Mitt Romney Just Did Something No One Could Believe

During the campaign, Mitt Romney was a leading #NeverTrump Republican.

He even flirted with endorsing third-party candidates.

So after Trump won, many political observers wondered how the former failed Republican nominee would react to the election results.

The first signs came when Trump tweeted that Romney had called to congratulate him.

Following this tweet, there were reports that Romney was headed to a meeting at Trump Tower.

CNN reports:

President-elect Donald Trump will meet this weekend with one of his fiercest critics: 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a discussion that could include the position of Secretary of State.


The two men are set to discuss “governing moving forward” and potentially a role for Romney in Trump’s Cabinet, a senior Republican source told CNN on Thursday.


Romney has long told friends that he would like to serve in government again and the one job he is interested in is Secretary of State, a senior Republican with knowledge of the transition tells CNN. The source says that Romney is meeting with Trump in part to discuss it.


The former Massachusetts governor is being presented as a choice that would show Trump is looking for “adults” because he would bring a team of professionals along with him, the source said, adding that the nomination is being seen as a “serious” possibility.

But could Romney ever serve in a Trump administration?

And would Trump really want Romney as his Secretary of State?

Politico Playbook reports the meeting is more of a “kumbaya” session than any real job interview:

WE HEAR that Donald Trump’s meeting with Mitt Romney this weekend is more of a potential kumbaya moment than a job interview. Top allies of both Romney and Trump do not believe the former Massachusetts governor will be offered a slot in the new GOP administration. They have irreconcilable views on foreign policy, to put it mildly. And Romney, let’s recall, is the guy who said the President-elect’s promises “are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”

But that may be Romney’s allies getting the word out in the press ahead of the meeting so when Romney isn’t selected, the decision is cast in a light more favorable to the failed 2012 Republican nominee.

Trump and Romney also have significant policy differences.

Romney defends the hawkish policies that defined the Bush administration and trapped our nation in a 15 year war in the Middle East.

Trump ran on repudiating those policies and won.

President-elect Trump also views Russia as an ally against ISIS, whereas Romney advocates for a more adversarial relationship.

The new vision for American foreign policy is much more realistic and restrained than the “spreading democracy across the globe” liberalism that dominated the GOP during the Bush administration.

Romney is likely meeting with President-elect Trump as a symbol of party and national unity.

The campaign is over, so it’s time to come together and help the new administration succeed.

Do you think Trump should ask Romney to serve in his Cabinet?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • Barb McFadden

    No way should Trump offer Romney anything but a handshake.

    • Andy Case

      I agree, a Handshake, and whisper in the ear, “Don’t Ever let me see you near my Family and Patriots”

    • CharlieM

      Agreed, but if he does give Romney any position (even White House janitor) it would make me wonder where he what position he would offer Obama?

    • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

      I wouldn’t pee on Romney if his guts were on fire.

      • Bama Bill

        I might, if you buy me a beer?

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    I believe is big enough to do what in his heart is right for America!

    • Jane 72

      I agree, Howard–I believe that would show wise leadership and ability to work WITH everyone in the White House. We need MORE staff who are for AMERICA FIRST, not the “me-first” attitude of our present President and entourage.!

  • bo99

    Next ya’ll will say he wants Obama.
    NOT !

  • Andy Case

    No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He denounced President Trump, ( I like the sound of that, it has a certain charm…) and is a traitor to the republican party. He is a sneaky Mole and would probably
    sell Donald out. Don’t Trust that POS Mr President, Make a good fresh choice, not Romney, He is all used up and played out!!

    • Evan

      I agree 100%!

      • NannyB

        I also agree. Trump is showing Romney that he is bigger than Romney is. But we already knew that. No post for Romney. Period. End of story.

        • Bama Bill

          Glad Donald can’t appoint dog catcher’s. Wouldn’t want him after my dogs!

          • NannyB

            Ha Ha…you got dogs that dig up neighbors yards or something?? Not so sure where you stand Bama Bill…but here is the deal. WE WON….okay? If you are with me…great, if not…get over it. Don’t mean to sound harsh…but I would be glad if Trump appointed dog catchers. At least we would know they were going to do their jobs properly!!

          • Bama Bill

            No, my boys are well behaved, never even yelled at. Obey voice and hand commands. Walked on leashes, and only dig in my yard. Yorkies, ya know, “earth dogs”, love to dig and hunt in burrows.
            I was referring to “Romney for Dogcatcher”, :<}

          • NannyB

            Oh no! LOL….he would not know what to do. You are a funny man Bama Bill! I have interesting dogs and some cats. My big dog…about 60 lbs is a mix and she is quite fierce if needed. But she really is a good girl. She likes to hold my hand in her mouth when we walk. I love my animals!!

