NASA Scientist Debunks Claim That Global Warming Is “Settled Science”

If there’s one issue sticking out from the rest that uses fear and catastrophic “doomsday” predictions to push a political agenda, it’s global warming.

Despite the fact that meteorologists can only predict a ten day weather forecast with some certainty (they’re often wrong, mind you), many scientists who contend global warming is – at best – a theory and not a science, are harassed and shamed by the liberal media.

Enter Dr. Roy Spencer.

Dr. Spencer is a former NSA scientist who has bravely decided to stand up for science and speak out against those who ignore contradictory evidence of the relationship between CO2 emissions and global warming.

Writing for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Spencer says the science behind global warming is far from becoming fact:

“Uncertainties in the adjustments to our global temperature datasets, the small amount of warming those datasets have measured compared to what climate models expect, and uncertainties over the possible role of Mother Nature in recent warming, all combine to make climate change beliefs as much faith-based as science-based.”

Spencer’s point is that global warming scientists are using one hundred years worth of collected data which show small changes in the global temperature to make end-of-the-world like predictions.  Most of those catastrophic predictions have never come to fruition in past years.

Moreover, the scientists fail to rule out how Mother Nature constantly changes, and fail to consider local climate changes that have nothing to do with a global warming.

Spencer went on to add that the biggest downfall of climate science is how the studies receive their funding – pointing out that the studies are influenced by the financiers who expect a particular result to match their political agenda.

“Until climate science is funded independent of desired energy policy outcomes, we can continue to expect climate research results to be heavily biased in the direction of catastrophic outcomes.”

He’s claiming the studies are funded by people who want to use the results to favor and propagate their leftist political agendas.

This is a bold move on Spencer’s behalf, considering how some leftists want to outlaw speech that challenges the global warming narrative.

But it makes sense.  Global climate change is a billion dollar industry.  There’s a lot of money to be made using doom-and-gloom headlines to scare the American public.

Do you think Dr. Spencer is right?  Let us know in the comments below.

  • longshorts

    Dr. Spencer is totally right, from the research that I have done – and I’ve done very much of it. From records available to me from the National Institute of Science and Technology, to the records of the National weather Service, global warming is a periodic NATURAL event that has happened repeatedly over recorded history. Even forensic archaeology has proven that climate change has happened before we even existed. All of you FOOLS that believe “climate change/global warming” is caused solely by man should go back to your planet of birth. Man is infinitely adaptable (that is why we have survived over the millennia), and we humans will adapt, and overcome this trouble in our future. You mental midgets should not believe everything you see and hear on the evil eye of “Television”.

    • Puddintain

      Television. = “The Idiot Box”.

      • antiliberal00

        Liberals = Idiots

        • Puddintain

          Idoits=Taking over the world

  • Palomar Jack

    Global cooling, global warming, home schooling, large soft drinks, fracking, guns, anti-left wing speach, people IQs above room temperature… my gosh, (absolutely never, ever “my god”) how has the human race ever survived without some centralized government to take care of it.

    • longshorts

      IQ’s like house plants = liberals
      TV = “boob tube” or “lidless eye”, once known as the “miracle of modern technology”, now known as the liberal “babysitter”. What a waste of time. Doesn’t anybody read a real paper book anymore? The hell with these “tablets” and such junk.

      • mikel

        all you have to do is turn on the kardashians for 20 seconds and you can see how the next generation is in real trouble. blubbering idiots. lol

  • Latent

    Of course Spencer is correct, it was obvious from the minute ‘they’ changed global warming to climate change and the lying scum fudging the figures were caught out.