Muslim Kills Pregnant Woman with Machete

Germany has suffered its third Islamic terrorist attack in the last week.

Coming just days after the Munich shooting, a Syrian Islamic “refugee” has attacked pedestrians on a German street with a machete.

The UK’s Mirror reports:

A pregnant woman is dead and at least two others are injured after a machete-wielding Syrian refugee allegedly attacked passersby on a German street.


The 21-year-old randomly hacked at terrified members of the public with the 12-inch blade in the city of Reutlingen this afternoon, it is reported.


An eyewitness told Bild the suspect appeared “completely out of his mind” and even ran behind a police car as he targeted passersby. “Someone driving a BMW then accelerated and ran him over. He lay on the ground and did not move,” they said.

Beyond basic Islamic animosity towards western culture, police have not identified a motive for the deranged attack.

The attacker appeared to be focused on the pregnant woman, who died from her wounds.

The assault is said to have taken place near a kabob stand, a dish traditionally associated with the Middle East.   It is still unclear if this ethnic restaurant played any role in the attack, but the slain woman is thought to have been an employee there.

Some witnesses say the attacker began accosting the woman, which led to a heated argument between them.

News reports describe his weapon as a 12-inch blade, or alternatively, as a machete.

It is not clear how the Syrian man was concealing the weapon, but he must have been carrying it at the time the argument developed between him and the mother-to-be.

After killing the woman, the assailant turned his blade on other nearby pedestrians.

He wounded at least two others. Pedestrians are said to have fled from him as he wildly lunged and swung at anyone in sight. At one point, he retreated behind a parked police car.

His attack came to a sudden end when the driver of a passing BMW is reported to have ploughed into him. It is believed the driver acted intentionally and bravely to stop the attack.

The attacker remained motionless after being hit by the car, and was arrested by police without resistance.

While the nature and method of the attack do indicate the assailant was motivated by radical Islam, police report there are no known ties to established terrorism so far. He has not been linked to ISIS or Al-Qaeda; and neither have taken credit for the attack.

As is becoming an all-too-familiar pattern, the attacker was known to police over previous criminal incidents in which he caused injury to other people. This was also reported of the terrorist behind the Nice “truck attack” and the Muslim who stabbed a French woman and her three daughters.

It’s believed he acted alone, without any collaborators.

Germany suffered a similar attack the previous Monday, when an Afghan refugee attacked train passengers with an axe.

And the whole world watched just two days prior, when the German city of Munich was under siege by an Islamic gunman. In that attack, an 18-year-old Muslim used a firearm to kill nine people and wound more than 30 others in a shopping mall complex.

Opponents of the “Syrian Refugee Program” have pointed out that with the nation of Syria in chaos, there is zero ability for European, United Nations, or U.S. agencies to properly screen or vet the flood of (mostly male) Syrian refugees.

It’s been widely thought that Syrian men bent on violence against the West are using the refugee program as cover to infiltrate western countries — whether connected to ISIS or not.

President Obama has recently increased the rate of Syrian “refugee” resettlement in the U.S., and cut the screening period from 24 months to 3 months.