Noonan Thinks Maybe Clinton-Sanders Is The Ticket

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.09.57 AMConservative pundit and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan suggests that maybe Clinton-Sanders is the ticket the Democrats will end up with to appease Sanders revolting supporters, and have the ability to take on the Trump momentum that is dominating the airwaves.

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Let’s begin with a prophecy: It is not only the Republican Party that is breaking and perhaps re-forming. The Democratic Party is also starting to come apart. We’re seeing the first signs of it now.


A significant part of the base is going left. Bernie Sanders took off because they want a socialist. The party is going left for a host of reasons: the crash of 2008, economic strain, eight years of President Obama, trends within American culture and education. Hillary Clinton’s struggles this year are connected in part to her ideological unreliability, to the sense that she’s a generation behind ideologically, that she’s got the wrong attitude toward Wall Street and the use of military power. She’s old school; we’re entering something new.


Here’s what I suspect is coming whatever happens this year. Just as a portion of Republicans—nobody knows how big—will break from the GOP over Donald Trump, some percentage of Democrats, especially among the affluent will, in the next cycle, start to peel off from their party over its lurch leftward. They will not be at home in a party of smiley-face socialism that threatens to become actual socialism. They will not want the American economy destroyed. They will not be comfortable in a party that supports the most extreme political correctness; they do not want their 10-year-old daughters using transgendered bathrooms with men. They will find themselves increasingly opposed to the political correctness that has swept the universities. They will have increasing qualms about spending $60,000 a year to have their bright, kind children turned into leftist robots.


So they will start to split off from the Democrats, and they will find the Republicans who split off in 2016, and together, in 2020 or so, they will attempt to create their own party. It will be pro-growth, moderate on social issues, more or less neoconservative in its foreign policy. It will be smallish but well-heeled. It will try to hold together and grow.


A journalist this week speculated in conversation that if Mrs. Clinton underperforms or even loses there, it could be a gift. It will make her desperate. Presuming she goes on to win the nomination, her desperation might prompt her to make Bernie Sanders her vice presidential nominee.


Why not? It would hold the party together for this cycle. It would help keep Sanders voters, who often threaten to go elsewhere if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee, in the tent. It would also unsettle Trumpworld. They see Bernie supporters as potential Trump supporters in the general election, and Mr. Sanders as having an appeal that overlaps with their own. They see his outsider mystique and his appeal to the young.

It’s an interesting proposal to adopt Sanders as her VP running mate. And if Mrs. Clinton feels that is her only option to winning, she’s shown through a lifetime of fraud, deceit and corruption, that she will do anything to win.

Mr. Trump should heed the words of Ms. Noonan and get a reliable, safe and boring running mate. He’s more than enough personality for the ticket and he will be facing unrelenting attacks over the coming months. He needs to be ready for the potential Clinton-Sanders ticket and have a compelling message to sway Bernie’s supporters to his side.

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