about. Take what you earned and give it to the ones that didn’t. (After they take their cut).

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      That’s the size of it. It’s obviously a big lie–all of the PC tripe. We shouldn’t give it any credit anymore. The jig is up.

  • John Ramirez

    I think he should’ve worn a hijab.
    Then EVERYONE would’ve been happy.

    • sensrbtch

      eggie! wer is the redmans wen u ned hims?!he will krak u r yolk!

      • Bobby Hopkins

        nosence u r an idiot.go back to school.

    • Bobby Hopkins

      not me john!

      • John Ramirez

        My point EXACTLY.
        NO MATTER WHAT you do, somebody, somewhere, won’t be happy.

  • Jan

    Who cares what CNN thinks….I sure do not. They are pretty much hate filled morons

    • Jim Loller

      You are the idiot

      • bigtex52✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        I know you are, but what am I? Nanny nanny booo boo……..How old are you, ten?

      • Sheri McCarroll

        Attacking a woman. Bad form!

        • Dylan Hunter

          So women can snipe and call men all kinds of names but if a man does the same thing he is a Misogynist? HYPOCRITE MUCH?

          • Sheri McCarroll

            Did I use the word mysoginist? These terms keep getting thrown around willy nilly. I was refering to Jim L’s response to the original post. Now you want to call me a hypocrite. Please referrence where I called someone a name? I’ll wait. My vocabulary and respect for myself goes beyond name calling. Thank you for your input.

          • Donald Tribble
          • Donald Tribble
        • Dee

          Sheri. Who attacked a woman???

        • Donald Tribble
      • Dave

        You are the FKN idiot, and a traitor to America.

      • Jim Tidwell

        And your an asshole.

        • Joseph Carrilho

          You’re (not your) the asshole.

      • Bob West

        Look Jim, obviously you are another leftist that doesn’t want anyone to have an opinion other than yours. It is no secret that CNN is hate filled so why not just run along.

      • cherokeeman

        Go live with them since you obviously prefer their perverted and murderous ways.

      • Bogomil Ochrony

        very clever rejoinder!

      • coffic

        Jim, what is wrong with this picture? You and other liberals screaming fowl when a swimmer who has won many gold medals was selected by his peers to carry the U.S. flag. You are upset because you want a saber wielding Muslim, who is not nearly as accomplished as Phelps, to carry our flag? Are you also part of the ridiculous group who is furious that an American, Thrasher, won the gold in the air rifle event?

      • George Sanford

        Pretty easy for you to call people names while hiding behind a keyboard Jim

      • Katherine McChesney

        It’s clear that YOU are the only idiot here. You’re a fascist.

      • Donald Tribble
    • Donald Tribble
  • Frank H, Sr.

    Good luck if she ever has to get a job and work in the US……

  • ralph

    Ignore CNN

    • sensrbtch

      ignore all of them! with the Clinton history, I cannot believe their are adults out there that believe she is the best candidate for anything. Certainly not prez, and geee!! didt her husband hav sex with a teenager in the assholes office?! wait 4 it!? this schrillery,billery,chillery; woman of the year? trumps ivanka should have the same prize! and she is a natural! vote for Melanie! vote for Melanie!

  • The silent one

    liberal CNN are a agency of brainless losers

  • One^Way

    CNN is a joke. If I owned a TV that was watched, I surely wouldn’t tune to CNN.

  • Pat Barnett

    There is always going to be someone that complains that they want something else. Michael Phelps earned it by being the greatest Olympian ever, not some guy that is the media darling with the fad religion and the funky hat that might spread enough sheat so they can sell more soap. Give it a break CNN and all you goof ball sheat starting media types, America is over it. At least I hope so…….

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      I think the worm has definitively turned.

  • Craig Anderson

    Fuck this bullshit – Muslims are not a class of individuals that represent this great nation (unless you count the sitting POTUS who is a closet-Muslim).

    You don’t get anything handed to you in life, you must earn it.
    So far, the only thing Muslims have earned from me is a view of the soles of my shoes….as I munch on a BLT

    • Jim Loller

      Fuck you. What is the difference between a Muslim and a Baptist? The Baptist is a hypocrite.

      • Frank

        Right back at you, liberal brainwashed America hater! Take a one way trip to sand land!

