Obama And Loretta Lynch’s Scheme To Cover Up Hillary’s Crimes Exposed

Under Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice has been weaponized into a political apparatus for Democrats.

The latest example is that Loretta Lynch tried to pressure FBI Director James Comey from informing Congress he had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg in the plot to protect Hillary Clinton.

The FBI is pursuing multiple investigations into Hillary Clinton and her associates.

The Bureau is digging into pay-for-play allegations involving the Clinton Foundation.

And there is a probe into top Clinton confidant, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, and his role as a lobbyist.

FBI agents were shocked that after they presented their findings to high ranking officials at the Department of Justice in order to make the case for an aggressive investigation, officials threw cold water on their findings and were overly dismissive.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“That was one of the weirdest meetings I’ve ever been to,” one participant told others afterward, according to people familiar with the matter.


Anticorruption prosecutors at the Justice Department told the FBI at the meeting they wouldn’t authorize more aggressive investigative techniques, such as subpoenas, formal witness interviews, or grand-jury activity. But the FBI officials believed they were well within their authority to pursue the leads and methods already under way, these people said.”

The Journal also notes senior Justice Department officials complained to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about agents investigating the Clinton Foundations:

“According to a person familiar with the probes, on Aug. 12, a senior Justice Department official called Mr. McCabe to voice his displeasure at finding that New York FBI agents were still openly pursuing the Clinton Foundation probe during the election season. Mr. McCabe said agents still had the authority to pursue the issue as long as they didn’t use overt methods requiring Justice Department approvals.


“The Justice Department official was “very pissed off,” according to one person close to Mr. McCabe, and pressed him to explain why the FBI was still chasing a matter the department considered dormant. Others said the Justice Department was simply trying to make sure FBI agents were following longstanding policy not to make overt investigative moves that could be seen as trying to influence an election. Those rules discourage investigators from making any such moves before a primary or general election, and, at a minimum, checking with anticorruption prosecutors before doing so.


“Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?” Mr. McCabe asked, according to people familiar with the conversation. After a pause, the official replied, “Of course not,” these people said.”

While that may sound like the Obama bureaucrat backed off in his threats, other lower ranking FBI officials believe the Justice Department gave a “stand down” order.

The Journal also reports:

“Others further down the FBI chain of command, however, said agents were given a much starker instruction on the case: “Stand down.” When agents questioned why they weren’t allowed to take more aggressive steps, they said they were told the order had come from the deputy director—Mr. McCabe.”

The investigations into Hillary Clinton have been tainted by dirty politics from day one.

Obama interfered in the investigation by proclaiming – without evidence and before all the findings were complete – that Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong.

And when Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton aboard her government airplane, many believed they discussed how Hillary Clinton would not face criminal charges for her behavior.

But as the lid has been peeled off in this story, the level of corruption and amount of pressure put on the FBI not to investigate the Clintons is shocking.

It reveals an administration consumed with the pursuit of power, willing to sacrifice the rule of law and independence of the investigative process to allow their favored candidate to win an election.

  • Crystal

    These are some scared and very nervous people! If they have nothing to worry about, they shouldn’t care about any investigation! Do you think an honest person would be doing everything they could to shut this down? You know what they say: “Me thinks thou doth protest too much!”

    • astrc

      YES, But that does not excuse ANY, violence or violations of the Laws, THEY have a Constitutional Right to “disagree” and/or be “upset” over their party, (CLINTON’S ) failure to convince the AMERICAN citizens, that they wanted, “4 more years of OBAMA
      “CORRUPT” administration. Grow up & support YOUR

  • Terry Lee Swinney

    This proves that the DOJ and POTUS are rigging the elcection and covering for Hillary. Must be a big payday waiting for them after the Election – if the Clinton Cartel get into office. The American People cannot afford it.

    • Jake319

      This proves nothing . Except that your a sucker that can’t spell. Trump is a clown.

      • HittingTheTarget

        You should check your own posts before telling someone they can’t spell lmao…speaking of clowns. You have four or five blatant errors in your two posts. It is “you’re a sucker” not your. I’ll leave it to you to figure the rest of it out. Your grammar is atrocious, so if I were you I would not insult others concerning theirs. Have a nice day!

