National Anthem Protests Could Cost The NFL HOW MUCH?!

TV ratings data have the NFL looking at massive losses

The NFL started the season believing that their fans’ anger over players protesting the national anthem would quickly be forgotten.

But much like the Cleveland Browns’ playoff hopes, those notions were quickly dashed.

Four weeks into the season and the NFL is getting hit where it hurts most.

TV ratings.

“This season, network viewership is down about 10% from last season, according to Nielsen data, with steeper declines for prime-time games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “The drop has caught advertisers and rights holders off guard and left them scrambling to find a cause.”

Why are viewers refusing to tune in?

Because of Colin Kaepernick and the effort by liberals to politicize the games.

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that nearly one-third (32%) of American Adults say they are less likely to watch an NFL game because of the growing number of Black Lives Matter protests by players on the field,” the polling firm reports.

That’s significant.

The NFL had collected $7.3 billion in revenue in 2014.

That was a 21 percent increase over the previous year.

The NFL was still 32 teams playing in 70,000-100,000 seat stadiums.

And the one thing that has accounted for the massive increase in NFL value and revenues?


In 2014 the NFL signed a new nine-year TV contract with Fox, NBC and CBS.  Along with their deal with ESPN, network broadcasts of games pay the league a stunning $5 billion a year.

DirecTV has a separate deal paying the NFL $1.25 billion a year.

The NFL inked the deal based on projections that TV viewership would continue to grow.

So that has the league in panic mode over this seasons 10 percent plunge in ratings.

At $6.25 billion a year, just a five percent loss in the value of its TV contracts adds up to $312,500,000 a year.

If the NFL had to sign another nine-year contract with only a five percent drop in value, the league would lose a total over $2.8 billion.

A $2.8 billion loss. All due to just a five percent dip.

TV ratings are currently down 10 percent.

So you can imagine how the NFL is panicking.

With more fans getting rid of cable and choosing to view clips of games on websites instead of sitting through a three-hour broadcast, the last thing the NFL can afford to do is alienate the fans who actually make the lucrative TV contracts possible.

If ratings continue to decline and the NFL is forced to re-balance its books, they may want to start by cutting Kaepernick and putting an end to activists using the massively profitable company to make political statements.



92 thoughts on “National Anthem Protests Could Cost The NFL HOW MUCH?!

  1. HLJ

    Hey, they’re just kids chasing a ball. Lets get back to some basic concerns. Way over valued lifestyles, while our children suffer from overexposure to violence and greed. Lets see what can happen, when patriotism and honor becomes more of what matters.

  2. desertcelt

    The NFL is the political arm of far left leaning ESPN. Turn off the TV and spend time with your kids. Hit the socialist bastards in the pocketbook, by not buying jerseys and caps as well.

    1. daveveselenak

      Bingo! I had correctly asserted that the NFL, ESPN and the NBA have become an arm of our fascist regime. I had recommended long ago that the sheeple need to boycott these government controlled enterprises. They ought to support their high school football teams at a third of the cost and for a better cause. They could spend money on themselves by going out to eat and go bowling or biking, golf or tennis – that is real sports enthusiasts, not sitting on their fat-asses paying exorbitant prices to watch a bunch of over-paid pot smoking, cocaine sniffing, unpatriotic and women beating tattooed thugs! You are perceptive and I only wish that most of the electorate would wake up because our freedom is at stake! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! mInr, NSA!

      1. desertcelt

        Thanks for the compliment Dave. Bad conduct by NFL thugs is exactly what they want to spread among American youth. The sooner the socialist plutocrats can turn us into another Mexico, the more they can profit. The average American dolt cares more about his big screen TV, six pack and a bag of doritos than he does his freedom. I quit television long ago, deciding I didn’t want an open sewer pipe running into my living room. Trained my daughter well, with time spent at the reloading bench and becoming marksmen. We get our news from conservative websites rather than the NYC Marxist media complex.

        1. daveveselenak

          Where are all the real men, this NFL commissioner and the punk-ass FBI director Commey would have our forefathers rolling over in their graves at these two, among a nation of others, that have acquiesced to these NWO evil bastards that are hell-bound and hell-bent on making slaves of all of “US”! Godspeed to you and your family, the fun has just begun!

    2. Daniel Spickard

      Let’s see how far those far left leaning media get now that Conservatives have control of the government! Most of the state governments today are Republican run!

    1. craig

      U r right and because they have shown themselves to be the Obamabot/CrooKilary Idiots that they are, they won’t get ONE DOLLAR from me again!!!!!