      • Bobby Hopkins

        f u jimmy boy cause the muzzie is at heart a murderer which is worse than a hypocrite and they are an enemy of the state.so u are an idiot.at least a baptist believes jesus is the king of kings.muzies believe jesus was only a teacher and not the christ,or king of kings,so be careful who u tell to get fkd idiot and get ur openions readjusted.

      • William Ingram

        And the Muslim is a bigot from the get go. Their religion is based on hate of Jews (and Christians) – but primarily Jews. Even Mohamed chose a Jewish woman in Medina to be his #1 wife. She had no choice in the matter so she became his wife in name only. After Mohamed’s death she moved back to Medina and rejoined her Jewish community. F.U. Mo….! is probably what she was thinking.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Mohammad has a Roman Catholic wife as well.

      • Wendell Woodard

        When is the last time you saw a Baptist cutting someone’s head off on national TV? I’ll wait.

        • Marilyn Z

          You have to forgive the idiots of the world like old Jim Boy. His lack of class and education is showing.

      • Jim Tidwell

        What’s your malfunction asshole? The difference is at least 3,500 individuals on 9/11. What in the Hell has Muslims done for the United States other than cause strife and trouble. It’s not a Damn one of them done anything good for the country, including your butt buddy Osama.

        • Reefer Man

          Listen to deez boys!! Especially Bobby Hopkins!!! Great stuff gents, great stuff!

        • Jim Loller

          You are a idiot. How many Muslims did the Christians kill. There are extremist in every religion.

          • Bogomil Ochrony

            Stop with that trite line alteady. Face it, pal, you can’t convince anyone with that cliche tripe anymore. People are wise to the game of trying morally to equate Christians to Muslims–it’s been exposed as a scurrilous lie.

      • marshmil

        Your filthy language tells the entire world a lot about you. Thanks for revealing your true Leftist self.

        • Jim Loller

          Grow up you mindless moron

          • marshmil

            Thank you if that’s the best you can do. May God have mercy on your soul.

          • tomah57

            Coming from you that means………………….nothing

      • Chris Pinkerton

        Their are hypocrites in every religion comparing a Baptist to a Muslim is like comparing yourself to an intelligent person!

      • Joe Myles

        And Muslims just want to see heads roll and the world burn.

      • Dylan Hunter

        Why is a baptist a hypocrite? Be specific too

        • Jim Loller

          They don’t accept gays or anyone who do not believe in their god. They and all Christians forget the greatest commandment love thy neighbor

          • Katherine McChesney

            That’s nonsense. Your favorite people the Muslims MURDER homosexuals you moron.

      • Katherine McChesney

        No the difference is that Muslims are murderers and terrorists and Baptists are NOT.

  • Bud William

    I would not be surprised, if we find out that Obama was one of the people who requested that the Muslim carry the flag. Sorry, but not surprise.

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      I agree. It just sounds so stupid that it had to be his idea!

  • sensrbtch

    this country is not representative of muzzies or islam/jihad! until further notice we ARE STILL CHRISTIAN/JEWDAIO! sum of mies bess fens are American Negros, I try not to noe any niggersd. the labial agenda is from the 3rd world demo-krpa 4 brines Clinton bunch. so! yeah dondi it is a non-starter, u will win, cuz if u lose, u lose it all!? snd the assoils from homie-land-defenselessness!

    • C Michaels

      Not if the globalist nwo traitors and radicals like this Bell have their way.
      The transformation of America has been going on for decades and that has been ratcheted up even moreso under Obongo, the closet homo muslim.

      • sensrbtch

        thanks 4 readin mies shit! and u hav lerned to spek in OBOLAHNIKS?! n trumpit sez ” i dun kare if i win, i will go ons”? wat think u?!

  • C Michaels

    This Kamau Bell fraud talks about white privilege this and white privilege that, portraying himself among the downtrodden black people of America. This is the farthest thing from the truth. The truth is…. this fraud is and was, much more privileged than 90% of white people in America. He grew up in wealth as his father was Chairman of the Board of one of the largest re-insurance companies in the World, that being Swiss Re. And this fraud went to one of the most expensive universities in America, that being the commie run University of Chicago.

  • Mike Engel

    I am proud of Phelps and what he has accomplished over FOUR different Olympics – and especially this one. No one should have had their hands on the flagstaff more than Phelps that night! This is the Olympics – not the UN, Mr. Kamikaze Bell.

