Obama Had His Hands In this Massive Government Conspiracy Long Before It Blew Up

Former President Barack Obama had his hands in several scandals throughout his two terms as commander-in-chief.

Most notably, Obama stayed silent during the Russia probe — but it seems he may have led an even larger role than originally thought.

Details have emerged over the past several months showing that Obama’s Department of State was heavily involved during key junctures in the Trump-Russia probe.

State Department officials in Obama’s administration obtained and reviewed parts of the infamous Steele dossier by mid-July 2016 — well before FBI headquarters had access to the document.

The U.S. Embassy in London played a key role in transmitting information about former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the FBI would use to justify opening the investigation.

This briefing reveals closer contact between Steele and the State Department than the agency had acknowledged before.

Also appearing to be key to the State Department in the Russia probe were three diplomats.

Obama’s State Department’s Top Russia expert, Victoria Nuland, received early excerpts of Steele’s dossier in mid-July 2016 — around the same time Steele began sending his reports to the FBI.

The Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in London, Elizabeth Dibble, was one of the first U.S. officials to receive information about a May 2016 conversation that Papadopoulos had with Downer, the Australian High Commissioner to the U.K.

This key meeting held on May 10, 2016, held that Downer claimed Papadopoulos mentioned Hillary Clinton and Russians would prop the FBI to start its counterintelligence investigation.

Finally, Jonathan Winer who served until 2017 as special envoy to Libya met personally with Steele. He also was revealed to have exchanged documents with Steele and even prepared a two-page summary of the dossier for the State Department.

Of much surprise is his direct connection to the press, however — Winer was also revealed to have been a source for two journalists who wrote some of the first articles prior to 2016 that were based on Steele’s dossier.

On top of that, Winer provided Steel with a second dossier written by a Clinton ally, Cody Shearer.

Steele used this document and gave it to the FBI despite Shearer’s history of embellishment and political misdeeds.

The State Department’s involvement in the Russia probe has received little media attention — but one key member in the House has taken interest.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said he is investigating “major irregularities” in how the State Department handled information used in the Russia investigation.

One major complaint Nunes has made is that information from Papadopoulos did not go through the proper intelligence channels in the FBI.

Another red flag is the fact that a year passed before the Steele Dossier was officially released in December of 2017 — yet the State Department had information in 2016.

Winer and Nuland ultimately suggested in their disclosures that they determined Steele’s reports too sensitive for the State Department to handle – -supposedly leaving it to the FBI to handle.

Obama’s State Department clearly had information regarding the Dossier way before it was publicly released, and chose to use the information rather than pass it through the proper channels.

Do you believe Obama’s State Department hid key information in order to sabotage the Russia probe?

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28 thoughts on “Obama Had His Hands In this Massive Government Conspiracy Long Before It Blew Up

  1. Charlie

    Nobody is above the law , POTUS Richard Nixon proved this statement . No democrats do not have another set of laws !

    1. Jan Tiehen

      except the Clintons, OBs, Comey, McCabe, L Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, S Rice, Holder, Lois Lerner, Hairy Reid, the list goes on & on…….

      1. Charlie

        Like sarcasm , however personally have hope that sometimes honor , respect , morality will step up to the plate and our political , judicial public servants will follow our laws starting with the foundation of all laws our Constitution .

    1. Kathleen Chippi

      Even if we continue to ignore Fast and Furious and Benghazi, for using a private email and corresponding with/on hil-LIAR-y’s private email/server….

          1. PabloDali

            ‘Certain Women Should Be Struck Regularly, Like Gongs’
            — Kavanaugh character witness Mark Judge in school yearbook

  2. jimof ct


  3. Moe

    Sessions had the power to appoint a second independent investigator when threaten with comtempt of Congress when he and his sneaky goon Rosenstein ( the moron who believe he does not answer to congress cause he is FBI), refused to release subpoenaed documents on Steele Doseia illegal use for FBI FISA application for spying on candidate Trump, and the Clinton FBI cover up crimes. Instead he picks an insider FBI IG whom as exoected blows smoke up our asses, only the FBI could pull off such a joke truly corrupt leadership under Sessions. Of course there us no criminal intent just bias, bull crap why is Jeff willing to sacrifice Trump and protect Obama’s sneaky lying ass? The GOP had nine years to appoint a special investigator like Risenstein’s sneaky goon Mueller, but they were scared shitless to expose the master criminal himself. Now our Kant chance to equal the political fighting field was lost again because Sessions turned to be a pos. He knows he screwed the American people not just Trump and like a true pompous ass thinks he fooled us.

  4. MichaelZZ

    Washington Post Writer to Teach Harvard Course on Trump’s “Threat to Democracy”.


    Whereas I am not thrilled about Pres. Trump’s “style”, if his worst attributes were 7 times as negative, I, still, would have voted for him over Hillary. It would not be a close call.

    The election of Donald Trump appears to have been, substantially, based on the frustration of We, the People, recognizing that the chronic business, as usual, was not rational and the acceptance thereof would define us as being insane; we apparently concluded that we weren’t going to take the status quo, anymore; the old “shot across the bow”.

    A professor or any teacher having, displaying, and employing a known bias is inappropriate, at best, and should be characterized as insane, inane, inappropriate, and counter-productive for the education process.
    Shame on Hahvahd.

