New Video Emerges Of Obama Ranting About White People

New video footage emerged of Barack Obama ranting about white people on a trip to his father’s homeland of Kenya in 1990.

He was recorded by his sister, and in the video he gave thoughts on the status of whites and blacks in Kenya and how the government could address the issue.

And in it he expressed sorrow about the privilege whites still enjoyed.

The Daily Caller reports on Obama’s remarks:

Obama describes what he’d heard of his father, saying, “The story that was told when I was young was of the brilliant young African who had come to America to learn the white man’s magic and then bring it back to Kenya to develop the country.”


“You learn a lot about the beauty of black people just being around a lot of black people, that feeling as if they’re all around you. And that in some sense you belong,” Obama said. “Even though, ironically, a lot of Africans will look at black Americans and think they’re (inaudible), they’re white people…


…at one point, Obama laments the state of black people in Kenya. “It makes me frustrated to see the blacks in Kenya don’t have more confidence in the possibility of shaping their own fate and their own destiny.”


“I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense,” Obama continued, “that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs. I’ve experienced, probably, the Kenyan side of it because there’s been times when I went with Auma, my sister, who is obviously Kenyan, to a restaurant where we’d have problems getting served, or the waiters would be rude.”


Obama express concern for the future of Kenya, that the situation there could deteriorate if race and economic issues were not addressed by the government.


“If you look around at Kenya, and when I look around at Kenya,” Obama said, “you get a sense that although on the surface things are relatively tranquil, right beneath the surface things could explode at any point. Because you have all these young people, not just now coming from the countryside, but simply from population growth, who are going to school, who have high expectations, but the engine for growth that is going to be able to employ these young people may not be there. And that’s a dangerous situation, when you have rising expectations, and young bright people who are frustrated in their ambitions.”


“You see a lot of that taking place in Kenya and you would think that would be more of a source of concern for the government, that they might change policies as a consequence of that. But so far, that doesn’t seem to be taking place,” Obama concluded.

Obama began obsessing over white privilege years ago.

And this video foreshadows his thoughts on race that came to define his presidency.

The last few years of the Obama regime have been marked by increased racial tensions.

The rise of the violent Black Lives Matter movement and Obama’s embrace of the controversial group has only widened the racial gulf in America.

As violent protests erupted across America in response to police shootings of black men, critics have accused Obama of enabling the rioting.

The racial divide Obama has helped exacerbate shows up in polling data.

A 2016 Pew Survey found wide differences between blacks and whites on racial issues.

38% of whites believed our country had made the changes necessary to give blacks and whites equal rights, versus just 8% of black respondents.

The survey also showed a massive disparity between how blacks and whites viewed the treatment of blacks from institutions such as the police, the court system, mortgage lenders and employers.

When Obama was first elected, many believed America had moved to a post-racial political era.

Americans overwhelmingly electing our first black president was viewed by many as a tremendous sign of progress toward racial healing.

But instead of working to bring people together, Obama embraced a race-baiting strategy that polarized Americans and drove people even further apart.

  • Jane 72

    I am incredibly disappointed in Pres. Obama’s position on skin colors, i.e. blacks against whites and using the race-baiting strategy to separate us! The fact that whites voted overwhelmingly to put him in the White House should have laid to rest some of those feelings. Millions of whites are standing up for black policemen who by the way protect him and his family. It appears to me that this is one of the most devisive Presidents we have ever had! (Also the most expensive one!!)

    • Awake

      Thats all fine and good, now where is this video

    • stopspending4

      jane, are you surprised by what O has done?? I am not. He said he was going to fundamentally change America. What did people think that meant??? O obviously did not think America was a good country so he wanted to remake it in the dem model. Michelle was not “proud” of the US until they elected a black for pres. Why do the Obama’s not appreciate all that the US has given them and so many of us that worked for success.

      • Mikosch

        Because they don’t want to “work” for their success!

    • msm

      I think that Obama has a deep seated resentment…probably life-long…of whites, and he uses his position to apply payback.