  • IKD38

    Phelps made us proud and deserves carrying our Flag!
    We will take our country back for our Children and Grandchildren!
    We will restore respect for each other and Law and Order!
    Hillary’s America will look a lot different and not for the better!
    Micheal Phelps, may God bless you and your family, hold your head up high and always do what’s right! We love you!

    • Holy Joe

      It is people like Michael Phelps who establish the strength and honor of America not criminal slimes like Mrs. Clinton.

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    I will tell you what I know not what I think!
    A devout Muslim is a Terrorist in waiting!
    From The Qu’an:
    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.
    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.
    4:34 You can beat women.
    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape
    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven
    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam
    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims
    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Al’llah (verse of the sword)
    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims
    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians
    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.
    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.
    4:34 You can beat women.
    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape
    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven
    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam
    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims
    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Al’llah (verse of the sword)
    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims
    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if
    they do not convert or pay Jizya tax
chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims
8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims
3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)
9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.

    The Islamic State terror group has come out publicly to reject Pope Francis’ claims that the war being waged by Islamic terrorists is not religious in nature, assuring the pontiff that their sole motivation is religious and sanctioned by Allah in the Qur’an.


  • Dennis Ray Wall

    I will tell you what else I know!
    Obama & Hillary want what is happening in Britain to happen here! This is the most important video you can watch about the problem!
    Watch this video!

    • C Michaels

      You are correct sir. Britain already has over 40 communities where Sharia law takes precedence. Which has led most Britons to vote Brexit.

  • C Michaels

    We can’t let these globalists nwo crazies start WW3 with Russia. As they would love to have the 2 largest white Christian nations destroying each other.

    And if the demented brain damaged Shrillary gets elected that is exactly what is going to happen. Everything is already in place, they are just waiting.

  • Rock

    What else would you expect from the C-linton N-ews N-etwork ?
    Phelps and Trump all the way !

  • kxtc

    Of course Phelps did the right thing by carrying the US flag in the opening ceremony, and not caving into the outrageous attempted guilt trip foisted by the CNN “journalist,” whose name deserves to be forgotten.

    I own an unopened box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with Phelps’ picture in the pool flashing the “number one” sign. I found and purchased it after Kellogg’s had removed the swimmer from its brand because of a photo some jerk (whose name also deserves to be forgotten — and I have) took and posted on social media that of course went viral.

    Not condoning the recreational break Phelps was engaging in, I am so glad and so very proud he overcame that incident and went on to once again excel in his sport.

    I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, but I think

    1) Kellogg’s deserves a week boycott for their churlish corporate behavior
    2) The US government deserves derision for its recent refusal to remove marijuana from a dangerous drug list that includes heroin and methamphetamine.

    If you agree with either or both, please promote these ideas.

  • Oded Paz

    Are you kidding me?

    Phelps is the most qualified. PERIOD.


    Deport the mooselim !

  • dave w

    If that cnn clown wants Muslim presence, I’ll buy him a one-ticket to Pakistan or Saudi!

    • Junkki

      Good one. Absolutely agree.

  • rchguns

    Every athlete participating in the Olympic Games under the American flag is representing not only the nation but are believes in everything we stand for. You get what you work for in any idiot who thinks that an individual who happens to be a Muslim with the only notoriety that she wore the diaper on her head she gets special privileges by carrying the flag. I don’t think so.

  • rch1559

    Typical liberal. It wasn’t about the young lady ofr the flag, it was about the CNN anchor. “Look at ME!”. Disgusting.

  • Louis King

    M P was picked by his peers. He’s an American through and through. Lots of folks need to go stick their heads in a hole, and be ashamed of themselves. If he tries next year he should have the same honor whether he wins a medal or not. Lou King

    • Holy Joe

      It would be nice if he was able to round off a nice figure of 25 Gold’s in 2020 Tokyo ! Maybe in a single free style event ?

  • Linda Gainey

    Michael earned the right to carry that flag with all the hard work he has done to win all of those metals. He was selected by other members of the American Olympic Team. The fact that the anchor person even brought it up was out of line. The discussion should have ended when the team made the choice.