    The WaPo writer is E. J. Dionne. He has recently joined the left-liberal The National Memo news-politics website. Dionne has been criticized for his statements regarding the NRA, calling them “terrorists” in a 2012 op-ed published in the Washington Post, only several days after the Sandy Hook shooting.

    Mr. Dionne is a well-respected political writer but may lean substantially left.

    1. The two most important ingredients to promote a functional democracy are TRUTH & OBJECTIVITY.
    2. I believe the recently passed tax legislation to be just short of horrendous (e-mail if interested in details).

    [email protected],
    May 29, 2018

  5. MichaelZZ


    The main reason that half of our nation is sad, frustrated, and angry because of the election results is due to the utilization of “SCUM” (scurrilous, corrosive, unrepentant, and malicious) politics.

    The main drivers behind the “SCUM” politics include HRC, President Obama, First Lady, Michelle Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, et al, and much, if not most, of the news media.

    These drivers have been pounding Trump with negative rhetoric and ads in an attempt to define him as they had programmed.

    They had no concern about the People. Had they been concerned about the children, they would not have, constantly and incessantly, replayed ugly sound and video-bites as ubiquitously as they did.

    When minds (mainly HRC supporters) were inundated with those defining efforts, no one can blame the recipients of succumbing to those efforts, thus tending to believe that which the deluge had promoted and, sadly, truth is obscured.

    Included in Hillary’s concession offering was her comment, “Our nation is more deeply divided than we thought”. That doesn’t appear to be an effort at reconciliation and offered additional fodder to those minds, suffering from the aforementioned “SCUM” politics.

    When Hillary called President-elect Trump, offering him her best wishes, it may not have been an act of grace. It may have been a piece of the puzzle she may be attempting to construct hoping it might truncate any efforts to continue investigations of her activities.

    If HRC had great concern for this nation, an act of grace would have been to offer an honest and uninhibited explanation of “SCUM” politics upon seeing the nature of the protests. This, also, applies to the other antagonists, President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, Vice-President Joe Biden, etc. If these people accepted their responsibilities, it would provide an incredible “learning moment” regarding politics, going forward.

    I am very disappointed in Geraldo Rivera. Excerpted from an article, May 1, 2016 (http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/opinion/2016/05/06/geraldo-rivera-donald-trump-doesnt-have-racist-bone-in-his-body/), referring to Trump, “He is a man who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. He is a down-to-earth, all around good guy.”
    But Donald Trump knows that despite my personal positive feelings about him and his, I could never vote for him to be president unless and until he moderates his toxic immigration policy.”

    Although both would have the legal authority, I do not believe either President Obama or President-elect Trump, when he becomes President, has a moral right to pardon HRC or any of the other actors.
    We, the People have the right to know the truth* for the goal of justice, not vindictiveness.

    The investigations should continue, allowing the process to resolve.

    If President Obama were to pardon Hillary, it may be due to ulterior motives.

    A pardon by a President Trump would be morally and ethically wrong and would be a slap in the face to We, the People.

    Without truth, a functional democracy will continue to be elusive.


    * Truth is Kryptonite to politics, since it appears that almost all politicians have embedded within their DNA, the need to lie.
    Because in their quasi-infinite wisdom, they believe that We, the People cannot handle the truth, thus they will tell us that which they believe we want and need to hear….., and, of course, they want to be elected.

    Michael Zitterman
    [email protected]

  6. big KAhuna

    A grand Jurry must be convened and harsh interrogation of all the corrupt officials ( Obama, Clinton, FBI, DOJ, Sorros, must be put under a magnifying glass ) we the people must have justice and penalties against these corrupt officials. Anything less is unacceptable. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d713a182b5e23e12dd7c7134b6c259f05d9f731967172a112242752c1b8fa1de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44f84322bc126eb94e9aac7be8c0cf5c6240402c93596c03da8066ab6e5c3922.jpg

  7. Doris Will

    The information gleaned from emails between “Romeo and Juliette” was far more incriminating for Obama. “POTUS wants to know everything” ” The White House is in complete control.” Even the Parkland shootings investigation incriminates Obama, his DOED, FBI, DOJ. in that not arresting students to keep them on the rolls, and giving a bigger piece of the pie to the local School Board, and sheriff. It looks like not many of our Federal and Local Agencies that have been left unslimed. “No Scandal” my butt.

  8. Ron C

    Obama was to stupid to plan all of this…he was taking his orders from Valerie Jarret and George Soros…and passed the word to rest of his hack henchmen & women…
    Just as Hillary and her DNC did the same…period!

  9. Charles P

    HA! HA! HA!

  10. mousekiller

    Obama has been tutored since he was in Kenya. He has been schooled to do the job of taking over the US. His a liar, Gay and was trained to be that nice well spoken almost black man. His college expenses were covered by an outside source. Ed credentials were fake that is why most all of his information was hidden from the public and still the ignorant stupid voters put him in office not once but twice. Obama was a dictator in training and damned near got the job. He and Hildebeast Clinton are a team with the same goals. Take over the USA and turn it into Mexico or some other south American countries are . Run by corrupt leaders and they get richer. Even the ignorant protestors will regret it if any Democrat gets in the white house because all of us will be in the same boat. Like it or not. Our govt has been getting more corrupt at a faster rate since the Kennedy assassination.Enough is enough. Wake up America. Internal fighting is not going to fix anything.

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