Mitt Romney Stunned Everyone With This Speech To Help Hillary Clinton

Throughout this election, failed 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney has been one of Hillary Clinton’s top surrogates.

He’s trashed Donald Trump at every turn and plays to the liberal media in attacking the GOP nominee.

And he just gave a big speech that has many experts believing he wants Hillary Clinton to win.

Since losing in 2012, Romney has remade himself as the face of the Republican donor class.

He’s endorsed moderate or left-leaning Republicans in primaries where they faced Tea Party challengers.

And during the GOP primary, he gave a series of speeches ripping Donald Trump.

Now just two weeks before the general election, he’s delivered remarks designed to undermine Trump’s final appeals to unite the Republican Party to achieve victory against Hillary Clinton.

Appearing at one of the citadels of the Republican establishment – the Washington, D.C. headquarters for the pro-government Chamber of Commerce – Romney laced into Trump.

Politico reports:

“Legal reform was ostensibly the subject of Mitt Romney’s address at the ornate U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters Wednesday afternoon. But just about every sentence from the measured 2012 Republican standard-bearer offered a study in contrasts with the fiery, bombastic Donald Trump — and it was clear the well-heeled audience missed him, greeting Romney with a standing ovation.


“Title the speech ‘I told you so,’” Chamber President Tom Donohue said he had suggested of Romney’s keynote. “Of course, he’s a little too polite [for] that.”


And in his speech, which clocked in at just under 13 minutes, Romney was polite, taking only veiled and mild swipes at both Trump and Hillary Clinton — a far cry from his successor’s frequent bouts of name-calling. But more subtly, with his optimistic assertions that America is “the greatest nation in the history of the earth” and his nods to businesses started by first- and second-generation immigrants, Romney offered a clear rebuke to Trump’s often-dark nativism.


“I’ve watched the presidential debates, I’ve looked at the give-and-take, there’s been almost no discussion of those things I’ve described,” he lamented after sketching out economic and educational challenges facing the country. “The national debt and how to deal with it, reforming entitlements, I don’t think either candidate for president has said they’re going to reform entitlements one way or another.”

Many critics interpreted Romney’s remarks as a permission slip for establishment Republicans to sit on their hands or vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Romney – and other Republican elites – is betting that if Trump loses, they can reassert their dominance in the party and push through their globalist agenda of amnesty, trade deals, and foreign wars.

Politico also observed that Romney’s remarks were a direct challenge to Trump’s campaign themes:

“And 13 days before the election, there was no hint at an olive branch. Instead, Romney made a point to talk up America’s values and accomplishments, even as he sketched out its challenges. It was another sharp contrast with Trump, who, with his slogan “make America great again,” routinely paints a picture of a country in decline.


“A nation which is an innovative nation should win” in a changing economic climate, Romney said. Hitting an optimistic note, he continued, “That’s exactly who we are.”


Romney’s use of “win” appears an obvious challenge to Trump, whose chief complaints about the country’s current state is that it doesn’t “win anymore.”

Trump’s core themes of “Making America Great Again” by putting “America First” are a nationalist challenge to the globalist agenda of Romney and other American elites.

Trump believes in policies that put American interests first in trade, immigration, and foreign policy.

Romney – and other globalist-minded Republicans – believes in subverting American interests to those of the worldwide community.

This is why many conservatives believe Romney has worked so hard to elect Hillary Clinton –because she clearly shares his belief in mass immigration, global trade deals, and reckless foreign wars.

Do you believe Romney’s speech will hurt Trump’s chances of victory?

Let us know in the comment section.

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