      1. Bama Bill

        Why do men that “Play Ball” for millions a year need the union to see they are not abused? If you pay millions a year to someone, are you going to treat them badly? Private team jets with individual seats far apart. Many attendants to pamper them, team doctors and such to keep them in great condition. Unions just see they get “Mo Money”, so the unions take a bigger “Cut”!
        Visit the VA sometime, and see how terribly hard they DON’T work! When I go there they do so little it is hard to say they “Work”.
        Unions need to be “Outlawed”!

          1. Bama Bill

            I’ve been to several “Union Meetings”, AFL-CIO, Retail Clerks, same deal. When I say one word they do not like, it is “Master at Arms”!, throw him out of here! It as like a gang meeting, don’t raise your hand when they say “All in favor”, and you won’t be around very long.
            We had 40 states where “Manufacturing” was job one in 1990. This year only SIX, can you say, “Thanks unions”?
            The foreign cars would not have taken over had the unions not kept striking for higher wages. Which was really so the unions could get a bigger cut. In 1966 my new Mustang listed for $2,465, tell me what a new one is today?
            BTW, UAW factory workers are now making about $75/hr.

  3. David Stewart

    The player’s thuggish behavior off the field has increasingly offended me; this anti-American slap in the face was the straw that broke the camel’s back! No more NFL viewing!

  4. oat21

    The best news I’ve heard today, let’s continue to boycott the NFL and the player teams who won’t honor our National Anthem, our military, our flag or our country.

  5. Michael Noone

    I had to stop watching ESPN commentators when they got political, now I can’t watch the games without some entitled punk athlete shoving his grievance in my face. SHUT UP AND DANCE, DAMMIT!

  6. Michael Noone

    I got an email recently that quoted Jerry Jones as saying that any of this nonsense will result in an immediate firing, including players, coaches, support staff. Can anyone confirm this, ’cause I’d hate to have to become a Cowboy fan if it’s false!

    1. Donaldo

      Yes, I heard this also about 3 weeks ago when that other punk Goddell said the Cowboys could not wear a decal on their helmet honoring the 5 murdered Dallas policemen. Said it was too controversial. Krapperneck socks with pigs in police uniforms is not controversial?????? Goddell is a scumbag !

    2. desertcelt

      Jerry Jones did tell them it was his property and organization and that there would be no dissing the flag and anthem. I don’t watch the NFL because of Goodell and ESPN, but I’m hoping the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.

  7. Richard Bagenstose

    it’s a sport , it’s all rigged , the players get paid to much , and then you have a few really good players , that the other teams don’t stand a chance against you get better foot ball by going to the pee wee league

  8. Jim Kellely

    I’ve watched my last NFL game (tv at least). The total disrespect to the American Flag and Veterans that so proudly sacraficed, was the straw. The NFL is close to 100% black and i’m sick of watching a bunch of “Thugs” dictate to America the hate felt throughout the league. NO MORE from this boy! I’m done with the NFL and all it stands for. Time for all the “Boys” to find another job. I can only hope and pray the rest of America wakes up. God Bless America!

  9. dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    The problem rests more with Roger Goodell than with the few ignorant players, If the league were to fine the b’tards for ugly conduct, the problem would be solved quickly.

    1. YJ77

      Needs to be 1/2 their salary for each failure to stand & salute properly for The National Anthem. It would only take one weekend for the whole problem to be solved.

        1. astrc

          And “Kick them out of the game/off the team”. they should “Look at the NAS Car race drivers & “Fans” that stand in support of “OUR” Flag & Service members, (Veterans) for providing them with a “Place” to exercise their, “Live out their Dreams” … Tell these Anti-Americans -“Flag hating”
          fagots to, “Get the hell out of OUR country if they feel it’s so bad.. IGNORANT BASTARDS, & for the RECORD, “guess who MOST of them are”? (BLACKS,) supporters of, so-called Rev. “AL SHARPTON” & HIS “White hating races
          comments, and supporting ONLY the, ‘BLAVK LIVES MATTER”, instead of “ALL” LIVES MATTER…
          I was born & raised in the Seattle area, and had “black friends” all my life, (in Hi School, in the NAVY, & in my Law Enforcement career, and as a TEAMSTER Business Rep.
          (giving them the “SAME”. FAIR & HONEST representation as any other member. So “Get the hell off you HATE

        2. Daniel Spickard

          If they can’t stand for the national anthem, they should be fired, and not be allowed to play ball professionally ever again! Let’s see how they like it when they don’t get that cushy pay check anymore! I bet that BLM goes away really quick!

