Muslim Bomber Sues Police For Racial Profiling

Muslim terrorists are now suing law enforcement officers and accusing officers of “profiling” them simply because they are Muslim.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the Muslim terrorist who planted bombs and wreaked havoc across the streets of New York and the Jersey Shore, had earlier claimed he was profiled and discriminated against by police for being Muslim.

This is the same guy who also pulled out a handgun and started shooting at police when they went to arrest him, injuring multiple officers after they identified him as the bombing suspect.

Rahami was charged with five counts of attempted murder of police officers and currently has a bail of $5.2 million. Although he has not yet faced charges regarding the bombing, he could end up with both state and federal charges for terrorism, which would lock him up for life.

Ironically, just years earlier, Rahami and his family actually sued their local law enforcement for “racial profiling”, claiming the police had used “selective enforcement” because they were Muslim.

Rahami’s family had owned a local restaurant, and said police officers continually harassed them and would force them to close early.

The Daily Mail reports:

“The lawsuit says that the police had a ‘reckless disregard and deliberate indifference for plaintiff’s constitutional rights of liberty, due process and equal protection’.


The Elizabeth police department allegedly ’embarked on a course to harass, humiliate, retaliate against and force their business to close at 10pm’.


The lawsuit claims that the officers told them there was ‘too much crime around here’ and that the area around the restaurant was ‘known for criminal activity’.”

But in speaking with the locals, the Daily Mail reports the Rahami’s family run restaurant often stayed open until the wee hours of the morning, and criminal activity was apparent.

In fact, BBC reports Rahami’s brother had gotten into a fight with a police officer, but fled to Afghanistan to avoid charges or prosecution.

When speaking with Rahami’s childhood friend, it appears Rahami took a “life-changing” trip to Afghanistan and never returned the same.

The Boston Herald reports:

“At one point he left to go to Afghanistan, and two years ago he came back, popped up out of nowhere and he was real religious,” friend Flee Jones, 27, said of suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami. “And it was shocking. I’m trying to understand what’s going on. I’ve never seen him like this.”

The Rahami family also claimed locals rallied together and said “Muslims don’t belong here”.

But with the shady criminal record of the Rahami family, and now with the act of terrorism committed in New York and New Jersey, it looks like the New Jersey residents were doing the right thing to report suspicious activity.

Do you think Rahami should have sued police for allegedly “discriminating” against him for being Muslim? Or, given the past track-record of the Rahami family, the police were simply doing their job?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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