Obama Infuriated Millions By Leaving Out This One Word

As the Obama family is wrapping up their final weeks in the White House, they are observing the tradition of sending out a family Christmas card.

But their card outraged millions of Americans.

That’s because it left out one key word.

The Obama family card wishes everyone “Happy Holidays.”

For the eighth year in a row, the card refuses to use the word “Christmas.”

The New York Post reports:

In 2014, 2012 and 2011 — instead of mentioning Christmas or Jesus or even Santa — Obama chose to highlight his dogs, Bo and Sunny, by featuring pictures of the first pooches on the front of the cards.


“This season, may your home be filled with family, friends, and the joy of the holidays,” the card read in 2012.


Two years later, it said: “In this wondrous season, may the spirit of the holidays bring you strength and happiness.”


In 2013, Obama used a pop-up White House card, which also featured two small images of Bo and Sunny.


“As we gather around this season, may the warmth and joy of the holidays fill your home,” it read.


In 2010, a picture of a snow-covered White House was displayed on the front, along with the message: “May your holiday be filled with all the simple gifts of the season, and may your new year be blessed with health and happiness.”


A year earlier, Obama simply slapped a picture of the presidential seal on the front and wrote, “Season’s Greetings.”


“May your family have a joyous holiday season and a new year blessed with hope and happiness,” the insert read.

Obama was also just the fourth president to put a picture of himself on the card.

Bill Clinton did in 1993.

Before that, the last president to do so was FDR in the 1940s.

The traditional First Family Christmas card features an image of the White House.

This card featured a photo of the Obama family taken at a state dinner honoring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

BizPac Review reports:

Intended to capture the bittersweet reality this is the last of their annual Christmas cards, President Barack Obama released this year’s effort that features a photo of the first family.


…a choice that breaks from a modern tradition of featuring images of the White House on the card.


A very gray Obama is seen in the image standing next to first lady Michelle Obama, with now grown up daughters Malia and Sasha on either side of them.


The photo was taken in March at a state dinner honoring Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — the first time Obama’s daughters attended a state dinner, People Magazine reported.


Malia and Sasha “dazzle” in elegant, embroidered gowns designed by Naeem Khan, that are worth nearly $20,000. Each.


There’s not much of a Christmas-y feel to the card, other than being framed by Christmas holly clipart.

Incoming President Donald Trump often remarked on the campaign trail that we would start saying “Merry Christmas” again.

He began to make good on that pledge when his podium at his thank you tour events displayed the phrase “Merry Christmas.”

Many Americans would welcome this change from the Obama years.

  • Violette Heggen

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  • Mary Lee Norris Cobabe

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      The truth has been revealed but cannot get published. Michelle is a transvestite whose real name is Michael, and the girls were borrowed from two Obama friends. Everything about Obama is phony.

  • texexpatriate

    He won’t say Merry Christmas because he is a Muslim.