More Refugee Violence As Afghani Teen Arrested For Rape/ Murder Of EU Official’s Daughter

A teenage Afghan refugee seeking asylum in the city of Freiburg, Germany has been arrested for raping and drowning the 19-year old daughter of a senior official from the European Union this past October.

Maria Ladenburger was cycling home from a party at her university in Freiburg, where she was a medical student, when she was attacked, raped, and drowned by the 17-year old refugee.

Her father, Clemens Ladenburger, is a senior official for the European Union stationed in Brussels.

The Daily Caller reports:

Ladenburger’s father, Clemens Ladenburger, is a senior European Union official in Brussels.


The news of the arrest has sparked anger on social media. Germans have issued an ironic “thank you” to Chancellor Angela Merkel for opening the door to refugees in 2015.

Her body was discovered in the Dreisam River on October 17th. With the arrest of her murderer, the family finally has some closure in the horrific loss of their daughter.

The Daily Caller reports:

The 17-year-old migrant was arrested Friday after he was identified by CCTV footage and his DNA was matched to the crime scene. The suspect, who arrived in Germany in 2015, has remained silent during interrogations.

The murder of Maria Ladenburger had struck an already on-edge community in Germany.

With the open-border policy enacted in Germany in the summer of 2015, the country has had no less than three terrorist-organized attacks, as well as many other individual attacks.

The Daily Caller reports:

When Germans opened their arms to refugees last year, videos of the welcome went viral and Merkel met with universal praise among western media and pundits. But Germans are now wondering why there isn’t a better plan in place to deal with the economic and security consequences of the decision. The sheer number of migrants has created a vetting backlog, and in reality it’s impossible to really vet many of them.


Some of these migrants pose “a considerable danger for internal security,” German member of Parliament Wolfgang Bosbach said Monday, according to WaPo.

Similarly in America, with the increase of refugees and so- called “sanctuary cities”, came an increase in violence and deaths as well.

From the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, to the organized plane crash in Connecticut by a refugee student, there is no doubt violence has increased significantly since open border policies have been enacted.

Germany as a whole is grieving the many losses that have come as a result of refugee and terrorist violence.

The Daily Caller reports:

The murder struck an already on-edge Germany after a similar incident took place two weeks later. A 27-year-old jogger was found dead Nov. 10 in the nearby Endingen forest. An autopsy revealed the victim had also been raped before getting killed, but investigators have not found any connection between the cases, The Local reports.

The senseless violence that occurs as a result of having open borders must be stopped.

President-elect Donald Trump ran – and won – on a platform of closed borders and reformed immigration systems, something this country (and many others) desperately need.

Do you think Germany should close their borders once more?

What are your thoughts on the immigration policies in America as of now?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Jay Crossbow

    The Germans need to retake their country or more Maria’s will be raped and killed by these scum from the middle east and africa. Who aren’t capable of living in a civilized society. And Merkel and those that supported this insanity need held accountable and put on trial for crimes against the German people. While the scum need to be either deported or killed. And of course the one that did this horrible disgusting rape/murder needs killed.

  • lorenz genovich

    One must be really stupid to mess around with the Germans…if these kind of crimes keep on happening they might very well resort to wearing brown shirts and kindling up their ovens. They still have Huns genes in their DNA, just stoke them at your own peril..remember that Beethoven 9th symphony to men brotherhood was written 100 years before Hitler…