      1. craig

        Oh but the DEMORATS and DEMOCROOKS would have FITS if that happened and barry/CrooKilary, Lor would want them in prison for that! TRUMP 2016!! so he can Purge the DEMORATS and DEMOCROOKS from office!!

      2. Bama Bill

        Still won’t make them a “Patriotic American Citizen”. And the union or league will just make more money. Most Muslims will NEVER assimilate, I have worked with them and the only thing “American” they like is some shapely lady wearing a short skirt and spike heels. Which they call “Come F___ Me” shoes! This was said by a Muslim co-worker while walking in Toronto at lunch time! You know they roam the streets in gangs looking for women they say are looking to be raped? Taharrush is noted in Egypt as a kind of “lighter sexual abuse or gang rape”

    2. Donaldo

      Glad to see these comments. As an old goat that has attended games and watched Sunday’s, Monday’s and Thursday’s faithfully, I can honestly say I haven’t watched a game this year and don’t intend to. Thought I might be alone, but guess not. Can someone that has watched please tell me who the main advertisers are so I can remember not to buy their crap.

      1. Bama Bill

        Well, here is the “Truth”. The NFL and all “Pro Sports” are “Unionized”. Now these players make millions a year, and are pampered far more than any other union members. Why, cause the union gets “Their cut” of the millions. Who do the unions support? You know, those “Democrats”. Why do tickets to a baseball game in Atlanta cost so much? Used to go and get four tickets and parking for $30 back in 1978. And a beer is $6! All advertisers and the networks all get their “Piece of the Pie”. That’s why. I watch college girls softball now, lots of action, and good sportsmanship.
        Pro baseball, fall asleep watching a “No hitter”. The unions are why the foreign cars took over. My 1968 “Special Order” Ford Mustang listed for $3,065. Today a V8 Mustang stickers for $32,000! At that rate in another 50 years the sticker will be about $350,000! How’s that for “Sticker SHOCK”!

      2. jwood1952

        You are not alone Donaldo, and I bet the impact is far greater than they will say. I get all the football I want on Sat’s. And if the Univ and colleges don’t straighten out all their political crap they’ll be next. I can’t wait for the Super Bowl….NFL will take a bath…..

  10. axmickl

    I haven’t watched a pro football game since the protest crap started. I even cut way back on the college games I watch.

  11. Sharon Jeanguenat

    The NFL is too stupid to realize what the cause of the drop is. Or, they’re refusing to acknowledge it. If the players keep taking the knee, or sitting out, the Anthem, it’s going to get worse. I just read about a high school team that decided to do the knee thing. Boy, did THEY get hit! The high school fired the coach, & disbanded the team members. So, I guess they won’t be taking the knee during the Anthem anytime soon, since they aren’t getting to play!

  12. Bama Bill

    I do NOT support any “Unionized” organization. The unions and the Democrats are a team, BIG LEAGUE! Look what unions have done. 1966 a new Mustang listed for $2,465, I could pay for it in less than six months take home pay at $3.00/hr. Gross was $120, take home $111. $9 a week in taxes!
    Can you pay for a 2016 Mustang in six months, what it lists for $32,000? And in 1990 manufacturing was #1 in 40 states, now only in six states. Go Union, to HELL!

    1. TK

      Most of those increased car costs are from three things;
      * Cost of living increases due to inflation. Inflation causes every component, manufacturing and installation costs to increase.
      * Safety requirements demanded by government since people would not pay for additional safety.
      * EPA requirements for pollution requirements and efficiency demands. Yearly demand increases cause very expensive yearly redesigns.
      A large part of worker increased salaries is because of cost of living allowances which rarely match insurance.
      On top of these additional workhour costs are the yearly salary increases.
      So long as Unions strictly serve as representative of employees, I’m fine with unions.
      But Unions have far transgressed their functions several decades ago. Now they are middlemen for insurance, political, education, etc. requirements. These additional roles have turned Unions from representing workers to being infestations of socialism that require cleansing.
      Along with cleansing the EPA and Consumer Safety Board.

  13. Brenda Comer Stotts

    I will not watch and remind my friends not to watch any NFL game on TV. I think it is disgraceful to Patriotism and this Country! And NFL does seem selective in their political views…

  14. Wilbor Gavin

    Very good srticle, the protest will expand if these anti American, anti white , anti military and police and anti family antics continue with these liberal, useless ungrateful, black lives matter thugs continue to control the NFL and continue to disrespect our country and flag.

