New WikiLeaks Bomb Drops – Is Hillary Finished?

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to shake her sketchy past.

While the political elite may have ignored the Clinton email scandal hoping to keep the truth buried, WikiLeaks has continued to keep the heat on Hillary.

And after a recent on-air interview, it looks like they are just getting started.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has hinted more emails will be released soon.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

“The first batch is reasonably soon. We’re quite confident on it now. We might put out some teasers. I don’t want to promise anything because we want to see how the formatting goes. We might put out some teasers as early as next week,” said Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks has already released thousands of searchable emails from Clinton’s private email server as part of the DNC leak.

In addition, the Daily Mail reports Assange accused Hillary of “lying to the FBI about misidentifying the classified markings she saw in several of her emails.”

But while the emails have embarrassed Hillary and the DNC, and proved Hillary had been lying all along, Assange is skeptical the FBI will actually indict Hillary.

The Hill reports:

Assange vowed at the time that the group has accumulated enough material on Clinton that “we could proceed to an indictment,” although he added that “unfortunately” he did not expect that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would seek charges.

So far, it looks like Assange is right.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, FBI Director James Comey admitted that even though it was “possible hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account,” she didn’t “knowingly” break the law and therefore he doesn’t recommend charges be leveled against her.

But Assange isn’t stopping and will continue to release Hillary’s emails.

Perhaps WikiLeaks will release enough evidence so incriminating the FBI will be unable to ignore it any longer.

Only time will tell.

Do you think WikiLeaks should continue to keep the heat on Hillary? Are you looking forward to WikiLeaks’ latest email dump?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Evan

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep the heat on Killary Rotten Clinton
    until IT is completely DESTROYED!
    GO TRUMP 2016!

  • Morena_nic

    since when is intent or knowledge of the law a requisite for being indicted? this is a new and unique standard. All criminals…just remember this….just claim ignorance of the law or no intent….and you should be off the hook

    • David Stewart

      Yes, when I read that, I, too, wondered if there is really any difference between “knowingly” and “uncaringly”!

    • R. Ledet

      That sounds good but we both know that will never work for the common man. Didn’t even work for Martha Stewart ! You have to be a politician to have “stupidity” work as a defense!

  • drbhelthi

    Are there any conditions within which Hillary Clinton would be indicted?

    • David Stewart


      • Steamer

        Comfy and Lynch’s jobs could both be terminated if “we the people” elect a president NOT NAMED Clinton! Even that doesn’t mean that she would be indicted, but it would certainly have to happen for there to be any chance!

        • nicholsda

          On his last day in office, 0bozo will give her a blanket pardon.

  • tryscavage

    I assume that everyone understands why the Democrat Party AND our government’s warning that Russia is interfering with the election process is for a specific purpose. They plan to say that the next WikiLeaks release about Hillary is untrue and simply made up by the Russians. If this country is dumb enough to elect this criminal it will go down the tubes forever. So sad.

  • government watchdog

    Crush her and her band of thieves.

  • Brenda

    Whatever happened to “ignorance of the law is no excuse”?

    • David Stewart

      Since then no one realized the limits of politician’s capacity for ignorance! There is none!

    • NannyB

      You need to understand…these things that you or I would be held accountable for do not apply to the Clintons. Not going to happen and there is no good reason to argue against it. They will not go to jail. Maybe…just maybe if Trump becomes president and he takes them to court…but the problem is that Comey will still be head of the FBI and be vulnerable to the Clinton’s wrath. He would have to find a special prosecutor and that will cost the tax payers money they (we) don’t have. I think our only hope is Julian A…and hope that he has some info that cannot be refuted and that will cook her goose on a slow burner.

      • Brenda

        And, I too, hope & pray that Julian will have the ammunition needed to help us survive.

      • nicholsda

        Comey can be fired by the next president. While he has a ten year term, he serves at the will of the president and also CONgress.

        • NannyB

          Thanks! That is good to hear. ..but does Congress have to agree with the next President re: firing him?? I feel bad for him because I believe he knows about those that cross the Clintons tend to “disappear”. I believe he is a decent man. So many lives ruined for them to maintain their power!!

          • nicholsda

            Nope. The President can fire him or the Congress can impeach him and the two do not have to agree. I have a feeling that he was told from on high that he had to so that he could survive. The laying out of why she should have been with the list of her “errors” was basically a shot at her with rubber bullets. If Trump should win, you might see a sudden change in what he says and does.

  • Daniel Spickard

    I’m waiting for them to bring out the emails pertaining to the Benghazi incident! To show just how much of a traitor Hillary Clinton really is! I don’t think that we’ve even seen the worse of Hillary yet! Let’s just put it this way, I don’t think that there is any place on this planet for Hillary or Bill Clinton after they lose this election! Every one of those countries with connections to terrorists are going to put a hit out on Hillary Clinton!

