Obama Allowed Iran To Get Their Hands On A Terrifying Weapon

It began with Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which included Obama secretly transferring $1.7 billion in hard cash to the rogue regime.

Did President Obama really think they wouldn’t build new weapons with it?

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has officially revealed the development of a drone capable of mass destruction with suicide-type missions.

The documentation comes from The Middle East Media Research Institute, which translated a report from the Iranian Tasnim News Agency.

Tasnim reported that while the drone cannot carry missiles, it can be packed with explosives and has a range of more than 600 miles and a top velocity of 155 mph.

According to Tasnim, it’s the second Iranian-made vessel that can be used for suicide-type missions.  Before that, they created a Navy speedboat.

The MEMRI report said the direct translation from Tasnim stated:

“The IRGC navy has recently beefed up its aerial defensive capabilities by planning and manufacturing a military drone for identification missions. [This drone is] equipped with advanced military cameras that can be used both day and night.


The drone can fly and perform missions in wet areas like the ocean for four hours at a time, and can execute tasks. Its range is up to 1,000 kilometers.


One of its important attributes is its ability to fly as low as half a meter above the surface of the water, or as high as 3,000 feet.”

The Iranian source claims the drone,

“cannot carry missiles, but with regard to the military aspect, it can carry a large quantity of explosives and operate in a suicide capacity – meaning that it can approach a target, flying close to the surface of the water at high velocity, and crash into the vessel or into the land-based command center.”

The radical Islamic IRGC actually revealed its speedboat suicide-option several years ago, and President Obama did nothing.

It was reported at the time that Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi of the IRGC’s Navy boasted of obtaining a copy of a British boat that held the world speed record.

He said,

“We got a copy [on which] we made some changes so it can launch missiles and torpedoes.”

Fadavi revealed plans to reverse-engineer the boat, called the Bradstone Challenger.

A journalist from the Telegraph asked in regards to the report:

“But does Iran really possess the technology to copy the boat’s twin 1,000hp Caterpillar engines and Arneson surface drive propellers?  Dr. Theodore Karasik, research director at the Institute of Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, thinks so.


‘The Iranian defense industry prides itself in acquiring Western technology using false

fronts and then cloning its own versions.


Why haven’t we seen the Bradstone Challenger yet?  It’s quite possible they are holding back some of their more potent capabilities for a surprise purpose.’”

The report pointed out the speedboat never would have been obtained by Iran “if the United States Department of Commerce had got its way.”

The report also said:

“After passing through several private owners in the Mediterranean, the record-breaking boat was put up for sale by a broker as ‘the ultimate toy for someone looking for something a little bit special’.


In January 2009, a third party in South Africa arranged for it to be shipped out of Durban on the Iran Mutafeh, a cargo ship registered to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL).


Both were on a UN-sanctions related watch list. After docking, the Iran Mutafeh changed its name to the Diplomat, hoisted a Hong Kong flag and re-registered with a company called Starry Shine, a known front for the IRISL.


At this point, alarm bells rang at the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security. An export stop order was faxed to Durban, citing the speedboat’s US-made components, but the ship had already set sail for Iran.”

An ordinary U.S. Naval defense would destroy most of the unmanned vehicles in any attack, but

“it would only need one suicide boat to get through for such an attack to be successful. If the target were an aircraft carrier, the images of a stricken, $4.5 billion flagship would reverberate around the world like September 11.”

The world should thank President Obama for putting this kind of weapon into the arms of radical Islamists.



5 thoughts on “Obama Allowed Iran To Get Their Hands On A Terrifying Weapon

  1. sunandfun

    How did all this information on Obummer come out now and allow him to stay in office instead of being put in PRISON? Maybe we will learn a lot more after we drain the swamp, better know as Washington politicians!

  2. Michael Bellinger

    He needs to be charged with treason and hung by his balls until hell freezes over, along with his man wife michael.

  3. drbhelthi

    MOSSAD agents reported that the Bush administration slipped nukes to iran in the 1980s. Iran leadership did not want them, tried to return them, but US “authorities” declined. Such is the world of Judaism-Bush-Saudi deception.

    Why should Iranian leadership not have nukes? Judaism´s 1948, illegal land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel” has had atomic weapons since the 1970s, nukes since 1980. Per veteranstoday com, Judaism´s MOSSAD has used the “sachel loads” in various Middle Eastern locations, since the demolition of the WTC on 11 Sep 2001. Veteranstoday also documents the source and person responsible for over 200 nuke cores in the possession of Judaism´s MOSSAD.

  4. Michael Davis

    This treasonous bastard has done more harm to this country than ANY other leader in history!! WHY ISN’T HE IN PRISON??

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