Muslim Refugees, Coming To A Town Near You

News is pouring in about the rapes and attacks by Muslim refugees in the United States and Europe.

But despite the reports, Barack Obama ramped up the Syrian refugee program by crossing the 6,000 mark that he was required to hit — a promise he made to the United Nations.

According to a new report by,

“(of) 6,227 total, only 23 have been Christian and 10 Yazidi. All the of the remaining 6,194 Syrians, more than 99 percent, entering the U.S. as “refugees” have been Sunni Muslim. That’s the same sect that makes up the ranks of ISIS, al-Nusra Front and other groups that are viciously persecuting Christians in Syria.”

How does this affect you?  Well, they may be coming to your state.

Michigan, California, Texas, Illinois and Arizona have received most of the Syrian refugees thus far.  But if you’re in Wyoming, you’ll be safe, because Wyoming is the only state that does not participate in the federal refugee program.

So far, 12 states have not received any Muslim refugees, including Alaska, Alabama, Delaware, Arkansas, Mississippi, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Also, add to that list the District of Columbia.  Wait, doesn’t that hypocrite, President Obama and his family, reside in D.C.?  That’s convenient, huh?  In fact, a study by Business Insider in 2013 ranked the District of Columbia as the most liberal part of the U.S., so why don’t they just own up to their image and take all the refugees?

If you thought that was the worst of it, you were wrong. also reports that,

“The 10,000 Syrian refugees coming in fiscal 2016 are in addition to the 75,000 refugees being delivered to U.S. cities and towns from all other countries. They come from Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Burma, Bosnia, Congo and many other countries. The refugee drop-offs are done in almost total secrecy, often without the knowledge of even the mayor or school superintendent.”

They’re coming, they’re dangerous and it’s only going to get worse.

Just last week, a 22-year-old Syrian refugee named Emad Hasso was caught groping a 13-year old girl at the Raymond Lord Memorial public pool in Massachusetts.  He claims that he just “bumped into the girl” and had not sexually assaulted her.  But if he wasn’t a problem, Judge Stacey Fortes wouldn’t have set his bail at $25,000 — in one of the most liberal states in the Union — now, would she?

They’re coming your way.  How do you feel knowing that they’re secretly being flooded into your community?

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