New Emails Prove Hillary Committed Perjury

Hillary Clinton can’t stop perjuring herself.

House Republicans have already documented four instances where Clinton lied under oath.

And she has just committed perjury for a fifth time.

Recently, a federal judge ordered Clinton to answer written questions from the watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the State Department.

One of the questions pertained to her conversations with IT specialist Brian Pagliano.

Pagliano was the staffer who set up her private server. But he repeatedly took the Fifth Amendment instead of answering questions about his role in her email scandal and received immunity from the FBI.

Clinton claimed in her answers that she did not have any recollection of talking to Pagliano about her server or managing her emails.

LawNewz reports:

One interrogatory sought information about “any communications between [Clinton] and Brian Pagliano concerning or relating to the management . . . of any emails in your email account.”


Clinton’s response to that interrogatory states, in part, “Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall having communications with Bryan Pagliano concerning or relating to the management . . . of any e-mails in her email account.”


After receiving Clinton’s sworn response, Judicial Watch received several emails that they say raises questions about Clinton’s response.


For example, one email, from the FBI, appears to show Hillary Clinton (H) reaching out to Pagliano via email to ask for help with programs she was having with her Blackberry email system  — which records show was connected to her private server.


“These new emails leave little doubt that Hillary Clinton was less than forthright and misled the public when she wrote, under oath, that she ‘couldn’t recall’ communicating with Bryan Pagliano about her email scheme,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement obtained by “No wonder Clinton and her agents deleted these emails time and time again. And these smoking gun emails would never have seen the light of day but for Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuits.” also asked Mr. Fitton if Judicial Watch planned to raise the apparent discrepancy in Clinton’s sworn answers to  interrogatories and the evidence in the newly uncovered emails next time they are before the Court.


Mr. Fitton did not offer any specifics, except to say, Judicial Watch “continue[s] to evaluate our next steps.”

You can add this lie to the pile of crimes committed by Hillary during her email scandal.

Critics contend an honest Justice Department and FBI would have prosecuted her.

But they have been subverted by Barack Obama to act as arms of the Democrat Party.

When Trump says the system is rigged, he’s referring to the institutions which are supposed to act on behalf of the American people – not selectively enforce the laws to benefit the powerful.

There is no clearer example of this than Hillary Clinton – who escaped all criminal charges for using a private email server to transmit classified intelligence and then repeatedly lied about it under oath.

Do you agree?

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18 thoughts on “New Emails Prove Hillary Committed Perjury

  1. Dennis Parker

    It sounds like the ammunition is building to impeach her, if she wins, for lieing under oath and interfering with a federal investigation. She Wins she loses, She loses,we win.

    1. Edouard d'Orange

      If she has the reins of power, she can stop any investigation. Do you think the spineless Congressional Republicans will do anything? The FBI is now a joke, no integrity there. Courts are packed with sympathetic judges, only to be more supine after more appointments. The attack dogs will be unleashed against any patriot or anyone raising a question with all means used- IRS, FBI, NSA and all the rest of the government. There is no justice.

      1. astrc

        It’s not just the “Spineless Republicans”, & “Sympathetic Judges”, it’s ALL of them, (Elected & Appointed Officials – both Demo &
        Republic, Senators & Congressmen – the So-Called JUSTICE SYSTEM employees, from the U.S. attorney general down, including the weak “FBI” leadership, (ALL) who “FAIL”, to apply the
        Constitutional Laws “EQUALLY” against those who OPENLY violate them. These “Political Correct” cover-up B.S. attempts to minimize these “Most Serious” of crimes is what is “Taking our COUNTRY down as OBAMA & H. CLINTON and those others CZARS within OUR government and put us under the, new “ONE WORLD ORDER”, (being under the Control of the U.N. and other foreign government control. WAKE UP “AMERICAN” citizens..

  2. David in Michigan

    Perhaps she isn’t lying: She really doesn’t remember any details of setting up her illegal server and e-mail system. Do you really want someone with such a poor memory to be the President?

    1. No-Mo-BO

      That has been my worry above all; We could still thrive with a president Pence, but we’re royally screwed with Biden’s long-lost twin: Kaine

    2. deer

      She told FBI investigator 39 times “I don’t remember”….either she has such a poor memory that makes her unfit for office or she was actually LYING…..

  3. Eldjr

    Unfortunately, the assertion of a ‘failure to recall’ is not – technically – perjury. It leaves room for appending or correcting testimony later found to be ‘inaccurate’ or er… inadequately candid. The people involved are practiced in the art of dissembling, or ‘artful falsehood or disinformation’ behind an aegis of ‘plausible deniability’.

    They’ve been at this game for years and it will take more than what has so far been sworn-to to nail them down: it will take someone from their inner circle to fall upon their sword; an act which would require a selflessness not typically found among Progressive operatives generally chosen for their abject lack of conscience and soulless loyalty to ‘the cause’.

    Good luck with that.

    1. astrc

      YOU are right, She/they are smart to use the so-called Legal “JUSTICE”
      system to their advantage, by stating, “I don’t recall”, skirting around the questions by our FBI interrogators, using the 5th Amendment & “I don’t recall”, PERJURY has to be a direct lie, and clearly documented.
      HOWEVER a Grand Jury is used by the Prosecutors when they fail to have an, “open & shut” case against a person, and present their “One sided” evidence to the members of a Grand Jury, and most of the time secure an Indictment against them. By present just what they believe or “Lie” about
      and than they can put the “Blame” on the Grand Jury if they loose.
      Another avenue they use to be “Politically Correct” & Cover-up their
      malfeasance of office,

  4. Christopher Vaughn

    30 years of rank corruption; the election of this idiot will also likely lead us into WWIII. That she lies constantly is a small thing compared to the idiocy of what she intends to do while in office. Trying to take down Assad will lead to war with Russia. She either does not care or is too stupid to realize there is a mutual defense treaty in place between Syria and Russia. Of course the generals have already warned Oblunder that any move against Assad will be seen as an attack against Russia. Otherwise it would already have happened.

    1. astrc

      That’s what OBAMA wants, to push us into, “Fighting in our streets”, he is Anti-American, and H. CLINTON is just another one of his “Cronies” (doing whatever he says or wants). She just a “follower”. Who wants to be the “FIRST” women President. A “Power ego Trip” .. WHY NOT?
      Good by to the AMERICAN DREAM, that so many came to OUR, country to find, and DID.. HOWEVER History is against the United States, and it is “coming down” , as had ALL other countries have in the past. (ROME, etc>)
      UNLESS, WE “ALL” wake up to the FACTS, (TRUTH) of what is really “going on”.

  5. Rich Olmsted

    Corrupt? Of course. Stupid? No doubt. And a third element: Brain so addled by disease and drug that it is incapable of critical thought. Sounds like a winner to me.

  6. Bama Bill

    Chicago gave us Alfonse Capone, Senator Blagoyavitch, and the “Mob”. Now that “Da Mafia” has gone “Legit” and is known as “Da Unions”, look how it works. Unions say “Your paycheck belongs to the Union”! They take their dues, and give the money to who? The Democrats! Who gets all government contracts? Only Union workers! Circular politics, like a “Wichita Merry Go Round”!
    Now maybe you understand how hilLIARy thinks? Another “Great Chicago Product”?

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