North Korea Just Did The Unthinkable

North Korea has been preparing for war.

In recent months, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has threatened the Western world and held imposing nuclear tests frequently.

But now, the Korean dictator just issued an order to do the unthinkable–and the world is wondering why.

North Korea reached out to South Korea recently via a diplomatic hotline that has remained silent for years.

The path for dialogue between the rival nations has finally been cleared–but why?

CNN first reported that Kim Jong Un issued the order to reopen the line last week, referencing North Korean and South Korean media reports.

North Korea made two phone calls to the South, first to check technical issues and again to discuss business.

It is not yet known what was discussed outside of the connection, but according to Korean media sources, the talks were not lengthy or substantive.

The Daily Caller reported:

The two Koreas lost contact in February 2016, as North Korea severed ties after South Korea closed the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex in response to the North’s nuclear test one month prior.

South Korea has tried calling twice a day every day for two years, but no one has answered the phone in North Korea.

Kim called for talks between North and South Korea during his New Year’s address, changing course after ignoring South Korea’s offers to talk for most of last year. Kim also expressed an interest in sending a delegation to participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics scheduled to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea in February.

South Korea responded positively to the idea, proposing talks in the Panmunjom truce village next Tuesday.

Western world leaders are suspicious of the recently opened connection between the two warring countries.

President Donald Trump claimed the call could be either good or bad news, the Department of State is wary of Kim Jong Un’s intentions.

The Daily Caller reported:

“If the two countries decide that they want to have talks, that would be certainly their choice,” Department of State spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters Tuesday, “Kim Jong Un may be trying to drive a wedge of some sort between the two nations, between our nation and the Republic of Korea. I can assure you that that will not happen … We are very skeptical of Kim Jong Un’s sincerity in sitting down and having talks.”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the U.S. will not take talks seriously unless if the parties involved do not take steps to address North Korea’s expanding nuclear arsenal.

“We won’t take any of the talks seriously if they don’t do something to ban all nuclear weapons in North Korea,” Haley said Tuesday, “North Korea can talk to anyone they want, but the U.S. is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons that they have.”

Korean media sources have several theories as to why communications were recently opened.

Some suggest that North Korea intends to drive a wedge between South Korea and the U.S., while others believe North Korea may be seeing sanctions relief, as war measures continue to cripple North Korea resources and the economy.

Why do you think North Korea is suddenly eager to make contact with South Korea?

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18 thoughts on “North Korea Just Did The Unthinkable

  1. Lester E. Martin Jr.

    I wouldn’t trust the N.K. Dictator as far as i could toss him by his funky hairdo. He is an evil man and should be wiped off the face of the earth.

  2. ???

    Un will cozy up to South Korea and then try to take them over. For his effort, he will
    also take in all the weapons that the US has supported South Korea with. I think South Korea would be smart to stay clear of them. I certainly would not be in the same room with Un. He murders those he doesn’t like, including his own family.

  3. Mike W

    :” It is not yet known what was discussed outside of the connection, but according to Korean media sources, the talks were not lengthy or substantive. ”

    They don’t know what was said but they know it was not substantive? Sounds like more crap from CNN.

  4. lizzardman

    If you shake hands with UN, count your fingers afterward and have yourself checked out for poison and bugs. This creepy little dwarf doesn’t do anything without an ulterior motive.

  5. Howard A Milor Jr.

    They want the publicity that rocket man is reaching out but he is being ignored and therefore they are the good guys!
    The guy is a nut job but this new president in the south is no rocket scientist either!

    1. smankes

      what i cannot under stand is what china expects to gain if they get in to a war with us. or help this person instead of calming him down?no one will gain all will be torn to shreds china is the main supplier for every one they are doing great if they go to war they loose all there chips and have to start all over again.from ground 0

  6. Joseph Morgan


  7. Alberto Bencivenga

    I think that, if the United Nations decide to outlaw atomic weapons, no country should be permette to have them, but that, not yet existing such a decision, every country, incuding the San Marino Republic, Andorra and the Vatican have the full right to have them because each of them has, internationally, the same rights as the USA, Russia, China, etc.

  8. Calvin King

    It would appear this detente is nothing more than a delaying tactic to permit the North to perfect a deliverable nuke and the rocket to carry it. Reading anything more into it is diplomatic and military folly. Let us hope we do not lessen our pressure on N.K, and in fact, increase it. No more kicking the can down the hill as previous Presidents have done.

  9. barbarakelly

    Here is my thought on this. China last wk ordered troops to the border???? Why now. And since we now know they went behind Trump back and gave them oil, —-What is in the works. Now North is cozing up to South Korea –why now. We know Olympics aren’t far away. What ?? when it starts attack then and take people from different countries as hostage??? I read where China is now building their 3rd carrier. Keep your prepping up and move faster if you can –like I’m doing.!!!

  10. William Rader

    The fact that he is stalling for time is the timing of the Olympics being held in the south and all the countries that will be attending them, it would be a disaster for the north to do something stupid.

  11. Steve Shaffar

    Kim Jung Un has put North Korea in starvation level poverty by ignoring U.N. sanctions and spending heavily on nuclear weapons and ICBM technology. That potentially puts his regime in danger of revolution. Remember the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette’s famous “…let them eat cake” dismissal of the starving peasants. That didn’t work out too well for her and Louis.

    I think Kim’s looking to South Korea for support in getting help with reducing or rescinding sanctions, getting money from the South outright (as has already happened in 2017) and getting South Korea to support removing U.S., U.N. and other allied military forces from their republic.

  12. barbarakelly

    Yes, I’ve never trusted this little rascal. From what has been leaked out of what he has done to his people and has used alot of his people as guinea pigs in experiments. And some were disgusting to almost match Dr. mengala of nazi germany.

  13. furd

    like the hoodwinking they gave Clinton, a few billion aid money (going into the development of a viable Bomb) food,duel use machinery, medical resources, and other massive giveaways for N Korea’s giving up the nuclear ambitions, to give up the research into building the ” A.Bomb”; So in steps Chamberlin, no, no sorry, in steps Slick Willie and the democrat agenda, Clinton singing the praise of his signing a treaty between NK and US. Slick Willie Clinton’s moment except for a small thing. North’s I’m so lonely bug eyed Kim kept on and developed the bomb at our expense and tax money’ kinda like Obungholes two planes crammed full of muslim payoff money to Iran So what did we get for Slick Willies follies? We get a Nuclear North Korea with missile guidance software and hardware approved also by Slick himself a great effort made and done that resolved nothing but making a much more dangerous world on the brink, and Kim’s son the murderous bastard who executes his family for being #2 + #3 in line for his title wanting to negotiate another deal wink, wink. But things are different today, there is no bleeding heart retarded democrat such as Cliton or Obunghole to give everything away thank goodness

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