  15. Rap Scallion

    Screw YOU Goodell…..The National Felon League can KMY! I have lost ALL interest in pro football, a waste of time……cry babies who cannot play try to demean our national anthem……..NFL…..I can live without it!

  16. Daniel

    I used watched NFL games, one or two games a week, but I refuse to watch/support ANY sport that its players do not support our country. No, our country isn’t perfect but it has given these players the opportunity to earn MILLIONS of dollars that the average fan will never, ever see in their lifetime.

  17. Tom George

    Played the game as a youngster, have followed it and watched as oft as possible. No more. Haven’t watched a single second of any game this season, and I won’t as long as the idiot commissioner and the team owners allow their “employees” to ruin the entertainment I used to enjoy. I do not even watch the scoreboard shows, nor read sports page items regarding anything NFL. This whole black lives matter nonsense is based on lies! These idiot players do indeed have the right to protest, no matter how stupid their cause. They are protesting on their employers time, and in the “real” world would be fired in an instant! When the money dries up, the dumb-ass owners may wise up. If not, the league will at least shrink, maybe disappear. I no longer care. Live in Michigan, grew up in Pa. and have no idea how either the Lions or Steelers are doing. At 69yrs old, this Viet vet has moved on.

  18. Bama Bill

    I have not supported the “Pro Sports” for decades. WHY? Because I am “NON UNION”. I worked as a union member for Retail Clerks, and AFL-CIO. Attended meetings, and was usually told, “You are out of order, shut up and sit down”. Followed by, “Master at Arms, throw that son-of-a-bitch out”! You sit there, keep quiet, or you get the “Home Run” hit to the back of your head! It is nothing but the Mafia “Gone Legit”. Union takes their dues out of their check, then gives you your share. Unions send the money to the Dems, where they get most of their money.
    Dems see that unions get all government contracts. Round and round we go, where do we stop, giving money to the unions!

  19. SSQUIRE78

    The NFL Owners are selling what is called a product and that is entertainment it is like any other business you are playing the game for an owner therefore you will abide by his wishes. If you do not want to be part of a longtime tradition and stand on your own two feet when the National Anthem is played the stay in the locker room until it is over. You assholes owe your very existence to the very Country that you are belittling by not giving heartfelt thanks to all who have sacrificed so much for you to act like a SPOILED RICH BRATS THAT YOU ARE, Leave it in the locker room you jerks. To the OWNERS, YOU PAY THESE ASSHOLES What a bunch of ingrates, make it mandatory to stand when the National Anthem is played. I have no problems with their right to refuse standing but they need to stay out of sight leave them in the locker room.

  20. Frank

    Goodell and the entire front office should be fired! That said, any of these players that don’t realize what this country has done for them, should be heavily fined for their ignorant antics!

  21. Ollie Octopus

    Football has now come down to my black thugs playing your black thugs. I refuse to go to the games and stopped watching them on TV. It’s funny, but I don’t even miss it anymore. I will defend Colin Kaepernick and his buddies right to protest, but I have the right to vote with my feet and wallet. They will not get one cent from me.

    1. disqus_88kBbrGlEl

      If Colin wants to go to a baseball game and sit during the national anthems that’s his right. But when he puts on the teams jersey he is an EMPLOYEE and must act in accordance. People like Mark Cuban who agree with Colin for his first amendment rights are idiots. They are employees and if they ‘dance’ in the end zone after a touchdown they get fined. SO….the team does have a say in the behavior of the players.

      1. Ollie Octopus

        I agree that he is an employee, but he still has the right to protest. Just because he is an employee it does not mean he t loses his right to protest, but rather if he does he exposes himself to suffer the consequences.

  22. Lynn S.Pilcher

    The problem is more than just one item or one person. I found I was watching the games with the sound more on mute, so after a while I just quit watching the game all together. Now I don’t even think about watching a game. Additionally, I quit watching ESPN on AT&T U-verse, because it is so politically correct, women are trying to act like jocks and men trying to get in touch with their feminine side.

  23. Steven Parker

    I have not watched a game this year. I am a fan but not again till the NFL learns how they make their money and in what country.

  24. desertcelt

    Oh to have a commissioner like Pete Rozell, who didn’t put up with bad conduct from players. I won’t watch NFL football again until Goodell and BLM are removed.