  • Thomas Harrell

    Phelps was SELECTED BY HIS PEERS. It’s his honor. Which he clearly deserves. No discussion. Poor cry baby Muslim cry me a river. Go back to Podunk, BFE.

    • Holy Joe

      Better yet go and try to live and compete as a woman in the Middle East, then she will find out what being ‘stoned’ could mean.

  • Thomas Harrell

    Muslim looser cry baby

  • chris

    Michael has worked very hard and has earned every medal nobody, but nobody should be in the side line trying to take that glory from him. As far as Kamau Bell SHAME on you who do you think you are, Michel was asked to carry in the american flag yet you want him to give up that glory for another who has not worked 1/2 as hard as Michael…so glad Michael did not give in to this political correctness pressure……I wish more politicians had Michael courage

  • nana45

    Phelps was selected by his peers and EARNED the right to carry the flag!!! I am SO sick of all the “entitlement” bullcrap, and people getting chosen for lame reasons like the color of their skin, or “what they wear” (good grief!!! give me a break!!!). NOW, after she has won 20+ medals and proven herself, she will have a right to say something.

  • nana45

    the American people need to start demanding that all the lame “news” broadcasters get fired. Half of them wouldn’t know real news anymore if it jumped up and slapped them in the face!!

  • KBB

    Did anyone see this “proud Mooslime” react when she got her ass beat at the Olympics this week?? She was screaming and wailing at the top of her lungs as if she had just bathed in pig blood. Classless slime. Ibtihaj Muhammad, you are an absolute disgrace. You are a no class loser just like the rest of your retrograde savage Mooslime brethren. You are not worthy to share the same uniform as Michael Phelps, Simone Manuel, Simone Biles, and every other amazing American athlete. These are the young people making us proud as a nation!!!

    • Marilyn Z

      I did not see that and tried to find in on youtube, but they have everything except that.

      That would show a total lack of class.

  • frank96740

    The Liberals are intent on screwing America without the benefit of LUBE! Time to forget being PC all the time and tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      Right on, brother. PC is dead. Long live free speech! Long live liberty. The liberals have got everything wrong, and they know everybody knows it!

  • Reg Dahl

    To hell with your Divide and conquer tactics at CNN. Merchant media stooges!

  • Gary

    Screw the rag heads!!! They are not America!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arnapuck

    Two words cover this in total …
    Absolute Stupidity …

  • Michael Goodson

    Phelps you carry the flag, this another obama plot for muslims to to be in the spotlight ever since obama got in its this muslim movement being shoved down the American people throat and I’m sick of it. People you watch and see the people of america will rise up and fight against this slow invasion of America’s liberty by these democrats communist party of the muslims brotherhood. Enough is enough let radical muslims blood flow on america streets.

  • Holy Joe

    Three cheers for Michael Phelps as an incredible swimmer athlete who richly deserved the hard earned honor of being the carrier of the American Flag at the Olympic opening ceremony. We have all had enough of this ” politically correct nonsense” emanating from the morons, idiots and cretins of the revisionist American left.

  • Kevin Herrod

    The headline says Phelps had harsh words…

    Though I agree with the selection of Phelps, and I appreciate his refusal to capitulate, I didn’t read any harsh words in his response.

  • Gale David

    Liberal crap! Phelps is the most highly decorated Olympian EVER! He is the right choice to REPRESENT TEAM USA AND OUR NATION. When did being a white male with superlative talent, dedication and hard work render you a poor representative for our nation? My guess, about 8 years ago!

  • Jim Loller

    This article makes no sense.You are just stirring up the people who don’t read the article. He never said anything about a Muslim carrying the flag. Why not let a Muslim carry the flag? Why let a Baptist carry it?

    • Bobby Hopkins

      boooooooooooooooooo to u jim boy

      • Jim Loller

        Typical reaction of an intellectual conservative. Acts like a child!!!

  • goodwater

    What do you expect from a CNN commentator. – It’s the lowest rated cable new program because of their left wing bias. It certainly isn’t Fair and Balanced. The berate every thing that the USA stands for. The cable channel would fit perfectly in a South American socialist nation.