        • Jake319

          Save……your passive aggressive attitude.
          Which is a signature play by snobby republicans like you and your ilk…
          You can’t defend your principles. So insult , demean, isolate any one that challenges your deranged conservative principles.
          Principals that are spoon feed to you by convicted felons and petofiles of the right wing media. So spare me and others your defeatist attitude about the democracy that defends your freedom to be a smug bore.

          • HittingTheTarget

            Awwwww did I hurt your wittle feelings lol here’s a hanky. Grow up son. Your leftist “I’m offended by everything” is old and tired. And as far as insulting someone, again, check your own posts first. When you’re made an f-ing saint, let me know lol But until then, I’ll continue to laugh at your dumb ass, and enjoy it. Bye!

          • Lee

            It is the education, Hillary told him that he had! Like a good little “Gruber” he believed it.

          • astrc

            Good thoughts, but you -I will never be able to, explain to this IDIOT, as he has a “closed mind”. But it fun to batter with someone as dumb as him.

  • Patrick Driscoll

    These two criminals are the first to be prosecuted, when we have Trump as President. Can’t imagine there are any more corrupt or lawless people in the USA.
    They are like a cancer corrupting the very fabric of our free society.
    It is ironic they are trying to use their powers to force this disgusting/decaying/corrupt cow on the general population. Once again the fag in the WH is stuttering and screaming at people who no long believe his BS. We have all had enough!
    He is always about promises that be never delivers. LL is prortecting this corrupt devil worshiping muslim and the ugly/decaying cow. Another beautiful day in DC’s ugly “Planet of the Apes”!

    • Jake319

      Lol….. Your unhinged. This republican hit piece has no direct quotes from any FBI official. No evidence at all. Are you in Mercia or are you hired to be a conservative nut case? I know others like you there scared all the time and see black people as a threat. Get back under you moms bed sissy boy…

      • notrig

        Jake319……You democrats are getting a little nasty uh? Just remember……she did this to herself.
        How much longer can you justify supporting this woman?

        • Jake319

          I still don’t get what she did? We don’t even know what was in the emails…..
          What I do know is the republicans have investigated her for 6 years on all kinds of petty matter the 5 independent department investigators have not found any reason to procecute her for lying. FBI, CIA,congress, GAO etc. I’m mean really!
          The propaganda about her doesn’t match reality….. My opinion is if the right wwilliams take foreign government and global corporate money to mount a miss. Information campaign. They must be scared of what she will do to these sellouts for poisoning the minds of 18% of the American population with defeatist lies against their own country…

          • notrig

            Jake319…..I am not about going to TRY explaining your candidate and her problems. You admit she’s lying and seem to be ok with that……really? If you think the FBI under OBAMA is doing this just for something to do…..get real! If you think it’s ok to DESTROY EVIDENCE after congress says not to…..go back to school. The rest of your posting makes NO SENSE…..maybe you need more of whatever you’re smoking.

          • Jake319

            I said the Independend investigating authorities after 6 years of taxpayer Funded investigations could not prove Clinton lying. hey had no cause to prosecute her. Those proven liars were republican witnesses. Like the contractor that said he witnessed the Bengazi attack . Etc…..etc..
            Deastroyed evidence? That is a hyper Partisian rhetoric from the tea party.
            The facts are she has done nothing wrong. She is a democrate and that is the reason you attack her. Smoking? Your attemp to belittle my opinion and experience just shows how scared republicans are of knowledgeable Americans . Remember you are alt right ers are a minority. The left has been known to show up for a fight. We are the ones that impeached Nixon….

          • notrig

            Jake319…….You need to listen to Mr Gowdy ask 5 very direct questions to FBI director Comey with ALL FIVE answers being that Hillary LIED! You people are beyond belief!
            Podesta is DIRECTLY quoted indicating Hillary had emails bleached and cell phones destroyed AFTER congress instructed her NOT to. What do you smoke or drink or shoot up to deny even what Podesta says? He’s the head of her election team! Almost every dem or lib I know……. gives me the same garbage. Finally…..Nixon like Billy boy SHOULD have been impeached……so what? No need to reply….I’ve wasted enough time on you and your hearing loss.

