Mitt Romney’s Awful Plan To Betray Trump Was Shut Down By This Unexpected Person

Mitt Romney fired the first shot in the GOP establishment’s plan to remove Trump from office.

Romney authored an op-ed in the Washington Post that many pundits saw as his first step in taking on Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

But Romney’s awful plan to betray Trump was shut down by this unexpected person.

Romney published an op-ed in the Washington Post two days before he was set to be sworn in as Utah’s junior Senator.

The former failed Presidential candidate savaged Trump for his supposed poor character and whined that globalists like Nikki Haley and James Mattis leaving the administration meant Trump’s Presidency was spiraling out of control.

D.C. Republicans cheered the op-ed.

They claimed Romney admitted out loud what his Senate colleagues only utter in private.

And they salivated over the fact that Romney’s anti-Trump manifesto was either a declaration of his intentions to challenge Trump in 2020, or his plans to support whoever jumps into the GOP primary against Trump.

Even though Romney denied he would run against Trump during a CNN interview, he has lied over the years about so many of his policy positions that his denial is impossible to take seriously.

The former two-time failed Presidential candidate also said he was open to supporting a candidate other than Trump in the 2020 GOP primary.

“I think it’s early to make that decision and I want to see what the alternatives are,” Romney said in a CNN interview with Jake Tapper.

Everyone expected verbal pyrotechnics from Trump in response.

But he offered a relatively muted comeback.

The President pointed out that Romney failed as a Presidential candidate and hoped Romney would support a conservative agenda and not turn into another RINO like former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.

“Here we go with Mitt Romney, but so fast! Question will be, is he a Flake? I hope not. Would much prefer that Mitt focus on Border Security and so many other things where he can be helpful. I won big, and he didn’t. He should be happy for all Republicans. Be a TEAM player & WIN!” Trump tweeted.

But the strongest response came from inside Romney’s own house.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel – who is Romney’s niece – fired back at her uncle on social media.

McDaniel accused Romney of doing the Democrats and fake news media’s dirty work.

“POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7. For an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack @realdonaldtrump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive.”

Inside-the-beltway pundits were stunned.

Amazingly, they cast McDaniel – who defended her party’s President – as the disloyal figure, while they hailed Romney as the principled statesmen for trying to sabotage the will of the American people.

Romney badly miscalculated his op-ed.

Instead of rallying Republicans to rise up against the President, rank-and-file GOP voters saw Romney as a phony opportunist whose first act in the Senate was one of extreme disloyalty.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



30 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Awful Plan To Betray Trump Was Shut Down By This Unexpected Person

  1. Carol Farmer

    Romney is a RINO trying to curry favor with the Democrats. He won’t get my vote. Look at his track record…

  2. Barb P

    Romney-Another obstructionist (RINO). Thank you, Ronna McDaniel for defense of POTUS. Trump ran because he could see the direction our great nation was going and it wasn’t a good one. I applaud his effort and pray GOD will keep him safe.

  3. Sharon Chesher

    Romney will realize he now will be called “FLAKE” for the rest of his political
    career, and he will NEVER win another election!! MAGA PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  4. Hope

    God Bless Ronna McDaniel for standing up for what’s right! Mitt Romney has some sort of inflated opinion of himself – just like Ryan, Flake, McCain, and the other blowhards who have proven they have absolutely no desire to do what’s right for the people of the United States. They only want to do what’s best for their own power, greed, and that of their donors. Go away and stay away. Utah must have a serious lack of good candidates to vote a multi-time loser like Romney in again.

  5. Not So Fast

    Another one like McCain seething with jealousy that a businessman would accomplish what two career politicians could not…Gain the keys to the White House:)

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      They said McCain was a hero but I think he was a man who betrayed our people who voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP AND MOST OF US.

      1. Shelba Herring

        McCain was no hero if you could get his actual military record instead of the polished one done by his admiral father and the sentiment of the navy for his admiral grandfather the entire US would despise john McCain the phony hero

  6. John Bush

    Mitt, you may have a chance to be nominated as a Democrat, but never as a Republican. Even that will not get you elected POTUS.

  7. Jon

    Mitt Romney is another Flake. The voters overwhelmingly elected Trump and he still won even though the democrats cheated with the voting machines, voted multiple times, voted using dead peoples names, and illegally instigated non citizens to commit a crime and vote anyway. So RINO globalist Romney is trashing the American voters when he trashes Trump. We didn’t vote for Romney to run the country, the voters are happy with the way Trump is running things and Romney should be honest and register as another treasonous socialist democrat who wants to throw the citizens under the bus in exchange for millions of radical illegal aliens to turn our country into a third world country. Either way I don’t believe he has a chance of becoming President in 2020. Republican voters recognize him as the phony that he is.

  8. Arcturus6

    In 2012 I voted for Romney, not out of enthusiasm but dilemma, against Barack Obama. That I despised Obama enough to vote for Romney was my basic motivation. But now, I see Romney as nothing more than a pathetic establishment political parasite whose allegiance is not to the American People; but rather to the globalist/elitist parasites who want to bring this nation into a world collective oppressed by a world ruling elite (United Nations, at al). Individuals such as Flake, Romney, McCain, Murkowski, are nothing more (as I see the) but closet Democrats posing as Republicans. In other words, they are or were FRAUDS.

  9. Robert Stovall

    Romney is another Democrat wearing a Republican coat just like McCain did. He doesn’t have the balls to be a President anyway! When Obummer beat him in PHONY FIXED VOTING SCHEME,HE TUCKED HIS TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS AND SLINKED OFF.

    1. Brad Fisher

      If Romney thinks he is such a good christian….he needs to examine his own heart and motive. Why do what he just did and he hasn’t even been sworn in as senator from Utah. Orin Hatch will be shaking his head with this moron is town.

  10. Robert Walters

    Matt “The Flake” Romney” outed himself as the back stabbing RINO, POS he is. He might as well resign now. The People of Utah and America will never forgive him. Call for this RINO to resign now or start Impeachment Action for the charge of Sedition.

    1. Brad Fisher

      That’s just why I said in an earlier comment. The state of Utah heeds to recall the idiot and send him packing.

    2. Brainiac

      Trump and Company should go all out to force Utah to recall this bungling POS and maybe we could put him one the first Settlers on the Moon with co-passengers Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Feinstien,Meuller and 1000 others to be selected later, all on a one-way ticket of course.

  11. Brad Fisher

    Romney is a self-serving moron and should vacate his seat in the Senate as soon as possible so there can be a bye-election for the Utah seat by someone who has backbone and will not be some stupid RINO FLAKE!!!! I knew before he even one the seat (barely by the seat of his pants) that he would be no good.

  12. Bill

    Senator Romney must recognize that the Democrat Party is infested by a movement to destroy our constitutional government. Only the election of President Trump stalled this movement from the Obama administration to further growth under another Democrat administration. Republican congressmen and senators better support the President or they will be empowering the Democrat movement of “ends justify the means” to replace our constitutional protections with autocratic rule.

  13. Shelba Herring

    Knew it was a mistake for the president to endorse romney, leopards don’t change their spots and neither does romney change his RINO ways, thank you Ronna for calling your uncle out on his attitude hope it does some good, if he allies with the president they can get a lot of good things done for the US

  14. ken e

    Romney is not a man, he’s a greedy little rich boy who will lie, cheat, and cry if things aren’t going his way. He is another Jeff Flake and the (other closet democrat) John McCain who tries to put themselves above the Party. Disgusting!!!

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