  • Mike

    Carrying the AMERICAN flag is an honor earned by deeds, not by the color of your skin or that you wear a hijab and the Olympics is NOT the place to make a political statement. Only that moron Clinton News Network would be the one to use the Olympics to make a political statement. It would be nice if somehow or someway those idiots on CNN would get a job that suited their intellect like maybe KFC or Wendy’s because as newscasters they just don’t quite make it. For the record she got to her first opponent and was eliminated and I understand she really went off on Law Enforcement and AMERICA, that’s the kind of person I would want to carry our flag on the INTERNATIONAL STAGE. Be serious.

  • William Ingram

    WE DON’T select people because of their race or ethnicity. We select people because of their ability and accomplishments.

  • bigtex52✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    22 Gold Medals SO FAR…….not exactly just your average tall white guy hogging the flag carrying duty. However, it was just your average, newsman-wannabe liberal raising the question, so consider the source. Muslims are the new darlings of the political left, since they breed like rats and are just as loyal, and they will all vote DumbAsCrap until they finally decide to exterminate them too. Wake up, idiots!

  • Steve Miller

    The title of this article was a lie. Michael Phelps did not have any tough words. I am unsubscribing to this time-waster.

  • David Ransom

    “and humbled by the significance of carrying the flag and all it stands for”
    Something that I doubt a “journalist” for CNN would understand.

  • Phil Esposito

    Hey a$$ holes, where’s the tough words he had for the critics? So tired of you fu*ker$ trying to lure us in with false head lines. Stop it or I’ll block your email address.

  • Larry


  • Billie Samuel Watkins Sr.

    I never watch or pay any attention to any of the racists on CNN it is most assuredly the most anti American network outside of Iran.

  • Jan

    We are certainly learning who the bigot, idiot, moron, hater, hypocrite, etc is on this comment thread….pretty sad all he can do is hate hate hate. Have a nice day Jimmie Boy.

  • Jack Santo

    The anchor should be “fired” and publicly apologize for being ignorant. Hopefully the news anchor does not have children, people like that should not breed. The chosen person represents the United States of America, not any other nation.

  • 46patrick46

    Leave it to a democrat liberal anchor at CNN to bring RACE into a SPORTING event.

  • SellersMcKee

    In what way does an unknown Muslim fencer represent America? Let her win some medals and we can discuss it.

  • Junkki

    No, she should not have been selected to carry our flag, especially in a hijab. I am perfectly fine with a rich white male carrying the flag. He deserves it.

  • John_Eidsmoe

    Michael Phelps’s peers did not select him to carry the flag because he is a “tall, successful,rich white guy.” They selected him because, by his extraordinary drive and perseverance, he has become the most outstanding athlete of today.
    That liberal anchor’s statement is typical of the Marxist class envy that is destroying America today. Men and women like Michael Phelps will make America great again!

  • Rocky Vitiritto

    The Mainstream Media has come right out and said it was their duty to unfairly represent Donald Trump, they said they are doing it to make sure Hillary Clinton gets Elected, now they use the Olympics to promote their cause. I hope their ratings tank from this kind of biased reporting. They have lost all credibility from everyone but the Liberal Sheeple.

  • kcwas

    He handled that like a Man…he was chosen and no one from the news had a right to say anything…..but the news fools now days are lie telling trouble makers…no honor what so ever paid puppets…wh clan specials…

  • Donald Tribble

    I am sorry that the young fencer didn’t do a good as she could but do not blame it on Michael Phelps. He earned his due and that is that. I saw another Muslim lady runner but she didn’t win either, but I didn’t hear her yelling that she should have won because of who she was or what religion she was. While I am here I want to comment on the husband and wife that was at Clinton’s nomination. He and his wife were a set up. THEY DID NOT SACRIFICE THEIR SON. HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF BECAUSE HE WAS AN HONORABLE AMERICAN WHO FOUGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY, NO MATTER WHAT HIS RELIGION WAS.
    I am a 20 year Retired United States Air Force Sergeant. W I enlisted we where in the Vietnam Conflict but I wanted to help defend our country from people that wanted to take our rights of being an American away from us. If I had of lost my life during this time, my Mother, Father, Wife or 2 sons would not have sacrificed any this for me, I would have sacrificed myself for their freedom of being an American and being free to choose their way of life and religion.
    I was raised as Southern Baptist, changed to Catholicism (because my wife wanted our children to be raised in her faith and us being together in one), then back to Christian. Oh by the way, non of my religions said I had to kill anyone else of another religion or to hate them.
    I am voting for TRUMP, he is the least of the two options. Hillary has been for herself all of political life. Obama says she is the best qualified to be President. He even said she was better that him and if that was/is then she should have been President instead of him.
    A little bit of information that I heard during their race is that she was afraid that her daughter was in danger if Obama had lost the race. Let CNN check that out.

