Obama Is Warning Trump Not To Do His Job

With one month left in his eight-years as President, Obama addressed Donald Trump with some alleged “advice” concerning his presidency.

Particularly, Obama urged Trump not to use one of the most powerful presidential powers: an Executive Order.

Obama, apparently, tried to warn Trump of the power behind his acts, but only came off as aggressive and threatening, well almost.

Breitbart News reported:

“Keep in mind, though, that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done,” Obama said from the Cabinet Room in the White House. “In my first two years, I wasn’t relying on executive powers, because I had big majorities in the Congress and we were able to get bills done, get bills passed. And even after we lost the majorities in Congress, I bent over backwards consistently to try to find compromise and a legislative solution to some of the big problems that we’ve got — a classic example being immigration reform, where I held off for years in taking some of the executive actions that I ultimately took in pursuit of a bipartisan solution — one that, by the way, did pass through the Senate on a bipartisan basis with our help.”

President Obama urged Trump to focus on working with Congress on matters, instead of imposing executive orders.

Obama’s advice likely spawns from the fact that he understands Trump can undo much of the damage he has done to this country in his eight-years as President.

Particularly, Trump can override President Obama’s executive orders that shields illegal aliens from deportation.

Breitbart News reported:

In 2014, Obama signed executive orders that shielded millions living in the country illegally from deportation.


The 44th president is aware that the executive orders by the 45th president can undo his achievements over eight years in office.


“I think that he is entirely within his lawful power to do so,” Obama said.

Later in the interview, Obama tried to cover up his warnings by offering “helpful” advice instead.

One such warning was that President Trump’s successor can also undo his executive orders he may pass, and that acts made through Congress cannot be overturned so easily.

Breitbart News reported:

But just as easily, Trump’s orders can also be wiped out.


“So my suggestion to the president-elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it’s harder to undo,” he said.


“And that doesn’t mean, though, that he is not going to come in and look at the various agencies and see the rules we’ve passed and if he wants to reverse some of those rules, that’s part of the democratic process. That’s, you know, why I tell people to vote because it turns out elections mean something.”

Obama also warned Trump there were many structural issues within the government that Trump needed to be careful to work around.

Breitbart News reported:

So I think we have a scrambled political landscape right now. There are some things that we know are a challenge for Democrats — structural problems. For example, population distribution, oftentimes younger voters, minority voters, Democratic voters, are clustered in urban areas.”


Building from the ground up and communicating to state legislators and financing school board races and public utility commission races, and, you know, I am a proud Democrat, but I do think that we have a bias towards national issues and international issues, and as a consequence I think we’ve ceded too much territory,” he said.

Whether the advice came from good intentions or just simple intimidation tactics, time will tell how Obama’s comments to Trump affect the new President’s policies.

What are your thoughts?

Do you believe Obama’s advice was well intentioned?

Or, do you believe Obama is trying to manipulate Trump’s power?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



One thought on “Obama Is Warning Trump Not To Do His Job

  1. Mr Washy

    He says that congressional actions are harder to undo even though that has been the objective of most of mister obamas executive orders. He’s been overriding a weak Congress and violating the established law of the land.

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