  25. jerbok

    While I support everyone’s right to disagree, having a multi-million dollar privileged
    football player claiming to be oppressed or representing oppressed people seems phoney to me. Kapy is a has been quarterback that needed some publicity and the liberal news gave him what he wanted. I am also tired of multi-million dollar thugs grandstanding at every little play they are involved in. Keep turning off the TV America. Time to start turning off the liberal media as well. God bless Trump!

  26. JWPerlsen

    I agree with nearly all of the coments made here and I must say they are very well thought out. I do think that Mr. Goodell is very much influenced by the almighty dollar and the far leftist politacal views. After all, the political left is what sponsers his games. As a retired military person I am deplored by the way this country has acted, especially since the election. What really bothers me is the fact that the left won’t even listen to what is being said, they are like spoiled little children, not unlike our NFL players making a statement. I do believe in their right to make their statement but not in this venue. The same with tthe Hollywood libtards and the left leaning musicians. I fought for their right to feel that way, but I did not fight for them to throw temper tantrums and incite riots. To those that said they would leave the country, I knew you wouldn’t. No other country in the world would allow you to act as a spoiled child and say the derogatory things you have said without serious reprocussions. By those reprocussions I mean beatings, stonings, jail time, even death. So I say welcome back. Instead of being part of the problem we have going on now, why not be part of the solution. Help fix what is broken and quit bitching about it. As you celebs like to tell us peons “put your money where your mouth is; put up or shut up. As far as Mr. Goodell, you’d better get off your high horse and listen to the FANS.

  27. Brady

    I haven’t watched the Negro Felon League since the half black, very average, second string quarterback hit his knee the first time. When you add in all the other reasons the ostrich’s have been saying are the reasons people aren’t watching, I don’t see myself ever returning. Roger Goodell is a very incompetent individual. Loose 10% of a revenue stream in one year and then lie about why? Owners, or you all as incompetent as Roger?

  28. Oneirishman

    Yes I have stopped viewing NFL games because of the BLM protests. Further angering me is the NFL’s refusal to acknowledge these protests contributing to the drop in rating. I’ll never tune in, attend, watch a clip, buy merchandise of the NFL or ESPN until they get the hell out of politics/protests/PC social causes both in/around the field and commentary surrounding sport.

  29. cathylovesyou

    Stop College scholarships for Football. End building teaching hoods from playing professional Football. It is back to the 1950’s when we didn’t have these whiner’s stinking up the field as well as where people with manners go.
    Tennis anyone

  30. Thomas Goss

    SCREW the NFL and EVERY ONE of these ASSHOLES who disrespect our country and flag. I hope the NFL looses their shirt.

  31. astrc

    AND “those” NFL players who committed & supported this, “Un American protest”,
    (who are supposed to be “Roll Models” for our children, should “take a loss in their pay”. And the other true American players who believe in “OUR” Country & what “OUR” American Flag stands for, should “get a raise”… “IGNORANT PLAYERS”?
    “How & Why?” (did they “miss out” in our schools “teaching of U.S. History”, OR
    is it “Not being done” NOW?. Are the “Liberal” teachers “programing our young people’s “thinking”? ANTI-AMERICAN “Hate”?

  32. 2nd amendment vs evil govt

    hey these dummies can protest all they want……on their own time. stopped watching these morons 15 years ago…….because it became boring! rather go take my dogs for a long walk…..because Black Labs Matter! no nfl logo’s in my house. these dopes are just as bad as the CEO at Grubhub telling his employees who voted for President Trump to quit. as far as Barry giving crooked Hitlery a pardon…..thought only criminals needed pardons?

  33. youraway

    Nope – it’s the ignorant self centered players that has me “not” watching the NFL. I may watch a part of a game such as yesterday’s Dallas game, but I’d never watch a SF game, never.

  34. american121

    Down with all DemocRAT / Communists where ever they are and what ever game they may be playing.

    This is America and they will act as patriotic Americans or we will turn our backs to every enterprise exhibiting UnAmerican activities and turn there bottom line Red.

  35. ReaperHD

    I gave the NFL 3 games to stop this BS with the National Anthem and then CANCELED the NFL PACKAGE before the 4TH game and am watching less games than I ever did in past years.

  36. Dave Speicher

    I’ve probably watched a total of 5 quarters this entire season.. I did not renew my DirectTV NFL Package this year either.. do I miss football? Hell, yes! But, I’m more pissed off at the ignorant bastards with their misguided agendas, based on lies and misinformation. I hope the NFL realizes how many patriotic Americans there are and where the paychecks really come from. I also hope all Americans realize just what a great country we have and come to terms with the great divide we are suffering now!