    If Trump wins I demand that our Borders be closed and he wants to know what kind of fence I want to be built it would not be concrete except the footing. Above the ground it would be build of wire just just like the East Germans built to keep our the rest of the world. That wall was built to keep the rest of the world out because East Germany had the best things in the world. Give me a call Mr. Trump.
    The next thing is to bring every job back to America that should be here including customer service personnel for American companies. It is not only Indians from India but it is the Philippines and Mexicans. I have talked to agents from Manila and Cebu in the P.I. and to deported Mexicans that speak perfect English because they were illegals that where deported and they where here long enough that they speak perfect English. The thing to do when you call a customer service, ask them where they are at, if they are in another country insist that they transfer you to some one in the states, even Wal-Mart does.
    Also do like the Philippines and other countries do and that is only citizens would be allowed to own a business or property, AMERICA IS FOR SELL. We need to take it back.
    Enough from me from now.

  • LogicAndTruth

    Libtard Mohammed and Clinton News Network’s Bell should go find a country that they don’t hate and move there.

  • Michael Valgos

    Is it just me, or is anyone else getting real tired of these liberal morons at CNN? They are like a back room smut news station that if they cannot find a story, then they will make one up. These idiots have their collective minds in the gutter in a walnut shell headed for the drain. What ever happened to being truthful? I know Obama, and Hillary do it, but does the news have to lie too? In this country right now right is wrong, and wrong is right.

  • Kevin Garrell Waller

    I’m glad that Michael Phelps was the flag-bearer for Team USA.

  • Lynda

    Muhammad has sealed her own fate with the half of the American populace that have functioning brains. She’s free to state her opinions, but we are free to feel they are anti-American and disrespectful. If anyone has a right to be afraid, it is the innocent Americans who have been attacked by the radical Muslims. So take that Muhammad and stick it in your hijab.

  • Reefer Man

    Tough words?? Wait, am I reading that headline correctly?? Those words were anything but tough. Tough words would be more like “Muslims have destroyed their image worldwide by either participating-in or subscribing to violent-as-hell beliefs that promote rampant killing & oppression. Why would we EVER want to have a Muslim carry the flag for the United States? The real truth (that most don’t care to publicly admit) is that 90% of the civilized people can’t stand these people for making a HUGE mess of the world we live in.”

  • tjmorgan

    This not a Muslim nation and it never will be. So suck it up Muslims and assimilate.

  • Random Ami

    Even people with a modicum, in fact minimal, common sense, would have no problem recognizing that Phelps, is by any measure (in both achievements and seniority) THE MOST prominent Olympic Athlete and the indisputable USA Olympic face to the world.

    But as has been said: “Never underestimate a liberal’s ability to rationalize irrationality’. There isn’t even a point in trying to debate that CNN idiot, in fact, a waste of time to even put attention to it.

    If asking a Muslim, “where you from” is considered “microagression”, putting a Muslim (who never won a medal) as the US flag carrier, is a MACROagression to the entire United States and to the world.

  • chris987

    Michael Phelps Has Tough Words For Critics Who Wanted Muslim To Carry American Flag ….. the article says NOTHING about tough words ……. FALSE ARTICLE. I’m proud of Phelps accomplishments. Apparently the Muslim was voted in second!?!? Wow, how the Olympians have swallowed the Kool (Kook) Aid. Disappointing that they chose politics over their own hard accomplishments. Only 16 years after our towers went down – with nearly 3,000 lives lost (and thousands more dying from asbestos from the cleanup) – a Muslim ALMOST won the privilege of flying our flag?? That would be the true story – how successful the left is in their indoctrination of our children starting with the education system.

  • Joe Myles

    We like our flags to be carried by actual Americans. Not ragheads and terrorists.

  • Kim Peck

    I only care that an American carry the flag. Your race, religion, sexuality does not matter to me. Go Michael. Go Ibtihaj. Go all Americans representing the country they love!

