Mounting Scandals by Clinton May Receive Presidential Pardon

13-9-artcile1Over the course of the entire Presidential election process, Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation have been under investigation for acts such as bribery, possible connections to murders, email hacks and security breaches, and treason.

Yet, Clinton is still neck in neck with the Republican nominee Donald Trump, despite all her misconducts. To gain an advantage against Trump in the election, Obama is considering pardoning Clinton for all the allegations brought against her.

The Democrat Party believes the pardon will give Clinton a better standing against Trump, and urges many to consider the fact that the crimes were not committed while in office.

The FBI has launched several investigations against Clinton, with many leading to dead ends or suspiciously closed. FBI Director James Comey seems unconcerned with continuing investigations which come too close to the former Secretary of State, and with many new Democrat justices and judges being appointed by Obama, there is a heavy bias in Clinton’s favor.

Despite the incriminating evidence against her and her foundation, Clinton denies all allegations. From bribery to emailing private State Department secrets on her Blackberry, it’s no wonder the candidate is still in the running.

The Clinton Foundation has been under heavy investigation for bribery, yet Clinton’s email scandal and the Benghazi affair seem to be less important to the FBI prosecutors.

Regardless of whether she is pardoned or not, it is still likely she may be prosecuted for perjury, even if she is elected into office. Clinton destroyed federal records and threatened national security by sending emails on her private server, and even a President doesn’t have immunity from criminal prosecution for previous crimes.

“{It’s} Not a good way to start in office…the point is that revelations can, and do, happen after election day,” Joel B. Pollack stated in an editorial for Breitbart News.

Furthermore, the Presidential candidate has already had enough accusations to technically be impeached – begging the question, why would the United States elect an already obviously corrupt President?

“Theoretically, if Clinton is charged with crimes relating to her e-mail server, or the Clinton Foundation, or the Benghazi cover- up, she could be impeached, though it would be unlikely, given the political risk. Article II, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution provides for impeachment for ‘Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” Joel B. Pollack also stated in his editorial for Breitbart News.

Considering her husband Bill Clinton was already impeached while he was in office, Clinton should be fearful for that kind of repercussion. Her presidency would start under a cloud of suspicion and her power would be superficial at best.

The Democrat Party has called for a full Presidential Pardon in order to gain back some legitimacy to the Clinton name. If Obama pardoned Clinton, it would certainly give her better standing against Trump in the election.

The only question is why would anyone want to elect a President who needed a full pardon before actually being elected?

What are your thoughts? Should Clinton be pardoned as she did not commit the acts of treason and bribery while in office? Or should she be indicted for her crimes like anyone else already would have been in this situation?

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