New Information Just Broke About Deadly Las Vegas Shooting

The deadliest mass shooting in American history occurred at the hands of a madman earlier this year.

Though preliminary findings showed the man to have little notice, new information was released that may give insight into his cruel behavior.

Most importantly, consulting law enforcement departments have recently expressed their doubt over whether the Las Vegas Police Department handled the case correctly—leaving many to wonder if there was further motive.

On January 18th, Clark County sheriff released a preliminary report on the ongoing case; despite claiming it was uncommon his department did so.

The Daily Caller reported:

In releasing the interim report Jan. 18, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo stressed it was not his department’s “standard practice” to release a report on an open case, but he “felt it was important” to release an “overview” due to the high number of victims in the Oct. 1 mass shootings when Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded more than 700.

Lombardo added that the department’s findings are “not intended to be a comprehensive and final account of the facts and evidence gathered.” A final report will be released, but no date has been set.

On the contrary, a Las Vegas officer assigned to the case told the Daily Caller the office had no other leads or information about the case to share—leading to more issues.

The Daily Caller continued:

Department (LVMPD) public information officer informed TheDCNF Jan. 30 that the department had no further information to provide about the shooting and refused to answer any of the questions submitted by TheDCNF in a Jan. 22 email.

“We are unable to answer any of your questions at this time,” Hadfield said.

However, the interim nature of the report did not satisfy veteran law enforcement and military experts contacted by TheDCNF.

“This report gives you more questions than it gives you more answers,” concluded Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI, in an interview with TheDCNF. “I’m just scratching my head.”

“Nearly four months after the massacre, the inquiry into the largest mass shooting in modern American history is still mired in questions,” CNN wrote after the release of the preliminary report,

But of much concern is the fact the Las Vegas Police Department refused to follow protocol and release the body for autopsy until earlier this week— further delaying the accrual of evidence.

The Daily Caller continued:

Overshadowing the Las Vegas report on the mass murder is Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg’s continuing defiance of a court order to release Paddock’s autopsy. A key missing element in the LVMPD report is its failure to include autopsy and toxicology reports. Two LVMPD detectives attended the actual autopsy.

TheDCNF reached out to three experts with law enforcement and military experience to review and assess the Las Vegas Police Department’s preliminary report into the shooting.

While the Las Vegas Police Department continues to dodge protocol and take their time, the country is frustrated as citizens are looking for answers.

Do you believe the Las Vegas Police Department is fulfilling their duty to solve these murders?

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13 thoughts on “New Information Just Broke About Deadly Las Vegas Shooting

  1. Karma

    Cover up..plain and simple..biggest news in america since 9/11 and i heard more about the presidents wifes high heel shoes after a hurricane on the news..las vegas shooting, nothing on the news after 4-5 days…nothing…melanias shoes they still talking about months later…can you say “somethings not right with this picture” ???

    1. Doris Will

      If you can make any sense of these Liberals, you may become the sage of the century, I know I shudder at the thought of understanding them for fear of landing in the muck and mire. I will say that I have never heard the F Bomb used as every other word coming from my TV.

      1. Karma

        Yeah life was much better back when we had 3 channels and a round knob to choose between the 3…now got 300 channels and a remote and i hate to even turn it on.

  2. klsparrow

    LV, Casinos and money this is all you need to know. Another article said that there was 80% head shots on moving people not sure if that is true are not but if it is a marine sniper could not make those shots in that amount of time in that situation

  3. johnny b

    LVMPD or METRO as they are known locally are known as a power unto themselves. They don’t really give a damn about anybody as long as they are keeping the casino owners happy as that is where the money flows from….

    Other than keeping the casino owners happy or in this case the gaggle of lawyers that represent the casinos, happy has added additional pressure on METRO ergo; they are not used to the spotlight being shined on them…. That is why the delays are occurring because METRO really doesn’t know how to run an investigation of this nature…. and they refuse to ask for federal assistance….
    In reality METRO is a redneck hick town sheriff’s office that has grown too large for itself….

  4. Ribit

    One possible explanation – more than one suspect is involved and the police don’t want to show any information that might help the suspect(s) evade identification and arrest.

  5. Val Falcone

    And it all links back to Paddock and Murren. Read the INFOSEC Institute’s article on “PsyOps and Socialbots” detailing “Cyber espionage” and the new use of software that generates “10 personas per user, replete with background[s]” to fool Internet regulators, law enforcers, Facebook “friends.”
    Next read a “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s “Case study” on the CIA’s In -Q-Tel.Tel. Tel.
    ( There were Three Shooting sites ) Helicopter, MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay ( There are eye witnesses and video that has been kept off TV news

    Google “Hegelian Dialectic… This is what is going down people

    People were deceived into believing the “single shooter” theory, rather than a Deep State conspiracy involving media psyops and military neuroscience Paddock story—a “lone gunman” with a gun fetish—is unreasonable, even absurd, considering all the facts presentedt is public knowledge that the prime suspect in the Las Vegas Deep State Massacre is the Mandalay Bay CEO, James Murren, who is heavily connected to the Deep State, and had both political and financial motives for administering the murders.

    Telling connections between Murren, MGM, and the Deep State corporations implicated in the Vegas crime include his past directorship of the money laundering Deutsche Bank. Also, the Rockefeller-controlled Citigroup’s largest individual investor, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, owns the top floors of MGM’s MB in Vegas–

    So are we to believe that the PULSE ( Orlando ) Massacre scenario went down the way we were fed on the news channels? Google Robert David Steel ( X CIA Counter Intel Specialist ) that clearly stated it was a False Flag Operation… The cases of NSA activities go on and on. With access to the FBI’s Crime Information Center (CIC), we could find several thousand files having the characteristic patterns where the NSA had experimented on the individuals with their “Thought Control” technology.

    Currently, the NSA has many subjects in the field (our society) that need only a series of “triggers” (carefully constructed posthypnotic scripts) to send them over the edge and on a mission to kill. The NSA calls them “Shooters on a Shelf”

    Most will not allow their BELIEF system to accept what is going on and will find ways to justify their brain washed minds. The Florida School Shooting ??? Stay tuned…

    God help America..After this… I will be Officially on their watch list.

  6. Harvey Schneider

    It appears obvious that they want to live up to the city’s advertising motto, “If it happens in Vegas, it stays in Vegas!”

    Sin City, a name to live up to!!!

  7. Joanna Smith

    Sandy Hook was a badly-executed, False Flag and NO ONE died. Vegas is a little different. I know that there were actual deaths and injuries, BUT, I also know that there were many odd things about the connections of the shooter to the government. Like the Colorado Movie Theater Shooter and the alleged, Sandy Hook shooter BOTH having fathers who were scheduled to testify in the Libor Scandal. Or Columbine, where the families of both shooters had CIA connections. The scum behind the curtain of the NWO do not care how many lives must be sacrificed for their agenda to be realized, and the sooner Americans GET that, the better for all of us.

  8. Monica

    I still believe he lost all his money gambling and decided to retaliate. He had a history of being a big gambler. The casinos definitely do not want this to be the story as it would hurt their image.

  9. Random Citizen

    America has been ruled by a government within a government ever since the Secret Coup of 1963. This Deep State is centered in the Shadow Government consisting of the three-letter security agencies. It has become a power unto itself and constitutionally accountable to no one. The LV shooting bears all the hallmarks of a Deep State operation and coverup, probably contrived to build pressure toward gun control leading to outright gun confiscation.

    1. patrick dennison

      It goes back farther than that, even to the Act of 1871 when the United States Incorporated was formed.

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