          • Bama Bill

            Meshach is blind and can’t hear well, but he was born 2/1/2001. He usually walks around the yard when we go for a walk. Benji takes me for a walk about sunrise, Boots usually goes along. Do you know anyone that walks the dog and the cat? I think I’m the only one?
            Sailed from the Caribbean to the Black Sea when in the Navy on a destroy. And lakes Erie and Ontario, plus the Trent Severn waterway and the Georgian Bay when I lived in Ontario. Wish I could still go sailing, but too old for that.

          • NannyB

            Do your other dogs keep track of the blind one? My Gypsy is half Weimaraner and half short hair Shepard. A very determined girl and very wiggly…LOL. Sounds like you have had a great stint in the Navy….thank you for your service and glad you came home to tell your tales.

          • Bama Bill

            No, Benji is jealous of Meshach, and the cat “Boots” just beats both of them up. He is bigger and heavier than Benji. I raise ’em big. Guess Boots weighs about 20 pounds, and he is an outdoor cat. He is “Boss of the house”, much longer and sharper teeth and claws!

            Catches birds, chipmunks, snakes, lizards, etc., when we lived on the farm he and his sister killed snakes. He even got into a fight with a fox and hurt her bad. She ran off screaming for at least half a mile. Her two pups following her. She attacked Boots, and he “Learned” her!

          • NannyB

            I hear you. When I moved to my present home, I brought with me 14 cats and 7 dogs! They were donations by the local population tied to my front gate or tossed over the fence. I now have only 3 cats…one is 17. They come in when the weather is bad…otherwise they are outside. And I mean outside to roam as they climb over my 6 foot fence with relish. LOL I had a small dog once…the love of my life. She was what is known as a “Bequia Poodle”. Not sure where the Poodle comes in but she and all others like her are a mix of the long hair Chihuahua and a Pomeranian. It has become a type of breed and they always come the same. Colors can be anything. She was very special and lived for 15+ years. Her name was Happi!! I really miss that dog!! Nice to speak with another animal lover.

    • NannyB


  • mainefishman

    Donald should kiss and make up then run away as fast as possible!

  • Gary

    NO WAY…. He ain’t be trusted, and might try to undermine from within…. Send him packing with a friendly handshake…. 🙂

    • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

      I was thinking a one finger salute would suffice.

    • Bama Bill

      No, I think Donald should hire him, so he can keep an eye on him, and have the pleasure of saying, “You’re Fired!”.

      • NannyB

        You’re baaaaaaad. LOL!!

  • GrizzMann

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    • ipsprez

      But don’t give them ANY power

      • astrc

        YEA! But NOT ones like NY (D) Senator “CHUCK SCHULMER” a REAL “snake in the grass”, One of OBAMA & CLINTION’S supporters, and Anti-America “gun take away controller ” S.O.B…..

        • Bud William

          Are you speaking of Senator “Chuck Slimmer”? What a POS.

  • arnapuck

    To hell with the loser.

  • dboutin

    No Romney is a traitor and back stabber..can not be trusted, he denounce Pres Trump and now that he has won, Romney wants to be in the limelight as an ass him the door with your foot up his ass!!!!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Politics do make strange bedfellows, but while I think no position will be offered, Romney could be a valuable ally and adviser for Trump moving forward.

  • vanny31

    No way should Romney OR Hillary Clinton have any part if this administration! I understand wanting to come together now, but these 2, as well as Kasich and any other back-stabber should never be given the chance to do it again by becoming part of the solution to our past problems.
    Keep the “Never trump-ers” as far away as possible!

    • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

      Amen, never!

  • Herbert West

    Go home Romney. We don’t need your ideas.

  • Countrysunrise

    Romney is a very smart man, but he shouldn’t be Secretary of State!! He could still serve a purpose in Mr. Trump’s cabinet somewhere, but in a lesser capacity. Perhaps in education, or as an under-secretary somewhere. Any place where there isn’t as much security needed, and as much responsibility. Romney could still feel important and needed, and Mr. Trump could feel as if he didn’t let him down.

    • Ollie Octopus

      How about ambassador to Venezuela?

  • Dick Ellis


  • Sandee !