          • astrc

            Why? don’t you ask OBAMA, why he insists on releasing those, WAR murdering “ISIS” criminals from the control of the Military & GITMO”, and why Clinton stat3ed she stands up & backs OBAMA on his MUSLIM support movement?
            or WHY he interfered into the FBI’S investigation into A.G. “Eric Holder” criminal investigation, putting a “stop order on it”? and the hundred of others “Political corrupt” involvement in cover-ups?, form his hand picked and appointed “CZARS” as he called them in the beginning ?

          • notrig

            astrc…….I assume your comments are to Jake318?
            I agree with ALL you say?
            How about our new president? Donald Trump! Yipppeee!

          • astrc

            YES, they were, & I as a “retired” law Enforcement Officer, (Alaska State Trooper) & Retail Business Manager, Owner/Operator of a “Small Business”, & Teamsters
            Business Rep./President, STRONGLY believe that “It was TIME” for a REAL change in “OUR” current “corrupt political administration”. & that a “Non-Harvard Attorney”
            person, (a. “real” BUSINESSMAN, be given the opportunity to SHOW then “how to operate “WITHIN A BUDGET”..
            NOTE: (I’ve seen ALL this “Corruption” WITHIN many of our Government Agencies, (from the lowest to the highest
            offices in “OUR” so-called LEGAL JUSTICE System.
            for my Labor Relations efforts as a TEAMSTER Business agent I received, Recognition & a TIME Magazine Award as, “One of 100 Newsmakers of Tomorrow” in 1978. in “DEALING ABOVE BOARD”, with those Government Agencies, Private Companies, & members that I represent. I hope TRUMP can HELP “OUR” Elected Officials to “return” to this type of “HONEST” WITHIN their administration of “OUR”
            Country’s Constitution laws. AS WRITTEN..

          • notrig

            astrc…….Thanks for clearing this up. I thought so.
            We need to get back to what the Constitution says.
            Thank you sir for being a police officer.
            You have my deepest respect. Take care! Go Trump go!

          • astrc

            You are so full of shit, a typical, “Closed minded Idiot”, you fail to even “Look into both sides” & seek the TRUTH.

          • astrc

            What the hell, are you, “Blind, Deft, & Dumb”, You don’t think that “lying under Oath” is a Criminal Crime”, Violation of her, “Oath of Office”, to “Uphold & Defend the Constitution of the United States”, AS WRITTEN, by #1. Attempting to
            Change the 2th Amendment, or support moving “OUR” Country over & into the “ONE WORLD ORDER”, under the control of foreign governments is any “big deal”. or allow “Illegal aliens” (Especially possible “ISIS terrorists” into OUR country without “any” checks & balances”. making “OUR” boarders “More” secure, protecting”OUR” AMERICAN citizens from the “Drug running cartels, who former, U.S. A.G. “Eric Holder”, allowed the DEA, to sell guns to, that “were” used against “OUR” citizens.
            Where in the hell is “your head”?

  • arnapuck

    If I were Covey I would get the hell out of there so as not to have my name mixed with this situation. Like NOW !!! Can you imagine, being “in charge” when the FBI was politicized by people of color?

  • annarose13

    I watched Hillary give her response to Trump’s landslide win. She was convinced the win would go to her, devastated b/c she lost. That is the reason for her tearful statement NO OTHER REASON. She is the same Hillary she was & always have been.

  • annarose13

    Listened to Hillary’s “tearful” concession speech this morning. almost felt sorry for her until I remembered how evil BOTH Clintons are. Go to “Conservative Revival”, look up Loretta Lynch, Obama & the Clintons. You will be in for a LONG read on scandals, lies & treason!!

  • astrc

    SO! What is “New”? Just more, “TALK” & COVER-UP, Obama & Clinton & his CZAR administration, are masters at “Politic” cover-up B.S. And being a “so-called”
    CONSTITUTIONAL “ATTORNEY”, if even 1/2 of it is the truth, they have not only committed, “NONFEASANCE”, “MISFEASANCE”, & “MALFEASANCE” of Office, they violated their, “Oath of Office”, & any number of Constitutional & criminal laws. SHE, is just “another” KISS ASS

  • Countrysunrise

    We know Loretta Lynch should be out of a job. We don’t know which other heads are going to roll. That should leave the doors wide open to pursue this case, and finally get to the bottom of this case. Get the blockers put on the case for obstruction as well.