“Never Trump” GOP Establishment Insiders Beg Trump For Jobs

Throughout the entire presidential campaign, the “Never Trump” crowd has harassed and slung insults at Donald Trump.

The establishment politicians were sure the Republican Party was doomed if Trump ever became the nominee, and scoffed at the idea he would even make it to the Republican National Convention.

Mitt Romney called Trump a “phony” and Nikki Haley claimed she was “not a fan” of Trump because of his plan to ban Muslims from traveling.

But then Trump breezed his way through the Republican primary and became the GOP nominee.

However, many from the “Never Trump” crowd still arrogantly vowed to withhold financial support and endorsements from him, and many even worked against him.

But Trump pressed on.

He funded his own campaign, and ignited a wave of conservative support from grassroots activists all across the country.

And when he won on election night, he silenced his doubters and stunned the political establishment.

Even more so, his victory restored faith and hope to the millions of voters who elected him as America’s next president.

With Trump gearing to take over the White House, the GOP establishment is in panic mode, as they realize Trump has taken away their power.

Fortune reported:

“Dozens of Republican foreign policy experts, business leaders and elected officials broke party ranks to come out against Trump during the contentious presidential race. Now, they’re facing a difficult choice: Get on the Trump train or watch it leave from the station.


Look, he’s the president,” said Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, a Trump backer. “People are going to want to do everything they can to work closely with him.”

The establishment is at a loss for words, as the political elites and media pundits were convinced Trump would never make it.

Desperately trying to remain relevant and hold onto their status, many of the same GOP establishment officials who mocked Trump are now begging for a chance to work in his administration.

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin discussed the double-mindedness of the “Never Trump” crowd.

Breitbart reports:

“I think a lot of these unrepentant NeverTrumpers have, just like most of the establishment media, completely lost their perspective,” she said. “And so my general comment about this past year, and the cleavages between and among the different factions of the Right is, I never, never, never joined the NeverTrump movement. In fact, I distinctly recall when Rich Lowry of the National Review called me up to ask me if I would sign up for their big missive and declaration.”


“And now, look what all of those people are doing!” Malkin exclaimed. “Never? I have a very clear definition of what ‘never’ means. It means never. And now, many of these NeverTrumpers are asking for jobs in the administration. Ugh.”

As Malkin pointed out, “Never Trump” only mattered until Trump actually won.

With thousands of jobs to fill in the Trump administration, many GOP insiders continue to beg for a chance to work in the White House.

And as Fortune reported, many establishment officials are simply vying for jobs to advance their own personal careers.

Should Trump let the “Never Trump” crowd work for his administration?

Or, should he remind them “never” means never, and not allow them to serve?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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