    No way ! Sounds like a setup to me !! Very fishy !!!

  • Arlene Peters

    What I feel is happening is that Trump is calling these “nothings” to Trump Towers to meet with him (and they all run and kiss butt thinking they may get a position “ie. Ted Cruz” then Trump does’t even get back to them.. They are playing right into his plan and falling over themselves to get to meet with him. Trump is much smarter than they give him credit for.. He dumped cruz and will dump the rest of them that “sold him out” during the elections..

  • Sandee !

    No I don’t think so, but first Pray President Trump Sir, enter all things with prayer and supplication unto the Lord Our GOD !!!

  • Guest2

    Pres.-Elect Trump is a very smart man, much smarter than me. However, I fear letting Romney into any position in his cabinet would be a dangerous move. Don’t forget, we still have Paul Ryan in a position of power. It’s like re-uniting Batman and Robin all over again. My vote is no way.

  • Itmatters59

    Romney’s actions and words concerning Pres. Elect Trump during the whole election process were inexcusable. I feel that he would betray our President anytime he had a chance. Fortunately we were able to see the real Romney in the primary and general election. He has no business anywhere he has the opportunity to betray our POTUS.

  • JoLa25161

    The elections are over — Time to bury the hatchet and put on BIG BOY PANTS. Running the COUNTRY is adult work. If TRUMP is convinced that Romney has a role to play so be it. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. TRUMP/PENCE 2016 & 2020. “Mr MITT” may prove vital to this EIGHT YEAR administration.

    • Ollie Octopus

      Bury the hatchet in his skull.

    • Steven Parker

      We don’t need a back stabing Traitor helping run this country even if he does wear big boy pants.

  • dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Trump needs to know he can trust his Secy of State. No way can Romney fit that need.

  • Ollie Octopus

    Thumbs down on Rattlesnake Romney.

  • Ektor

    No backstabbing RINOs should ever be included in Trump’s inner circle. RINOs will want to take control of DC and Trump’s presidency so that they can further Obama’s agenda. After all, they said they would vote for Witch Hillary.

  • Steven Parker

    NO.Romney Is Trator to the party and the country.

  • IMHO, Romney is too much part of the NWO, and not trustworthy in my view. He really didn’t fight for us back in 2012, he let Obama beat him too easily, he turned on the Republican candidate in MO which helped elect Claire McCaskill, he pandered to lame stream media approvals, and he probably likes immigration to drive down wages and put Americans out of work as a NWO crony capitalist, etc. Not qualified IMHO, and he is too much a part and parcel flavor of the present RINO swamp in DC. We don’t need to go backwards with him.

  • paradoc2

    The blusterous crapola is over thank God and good has prevailed…Romney is ‘hawkish’ then I believe Rand Paul would make a better secretary. Let the leeches fight their own wars…business with the leech nations is fine but to continue the pattern of cultural interventionism defines insanity.

  • Richard Bird

    Romney will never serve under Trump, for ome major reasom. He’s a loser, and Trump knows it. Trump doesn’t hire losers, that’s why he’s a winner. Look at the source of the report that Romney will be on Trump’s ticket. CNN. LOL What a joke.

  • Since Trump and Romney have such differing views concerning America’s involvement in foreign affairs, I don’t think that Trump will select him as Secretary of State. This position is perhaps the most critical of all members of the cabinet along with Attorney General and Secretary of Defense. I think that Rand Paul has a closer mentality to serve as SOS. Being somewhat of a Libertarian even though he ran for Senate as a Republican, I think that he is more of an isolationist as is Trump when it comes to policing the world. If I had been in G.W. Bush’s place after 2001, I would probably not gone to war, but would have placed sanctions on Iraq and infiltrated the inner circles of the Iraq regime with covert operatives to determine if Iraq had nuclear weapons. And even when it was proven without any doubt that Iraq had nuclear weapons, I think that sending in covert Navy Seals or drones to take out and overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime would have better than to risk the deaths of thousands of American lives and innocent Iraqi civilians in collateral damage. However, even after Obama became president he and Hillary made a huge mistake in pulling out of Iraq before it was stable. And I doubt that it could have even become a stable democracy, but more or less just pulling out and declaring the war over only resulted in the formation of ISIS as Trump has stated during the campaign, which Obama has not denied because the proof is undeniable. Obama should have allowed his military leaders to finish the job, rather than totally ignoring them. This was one of the many Obama mistakes – like hiding his head in the sand like an ostrich – and hoping that Iraq could become stable on its own. With Hillary as SOS, and Iran wanting to rush into Iraq, she and Obama really screwed up the middle east – once again ignoring their military leaders – and causing thousands of needless deaths in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and an explosion of ISIS terrorists infiltrating Europe and now the US as refugees. And then Obama making this totally insane Iran deal and giving them $150B+ in the process. What a bunch of idiots we have running the show. I just hope that the investigation into the hidden emails eventually shows that Obama and/or Hillary gave the “stand down” order in Benghazi, which I’m almost certain they must have done. Good riddance to both of them and Valerie Jarrett. I also wish that with our new AG, we can lock up George Soros for treason regarding all the anarchy that he is funding.