  • cherokeeman

    Liberals who think this way need to go and live with Muslims. And as far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as a muslim-American. They are either a Muslim or an American. There is no such thing as having dual allegiance, especially when the culture and their hatred of America and Americans is so obvious and known. Until they are removed, America and the world will not be able to exist as the free nation we are guaranteed under our Constitution and our God given rights.

  • Ducks=Don’t Drown !


  • Gary Asti

    I do believe its time to remove that reporters ID and authorization at the Olympics. Removed completely and never returned

  • Donnie Buchanan

    A true Muslim can NEVER be a true American. They believe that Sharia supersedes the Constitution and because the Constitution was founded upon Christianity, they think it doesn’t apply to them.

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      Exactly! Why won’t our politicians admit this obvious truth?

  • Barry N. Turner

    Phelps has paid his dues, so to speak. It seems that the liberals in American save the highest of accolades for those who haven’t. This is not to take away from or disrepect Muhammad in any way, who seems like a very talented young lady. Phelps waited his turn. Muhammad should, as well.

    • Bogomil Ochrony

      You are far too kind to Muhammad.

  • Ron Gilbert

    I missed the “tough words” from Phelps….
    Apparently liberals aren’t the only people who misrepresent.

  • Panama Smith

    Islam is of satan!

  • Bill Seat

    If this Olympics proves nothing else for America, We Proudly Thank, Praise and Give Glory to GOD for ALL that we have achieved!!! I have NEVER been prouder of AMERICA!!!

  • ricktenny

    The Olympics are supposed to be the most apolitical event in the world. Nice job NBC.

  • Hannah NPaul French

    To a racist, what a person looks like trumps everything.

  • Chris Cliff

    i’m glad to see michael phelps telling the braindead libturds to stick it. he is what we americans need to do SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT.

  • Jarod Strain

    In fairness it should be pointed out W. Kamau Bell is not a CNN anchor or even a news person. He is a comedian and hosts an opinionated talk show. He is no more a news Anchorman than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or a number of other popular opinion bloggers. Nevertheless he has shown roughly the same tact as Kanye West has shown toward Taylor Swift. Any possible good intentions aside, what a jackass.

  • Terry Michael Fitzgerald

    What can you say with any civility about an incredibly ignorant (not necessarily stupid) liberal media specialist.

  • tstucker

    That particular CNN anchor should move to Syria and join ISIS since he loves muslims so much. Then we could bomb his stupid ass.

  • disqus_9KxJoac1yr

    An opportunity such as this is not just given to just anyone, it is earned. Mike paid all of his dues and earned the honor. He would have done it in another Olympics but he always swam on the opening day and therefore was not able to do so. This year the schedule and the time was right for him. Now, I have no problem with Ibtihaj Muhammad carrying the flag at some future time, once she has been to a few Olympics and won a few medals. But then she uses her press time to trash talk America in front of the whole world. Disrespectful. That is not the kind of representation we need carrying our flag on a world stage.

  • dave

    Simply being Muslim doesnt suddenly make you the “Face of America”, no matter how hard the left DEMANDS we make Muslims, some 2% of the entire population of this country, our “Priority”. Phelps has shattered so many records its insane, he has worked harder and longer than nearly every other Athlete on the US Squad. This jackass on CNN who deliberately tries to make a political statement and cause dissension should be fired. It was 100% PURE Political Grandstanding on his part, and a blatantly racist remarks saying ” we have enough tall, rich white guys carrying the flag”.. I want to say go bleep yourself. Phelps should of sounded off, and could have and had the whole support of his team, he simply showed the CNN douche what CLASS was all about.
    As for the Muslim being a “World Class Fencer”, hardly, she got knocked out in short order in her first bout, and barely made ANY contribution to the team OTHER than wearing her hijab.. whoopDEEE freakin doooooo..

  • Bob Barnes

    Tell her when she competes in her 5th Olympics it’s hers. He earned it. She would have been a stupid political statement only.

  • dick63532

    Americans should carry the American Flag. If she becomes an American citizen and loses the Hijab then I would consider her eligible. The reporter is nothing more than a pot stirring liberal A$$HOLE!

  • KarenJones

    Ibtihaj Muhammad bad mouthed the U.S. every chance she got, & was as bad of a diplomat for the U.S. on the World stage as Ryan Lochte. She had no business carrying the flag. They chose the right person.