Noodles & Co. Sent An Eye-Opening Message To Anti-Cop Employees

The anti-cop rhetoric and protests sweeping across the country are beginning to hurt more than just police officers and innocent bystanders.

Business owners and their companies are beginning to find themselves caught in the crossfire.

With some businesses already struggling through a stagnant economy, they now have to deal with employees who are bringing their politics to work with them.

Dozens of cases across the nation are popping up where leftist employees are refusing service to unsuspecting law enforcement officers.

Recently, an employee was fired at Taco Bell in Alabama for refusing service to two sheriff deputies, even though the law enforcement officers did nothing wrong. A liberal Arby’s employee also refused service to a police officer.  And another leftist retail employee was also caught refusing service to police.

The most recent case was at a Noodles & Company in Alexandria, Virginia, where a female cook saw a law enforcement officer come into the restaurant.  She walked around from the back and told the cashier she would not serve the police officer.

“You better pull me off the line, because I’m not serving that,” the female employee reportedly said, gesturing at the officer.

According to the Alexandria Police, the cook and the cashier then started laughing as the police officer left.

But when Noodles & Company found out what happened, they quickly launched an internal investigation.  The actions of the two employees and their motivations were apparent, and they were both terminated.

Noodles & Company then proceeded to release a statement thanking law enforcement officers for their assistance in the investigation:

“Discrimination of any kind is never tolerated at Noodles & Company. After completing a thorough investigation into the allegations brought to us by a police officer who visited our Alexandria, VA location, we have concluded the two team members in question acted inappropriately and we immediately terminated their employment. The views and actions of these individuals are in no way reflective of the Company or team at our Alexandria location.


We want to thank the entire Alexandria Police Department for their assistance in this investigation. We have spoken with the officer involved and apologized for the inexcusable actions of these individuals.”

This type of behavior from leftists and so-called Black Lives Matter “protesters” is becoming more extreme and prevalent as time passes.

Fortunately, Noodles & Company not only did the right thing, but they also saved themselves from serious public backlash.

Never mind the fact that the employee’s action reflects badly upon the company itself, but to refuse service to someone on a discriminatory basis is in direct contradiction to the “liberal” argument they use against Christian wedding-cake bakers.

Liberals screamed and complained when Christian bakers refused service for “gay” wedding ceremonies, even going so far as urging the state government to wage heavy fines and threaten prison time to intimate the bakers into acting against their beliefs.

(Some Christian bakers were also forced to participate in mandatory “reeducation classes” where they were taught to “think” the right way.)

But as leftists across the country prove time and again, their actions don’t have to make sense or match reality.  It’s about pushing their political narrative, and knocking out anybody who stands in their way.

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    Thank you Noodles. Now I will continue to enjoy your delicious food.