    • Vivian Mcdorman

      excellent reading Stephen and Valarie don’t let the door hit you in yr rear end!!

      • Yes, Stephen made some great insights… but Mitt Romney could prove to be an invaluable asset to President Trump….

        I was once a NeverTrump and I’ve learned my lesson;
        Donald Trump is not successful becuz he’s the biggest bully…

        He’s able to recognize the right answer and to coalesce the best people; I think Mitt Romney may be one of them… but we’ll have to see what DT thinks…

  • shirl1

    No I do not.In my opinion, Romney, along with Paul Ryan, are part of the NWO.

  • shirl1

    Donald Trump is NOT going to keep contraceptives from women! He NEVER said he would! He took a stance on abortion..

  • Nancy Page


  • Carla Slagle

    NO I was a ROMNEY Supporters, But What He did During the Campaign was not Worthy of any Post in President TRUMPS Cabinet! You can Add Teddy CRUZ to that LIST Too!

  • arizonapatriot

    No Romney should not be allowed a place in Trump administration. For Secretary of State, follow recommendations of Senator Rand Paul.

  • Mileaway


  • Danni Smith

    I am split-Romney has immense foreign policy knowledge, but he is an enemy of Trump, Trump voters and cannot be trusted.

  • daveveselenak

    “Nit-witt” Romney should be thrown off the bus!

  • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

    Please president Trump this guy hates you I wouldn’t even speak to the neoconservative a-hole. You’ll be sorry because he will work against you, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could pee and that’s not far with prostate problems.

  • Jon Ciotti

    That is a huge NO WAY. Romney was beyond critical of President-Elect Trump during This campaign. People in politics will always have differences and different views on how to lead as President. The attacks from Romney were personal and the vitriol and flat our lies he spewed from his lips and the lengths he went too to attempt to have Donald Trump either loose or flat out quit. There is an old saying keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Romney is more then an enemy, he is an opportunist and I truly believe that if given the chance Romney would back stab President Trump and his administration. I would not have Romney anywhere near the Whitehouse if I were the President

  • drbhelthi

    I will need to think over the question for a few years before providing an answer.

  • Nodough

    All are in the DC Brotherhood! Don’t forget that Romney is a Mormon and they control a vast number of corporations around the world where there are Mormon Temples where they hold their meetings.Be very wise and cautious. PS, They also control the FBI.

  • marina knife

    NO way – didn’t he draft the blueprint that became Obama Care?

  • mainefishman

    His proper roll would be ambassador to Mongolia.

  • Sue Christian

    NO NO


  • Debby


  • Bama Bill

    If Romney was drowning, I would give him a bucket. Of water. Donald wouldn’t hire him, but I could certainly see him saying, “You’re FIRED!”>

  • Darlene F Burgi

    I wouldn’t even want to meet the persons who have commented before me. This decision is up to Pres. Elect Trump and Mitt Romney. I hope they are both honest and open minded enough to know what is best for this country. I hope they can be understanding of where the other is coming from and that their “coming from” is a great deal different. They both, however, love this country and want to help it and its people become great again in the eyes of the world and for the “hope of the world.” You are so quick to judge a man who was also under attack when he ran for President in 2012. I often wished Mitt would speak up more, as Trump did and was criticized for doing (but Romney’s speaking up would have reflected on his core beliefs and he could not do that). Romney was criticized harshly for his money . . . Trump had more but was criticized little. Romney was under greater attack (privately) for his religious beliefs than Trump was for his lack in this area. The media was never behind Romney. He in short was beaten by the media, the elitists and the those Christians who would not support a great man because he is not the kind of Christian they thought he should be. Fair . . . no way. It could be that each of the commentators here will be judged as they judge — without mercy and harshly.

  • Cheryl LeMon Fauth

    No. I don’t trust him.