    • NannyB

      Yes, you may be correct but remember…they are better than most at successful “hit” lists! I really do not think this woman knows right from wrong at this point and just parrots what is written for her to say. Her eyes tell the story. What a sorry excuse for a human being!! Bill looks like he is on his last legs right now!!

      • madhatter46

        Nanny, yes I agree-but–sadly character, honesty, corruption, and being lied to doesn’t seem to matter to the voter–they still will vote for her. We complain about corruption in our politicians but forget who put them in office–not once –but many times. 2 terms for Obama, how many for Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman Schultz and at least 50% of all the others–and I mean both parties. Now maybe 4 more years of sex on the floor of the Oval Office by Billy and his cigar–nobody cares! Shame on popular sovereignty.We reap what we sow. Our favorite tv shows are reality garbage where the one who can lie the best becomes rich and a media hero. Our morals have become ,”is it legal, who cares about right or wrong” “can you get away with it?”—nothing to do with virtue or living an ethical life. Let’s look into the mirror and ask–who’s to blame? America has loss its moral compass along with our ability to think for ourselves.

  • Brenda

    Ignorantia juris non excusat[1] or ignorantia legis neminem excusat[2] (Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses not”[1] and “ignorance of law excuses no one”[2] respectively) is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of its content.
    So, it appears, Killery is, in fact, “above the law” thanks to our incompetents within the DOJ & FBI, especially those “at the top of the heap”.

    • NannyB

      What you say is true. But remember this. It was Bill Clinton that appointed Comey to two positions and now Comey is facing his wife’s bad deeds. Then, Bill met with Lynch on her plane in Arizona…and for as bad as that looked…didn’t he get away with it??? Sure did!! And Lynch has to answer to Obama. So where is there any wiggle room. I believe that Comey has seen the untimely passing of many during the Clinton reign of terror and Lynch is the one that did not enforce the law and have an autopsy performed on Scalia. I do not know of any death that occurs unattended by someone that is NOT autopsied. He really was not even declared dead in a normal fashion. Nobody wants to face the Clinton wrath. Just as the poor man who set up Hillary’s private server was given immunity and still plead the fifth! I say!! THAT should be declared illegal and the FBI should be able to withdraw it’s immunity. But that won’t happen either. They are a well greased couple and slip through the smallest of holes and walk away scot free!!!

      • madhatter46

        And the media abet. Do the people care? Beware of the November vote.

        • NannyB

          Yes…sadly…we need to be very vigilant. But I believe that the biggest problem is going to be the counting of the votes. Remember…these machines are owned by Soros. I would like to see paper ballots and the dreaded bottle of purple ink…!!

  • DBAtwill

    I hope Assange doesn’t stop until Hildebeast is in PRISON!!

  • durabo

    Is the gradual release of damning information similar to what the Chinese call, “death by a thousand cuts?” I hope so! Le it be slow and painful, with a final deadly slash in late October.

  • Karma

    Keepup the heat…make it umbearable…lets see enough to put her in a cage where she belongs…soon please

  • Mike Knox

    It is all Kubuki Theatre … Comey pretends that NEGLIGENCE is not what he knows it to be, Gowdy puts out a 900 page report instead of CHARGING her with LYING TO CONGRESS, RINOs talk talk talk, HUMA avoids obvious charges, Lynch meets with Bill and no one DEMANDS she resign… DC traitors all playing the US Citizen for fools

  • Robert Christensen

    They keep saying this but nothing actually gets released, I am beginning to think they d o not really have anything.

  • barbarakelly


    • NannyB

      Obama has all the skeletons from everyone else’s closet at his finger tips and has not hesitated to use them! Politics is a dirty world and we have managed to put into office one of the dirtiest players of all times…and he has managed to hire another one…Hillary Clinton. I do not believe OB should be dabbling in the Clinton’s heads as they seem to not care who they destroy…OB could be quite a candidate. Might even make me appreciate Hillary…for about two seconds.

  • Reg Dahl

    88 retired generals care! Millions of vets care! Hundreds of American Nationals care! The future of these American States are in your hands people. Hope, freedom and family is our legacy bridge to protect!

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Keep them coming! But, I am not holding my breath that she ever goes to jail.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well the people they have taken millions from want something in return and if she loses , it’s game over for her , same with the freak in the white house , if she loses and trump keeps his word , barry won’t be safe either , soros and his muslum clans with exterminate them , for failing to accomplish the transformation of the a 3rd world country , so they can move in and finish robbing us

  • Censored_WND

    “Lock her UP!!”

