New Emails Expose Clinton Pay-To-Play Scandal

Hillary Clinton’s corruption continues to be exposed.

WikiLeaks continues to release emails that expose shady dealings at the Clinton Foundation.

And this latest batch reveals a stunning $12 million pay-to-play arrangement with Morocco — that involved Hillary herself.

WikiLeaks — as well as the investigation into Hillary’s private email server — has pulled back the curtain on the Clinton Foundation.

The true story of the Clinton Foundation is that Bill and Hillary used it as a slush fund to peddle influence.

Donors were given special access to Hillary.

And countries were able to buy favorable treatment from Hillary’s State Department through massive donations to the foundation.

It’s why even newspapers like the Boston Globe have called for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down if Hillary wins.

But new emails expose how Hillary only agreed to speak on the Clinton Global Initiative in Morocco if that government donated $12 million to the foundation.

Fox News reports:

Just hours after Hillary Clinton dodged a question at the final presidential debate about charges of  “pay to play” at the Clinton Foundation, a new batch of WikiLeaks emails surfaced with stunning charges that the candidate herself was at the center of negotiating a $12 million commitment from King Mohammed VI of Morocco.


One of the more remarkable parts of the charge is that the allegation came from Clinton’s loyal aide, Huma Abedin, who described the connection in a January 2015 email exchange with two top advisers to the candidate, John Podesta and Robby Mook.


Abedin wrote that “this was HRC’s idea” for her to speak at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in Morocco in May 2015 as an explicit condition for the $12 million commitment from the king.


“She created this mess and she knows it,” Abedin wrote to Podesta and Mook.


The “mess” refers in part to the fact that the three Clinton advisers were discussing the possibility of the former Secretary of State pulling out of speaking at the May 2015 event because it was happening one month after the official launch of her presidential campaign and could raise more questions about her role at the foundation.

Other emails describe how it was Hillary’s idea to have the event in Morocco and that the Moroccan government only agreed to it on the condition of her participation.

During the final debate, Clinton was pressed on the pay-to-play scandal both by Donald Trump and moderator Chris Wallace.

Trump noted that Saudi Arabia and Qatar donated $25 million and $1 million respectively.

Both countries fund ISIS.

So what did they get for their money?

We know Hillary supported arms transfers to Saudi Arabia.

The same questions apply to the Clintons shaking down the Moroccan government for $12 million.

What special favors did they receive?

  • nicholsda

    HilLIARy corrupt, say it isn’t so. /sarc

  • Rich Olmsted

    fry the witch

  • David Stewart

    Got a giant laugh out of one of her smear ads; showed some guy in an alleged cold-war nuke launch room, saying “do you want Trump to have this much power?” If she gets the job, she’ll have the facility AND the codes sold to some Arab in twenty-four hours!

  • George

    The sad part of Hillary Clinton being so corrupt is that she just may win the Presidency and destroy America even worst then Obama has.