Muslims Demand Removal Facts From 9/11 Memorial Plaque

The Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier from Owego, New York is demanding to scrub the words “Islamic terrorists” from a 9/11 memorial for the victims who suffered during the tragedy.

The Islamic organization claims the term “Islamic terrorists” is an incendiary term that will inflate hate crimes and animosity against the Muslim religion.  The group asked if the term could instead be changed to just “terrorists” or “al-Qaeda terrorists”.

The inscription of the memorial reads:

“On September 11, 2001 nineteen Islamic terrorists unsuspectedly boarded four airliners departing east coast airports to hijack the planes and carry out a series of coordinated attacks against the United States.


This is a tribute to all the lives lost that day and to the heroic sacrifice of all who rushed to help. As Americans, we honor their memory by living our lives in freedom. We will never forget.”

New York City officials were deeply offended by this “politically correct” request and are not enthusiastic about it.  Actually, the officials don’t plan on amending the wording on the plaque — ever.

A city manager from New York, Donald Castelluci said:

“They want us to change the word from ‘Islamic Terrorist’ to either ‘terrorist’ or ‘Al Qaeda terrorist.  I sent them back an email saying I disagreed with their premise 100 percent.”

Fortunately, Castelluci said he has zero intention of adhering to their demands.  Apparently, he doesn’t want to live in a “politically-correct world”.

He said he lives in a “historical fact world … whether it’s American, homegrown, Christianity, Islamic, you call it what it is. And we don’t whitewash things, especially here.”

Castelluci also argued that the memorial “is not about religion,” but simply acts to memorialize “one event on one day that killed more than 3,000 people.”

And the former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani—in office at the time of the terrorist attack—also found the organization’s assertion absolutely absurd.

Giuliani compared removing the term “Islamic terrorists” to also removing the term “mafia” from schoolbooks.

Rudy Giuliani said:

“My reaction to the Italian mafia was real simple: I’m Italian-American, I’m not embarrassed about them, I don’t belong to them.


I want nothing to do with them and they represent the bad part of my ethnic background.  Every ethnic background has a bad part. There’s a bad part to the Islamic religion.


The good part of the Islamic religion shouldn’t feel at all hurt by ‘Islamic terrorism.’ They should feel angry about it, they should feel like — maybe even stronger than I do — they should be wiped out.


I felt stronger, maybe people who weren’t Italian-American, the mafia should be wiped out.”

This is a strong and yet painfully accurate comparison to the issue at hand.

The painful truth is that the facts surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks are quite clear: Islamic radicals committed Jihad on American soil.

You could argue that if a group of Christians committed a similar terrorist attack, the same objections might be treated in the same vein.

But unless those so-called “terrorists” committed those acts in the name of their God – and in alliance with their religion — even for God AND country — then you can’t hold those two ideals in the same vein.

What do you think about the demands from this Islamic group?

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