  • coconuisse

    I’m guessing that our Occupier-in-Chief’s position is that ONLY black lives matter! Down with all those white imperialists, right? “Mental abberations of my father” should have been the title of his ghost-written book.

    • Mikosch

      Most blacks don’t realize the he is black on the outside but white on the inside. Eventually, he will screw us all, because he is so screwed up himself! I have my fingers crossed until January 20th, for fear of what he will do in the meantime. At the very least, he will pardon a boatload of muslim terrorists and let them loose on the rest of us… He seems like someone who would fantasize about going out “with a flash.”

  • bull57

    Obama has singled handedly turn the clock back to the 60’s-70’s as far a race relations! I lived through those times once I was happy to see them behind us!!!!

  • Terri Sturgill

    OK, so where’s the video?

  • David Stewart

    Just another “primitive” heard from; racist, too!

  • Jim

    This is why racism is such a major issue! Fill out a app for a house or job and it still asks your race, it will even ask your sexual preference now! Divide and conquer is the way our world leaders are playing us! It’s a disgrace!

    • longshorts3

      To beat them at their own game on mortgages and employment, just say you are gay and black on the app. Who will actually know?

      • msm

        Not exactly the way to get a mortgage or a job.

  • Mack

    I sure wish I knew where this special white guy club meets, I’d join up. Perhaps the dilemma is it’s about folks who take responsibility for their own circumstances and those who don’t. All Americans get 12 years of free education (free breakfast & lunch if you need it), the rest is up to the individual. Stupid swirly.

  • DLH

    Barry Soetoro, the MUSLIM, at his best.

  • jwood1952

    Yeah Obama brought his hatred of whites, which he has held all his life apparently, although he sure accepted white folks voting for him. 80% of black families have no male figurehead in their homes. Millions upon millions of black males don’t pay any child support, yet they have no problem getting on govt. assistance. So instead of calling it what it is, he again goes to his racist view and calls it white privilege. What do white people have to do with black folks not respecting the very basics of the lives they created? Absolutely nothing. But by calling it white privilege it blames the whites for the lifestyles of 4/5 black males. that’s racist, at the least.

  • Mr. Patriot

    IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW AND WHY OBAMA USES RACE.. this is the history of the Democratic party — Rent or payper view D’Souza’s “HILLARY’S AMERICA.” Especially if you’re black and watch it before the elections.. while you’re at it… watch CLINTON’S CASH on youtube also. The Clintons used Haitians, collected Billions to help them and kept 96% then sold the the only mine that they had as a means of raising revenue for her people!

  • Deb

    obama has been the worst, he can’t lead, he can’t defend his Country, he won’t acknowledge half the people in this country and he has done his best to bring out the most brutal, ignorant and useless traits in his own people. I never feared people of any color now I think twice. thanks obama

  • vibert

    Don’t you see that he was the perfect person to put in the President’s office? Just what the globalists wanted: a puppet to continue to carry out their master plan to weaken, bring down and defeat America so they can control every country in the world. Any President who got in their way was eliminated, and their puppets have been rewarded very well.

  • Marcus_T

    America is blessed with a bad excuse for a leader, sad.

  • barbarakelly

    Obama has been our worst nightmare and he continues to be our worst nightmare. People if he pushes Russia to declare war then obama better damn well be kicked out of office while he is still there. I don’t care if he only as a few months. Our country is now in the worst condition since before WW2. I have never had problems with other peoples skin –we all bleed RED BLOOD. I don’t see color I see good people trying to make a living and raising their children correctly. Yes we all have some bad apples!!!

  • stopspending4

    Obviously O has the same plan for the US that he thought Kenya should have. He HOPED that when the young blacks got violent because there were no opportunities for them in Kenya, the gov would HAVE to do something. That is his plan for the US. If enough blacks riot in the streets, the gov will have to give them something. Has not worked in Kenya and will not work here. People do not succeed because the gov GIVES them something.

  • jim jones

    The racist bastard set race relations back 50 years. Worst thing that ever happened to our country. No more democrats.