  • Ed Martin

    The current reporting shows polls now have Clinton falling and Trump rising overtaking her in Ohio and even in Florida now. He is making upward movement in Pennsylvania and North Carolina could not vote for Hillary with all the baggage… Benghazi, emails, not trustworthy, big liar, pay for play in her Foundation and foreigners contributing to her by laundering the donations in USA. Now I heard Assange say his next release will be before the debates with emails, documents and will ” destroy her”.

    Plus Trump will have years of ugly material to hit her with and throw in her health, same policies as Obama, “extremely carless” label by FBI DIRECTOR COMEY WHO SAID THAT CARELESSNESS MEANS SHE SHOULD NOT QUALIFY FOR A CLEARANCE MAKING HER INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT.

    Also her personality is bland, dull, lifeless as crap. Her judgement to not create a stable situation in Lybia after the defeat of terrorists shows bad judgment.

    Her desire to bring many thousands more unvetted Syrian Muslims here to take more USA citizen jobs, be on food stamps, welfare, free medical etc is another example of bad decision making.

    Her record of accomplishments in the State Department shows no constructive things ever happened… only bad things and bad results for the USA.

    As for me I am not voting for Hillary Rodham Barak Hussein Obama Clinton.

    Finally she and Bill ” I did not have sex with that woman” ( or all those others coming forward now are associated with the sudden deaths of over 50 people close t o them in Arkansas … sudden unexpected deaths. Their drug dealings in Arkansas and good ole boy network including Arkassas law engorcement can be seen in detail via online available “The Clinton Chronicles” . I have viewed my copy and every voter in America should be required to see it free at local theaters before voting.

    After all this Make America Great Again by not voting for Hillsry and voting FOR someone who believes in our traditional views , our Constitution, values and laws and will quickly fix our broken military, health-care, economy, foreign relations, energy, immigration problem, education etc, research , fix bad issues in IRAN, SYRIA, NORTH KOREA, RUSSIA, CHINA and return to space etc…

  • Mr. Fox

    I certainly hope they continue turning up the heat on this filthy lying witch. She belongs in prison. She is unfit for office.

  • AptAmerican

    Isn’t it simple: she destroyed 30,000 emails that were U. S. Property. Isn’t the destruction of government documents a violation of our laws like Sarbanes Oxley. Don’t all U. S Government documents go into the Library of Congress? She should not become President only to be convicted of this high crime.

  • Karabeth Hammonds

    Yes I believe that you should do everything in your power to see that she is indicted for destroying America as we have known it..Thank you Julian Assange for believing in the truth.

  • jim jones

    If we didn’t live in the most corrupt country in the world, this bitch would be in prison right now.


    Everyone goes on about the Benghazi incident but we should be focussing on the sadistic murder of a head of government of the only democracy in our world. We came, we saw, he died. Libya was direct democracy which is why Musmmer said, I will ask my people, my people will decide. Humanitarian bombing on Libya huh, pull the other one. We supported the terrorists in Libya. We knew them from Iraq AND we protected them whilst bombing up the water supply, the grain stores, the food stores, the electricity and babies in their beds. I saw them with their guts haning out as they were brought out from the rubble. .

  • daveveselenak

    Psst, I’ll let “TRANFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA in on a Little secret: we have become a Third World Totalitarian Banana Republic ; we no longer are ruled by law but rather by a Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his homo and lezbo commie minions! They are being aided and abetted by a State-run, fifth column media and a “Re-PUNK-lican” party that is the other head of the two-headed, one party system. This is being tolerated by a nation now mostly comprised of dumb-downed, drugged-up, misinformed, uninformed, sports/pornography/techno/entertainment zombies that haven’t a clue and gouldn’t care any less as long as they are getting their hedonistic appetites sated while they have lost their freedom and country; that is the truth, so help me God! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or resign yourselves to being slaves to the State and living a life of misery and squalor while the Godless communist bastards live the life of kings and Queens, as they currently are doing, on the backs of you the sheeple! Baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-ma bleat his sheeple as they are being sheared but are too fuk’n stupid and preoccupied to know it! They are getting the TYRANNY that they truly deserve!

  • Steve Humeston

    Most definitely. This is un responsibility at its best. Any other person would be in jail already.

  • jwood1952

    Keep the emails coming…..

  • gypsy314

    Is there justice in America or are now lawlessness?

  • cdl123

    If she did the crime, if she has lied, then she deserves the public to finally know the truth before it’s time to vote. Can you imagine what these two will do in the WH again to enrich themselves further?. Yes, please tell all.


    The truth should be out there until the very end although we all know there are too many involved to ever make her pay. She also knows that. In the White house there is a different set of laws beginning with Social Security and Obama Care to voter fraud , corrupt emails and so much more. All we the people are are tax payers.

  • crockett

    Hopefully this will be the last of the clanton era . I’ve had enough of their nasty deeds . Maybe its time someone took them out of commission , man what a stir that would be . Southern style No other way .

  • Chelonia