    1. Bolt

      Dear Dave,

      I have watched not a second of NFL and may not ever watch again. NFL front office thinks this is a principled point to be made. Well, Americans have generally lived by principle and we will together teach a lesson about American principle.

      1. Dave Speicher

        I understand and you’re a stronger person than I.. LOL.
        I’ve loved football all my life, both as a player and a spectator.. Still I disapprove of the actions of a few players and the resistance of league officials to do anything about them.

        1. Bolt

          Dear Dave,

          I played 3 sports in high school, captained 2, including football and played Div 1 baseball at a “Public Ivy.” I think that I understand your love of the game. I am also a veteran.

          I have had it with those whose agenda includes denigrating the USA in every way they can. Real Americans better stand and be counted.

  37. Riley Ortiz

    Finally , make them understand what the National Anthem and the Flag stand for , they should be made to Honor our “Real” heroes , they’re just highly paid entertainers.Not “Heroes” , not just the NFL , but NBA as well , take it out of their pockets and use that money to help our Veterans.

  38. generalJed

    I will never watch ANY NFL games ever again, including the Superbowl. I’ve had it with the super-liberal goofballs running the league who are thinking that we will ignore what is being done to our country, just to watch their all-important games. My country is more important to me.

  39. Bama Bill

    I understand supporting your son’s team, O.K.? BUT, when some billionaire owns the team with your cities name, and the players are not even from your state??
    Sit on your butt and pay $6 for a beer or hot dog!
    I enjoyed watching the farm league “Toledo Mudd Hens” play at the LCRC. Could walk or drive and park free. When I lived in Peachtree City GA going to a Braves game was affordable. Today it would take my SS check to go 3 or 4 times!
    To HELL with the “Unionized Pro Sports”, I’d rather watch the local high school team.

  40. Howard A Milor Jr.

    If America just ONE would boycott just one game it would end so fast it would make your head spin!! This is a national disgrace!!!

  41. Daniel Spickard

    This is what happens when you let ungrateful idiots disgrace our great country with their temper tantrums! I think they should fire every last one of them just to make an example as to what not to do against those who were watching their games! Let’s keep up the pressure on those responsible!

  42. HMan570

    It is a problem today and only will get worse. The problem would would be solved if the owners would NOT FIND but fired them and see how fast these players would take a different look at their Country and who made them rich. It is our liberal politicians are just clowns making money to fill their pockets. FIRE THIS PLAYER/

  43. Swede

    Earlier this year the coach of the USA hockey team told his players, “if you sit for the national anthem, you sit for the entire game”. Sounds like a plan.

  44. Thomas Goss

    If these bastards won’t stand for our National Anthem, then I hope something happens to them ALL so they can NEVER stand for anything EVER again.SCREW them and the NFL.

  45. daveveselenak

    Way past time the sheeple start finding a back-bone! I stopped watching the fascist ESPN, NFL and NBA years ago because they had become nothing more tan propagandist arms of our Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his band of merry homo and lezbo commie minions! Spend the money on yourselves instead!

  46. stick

    The players get paid to entertain not to be postulating their personal grievances. The stadium is an entertainment arena not a political one. If they want to protest then they can sit out the game and not play.

  47. Jim Kellely

    It’s much more than just the lack of respect for our “Ntl Anthem”. Its a myrid of disrespect, battery, drugs, excessive drinking, murder and to be blunt ” bacically a Black mentality” that seems to rule the NFL. No Thanks! Havent viewed a game all year and WON’T. What pisses me off most is the NFL looks the other way! Look no further than you boy Ray Lewis. He should be in jail.

  48. Daniel

    I haven’t watched a single NFL game this year…the player’s salary is supported by the fans/tv viewers buying products advertised during games. You want to protest, do it on your own time.

  49. Karin Murray

    I cannot believe this disrespect for our Country. What these players seem to forget THIS country pays them big bucks to do what they love to do. I hardly think paying millions to one player is ridiculous!

    Just for the record, ALL Lives Matter. I would suggest these losers, go back to Africa, and collect their millions there! (Fat chance).

    Does the media show Black on White crimes, NO. Do they show Black on Black Crimes, NO.

    Because of Al Sharpton’s big mouth he keeps the race card on the table. ENOUGH. Show your respect to your country. When were these blacks ever in Africa? We are all Americans.

    If they keep it up, fine them, if they keep it up, then they miss a few games. Roger, Stand up and Take Control!

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