Obama Just Revealed How Much Of His Agenda He Thinks Trump Can Roll Back

Donald Trump campaigned on rolling back the Obama agenda.

Now that he is President-elect, many are wondering how much of the Obama agenda he will actually undo.

Barack Obama offered his thoughts, and they upset many Americans.

Obama has a history of telling lies to protect his own reputation.

He said it would be an insult to his legacy if voters didn’t turn out for Hillary.

After he lost, he lied when he claimed the election was never about him.

So it was no surprise when Obama told a whopper that he thinks Donald Trump can only undo 15 to 20 percent of his legacy.

Obama told this whopper in an interview with The New Yorker:

Obama said that he had accomplished “seventy or seventy-five percent” of what he set out to do, and “maybe fifteen percent of that gets rolled back, twenty percent, but there’s still a lot of stuff that sticks.”

He defended ObamaCare and believed most of it would remain in place.

The New Yorker also recounts him saying:

He went on, “Obviously, the Affordable Care Act, I think, is most vulnerable, because that has been a unifying bogeyman for Republicans over the course of the last six years. In the minds of a lot of the Republican base, it is an example of a big government program designed to take something from them and give it to someone else who is unworthy.” But he said that, while the Republicans would have to make some attempt to deliver on that, they had to proceed with care, because the program’s twenty-odd million beneficiaries included many Trump voters, “even if they don’t make the connection.”


If the Republicans “tinker and modify but still maintain a commitment to provide health insurance for the people who received it,” he said, “then a whole bunch of stuff hasn’t gone out the window.”

Republicans didn’t get the memo.

Congressional Republicans are already working on an ObamaCare repeal bill they hope to act on as soon as Trump takes the Oval Office.

Politico reports:

Republicans say repeal efforts will start in January. They are considering whether to swiftly repeal the biggest pieces of the law through a complex budget process called reconciliation that Democrats cannot block. If they go that route, Republicans would likely pass the repeal — but delay the effective date for a year or two until a replacement could theoretically be enacted. That would shield the GOP from an immediate backlash from taking away insurance. They are even considering passing the bill through Congress in early January so that Trump could have it on his desk within minutes of swearing the oath of office…


…At the same time, they expect the Trump administration to use its executive powers to immediately start to peel apart other pieces of the law. The Senate Republican Policy Committee on Wednesday circulated a document that said regulatory relief would come “on Day One” from the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services.


“The original health care law itself was 2,700 pages, but there were also more than 40,000 pages of administrative rules, regulatory guidance, and even blog posts setting ObamaCare policy,” they wrote. “A lot of this can be scaled back on Day One.”

In addition to repealing ObamaCare, President-elect Trump can wipe away Obama’s illegal executive amnesty orders.

He can also end the DACA program that shielded illegal immigrant minors from deportation.

President-elect Trump has also pledged to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement that restricts the U.S. economy to combat so-called “global warming.”

Republicans in Congress and a President Trump can also defund Planned Parenthood.

Obama has taken steps to protect the abortion mills’ federal funding, but Trump campaigned on taking away their funding as long as they performed abortions.

The vast majority of the Obama agenda is on the chopping block, and Obama is lying if he claims only 15 to 20 percent of it is in real danger.

  • cathylovesyou

    Obama is so weird and out of touch while right in the thick of it all. He has such a ego as he acts like someone with worlds of wisdom offering up words of advise to whom ever things he never did or was against. He is laughable in his empty statements. He is a world of useless information, he is the kind of a guy that starts a conversation with Goodbye. Hope every thing that he has done is turned back as I hardly every agreed as to what he was doing. His lack of common sense made no sense.

    • JoLa25161

      Maybe there are elements of “ObamaCare” that could be used in “TRUMPCARE” — If so, why not use them. If you find your car with four slashed tires do you toss your car off the cliff or buy 4 new tires?? Politics should take a back seat to “GOOD GOVERNMENT”. This might be the case with “OBAMMYKARE” morphing into “TRUMPCARE”.

      • stopspending4

        Trump has already said, along with other Rep, that there are parts of ocare that they will try to keep but not the majority. I just hope they do not continue using the name Obamacare. it freaks me out just to hear the name.

      • cathylovesyou

        got ya, Trump already said some of the things in Obamacare he likes Age 26 coverage, and covered present sickness. I agree, and a little note “These two were original Republican ideas”

        I am for repealing Obamacare and all 800 or so regulations and laws President pompous used his E. P. to pass

      • The Dutchman

        It wont be Trumpcare, It will be Americacares.

    • Notstupid

      Cathy: I see it a little different. Because the man spewed such slick, soft, ugly rhetoric, and because he is black, the went to the WH on the wings of guilt that he knew was there; in reality, he can deliver a speech, that is for sure, but he is about as dumb as a doorknob. I can’t think of anything intelligent he has said in eight years — but will admit, he plays well to the shortcomings of the Nation. It is time to put a stop to it and tell it like it is, the way Trump tells it. I don’t know why it took eight full years for the public to see through him — I saw it the very first time he bowed to the Saudis and apologized for the Nation — as though he represented us, the People. Sad indeed, but it is finally over.

      • Kevin Morrison

        Thats the problem Notstupid, after 8 years just look at how many total morons voted for the queen of bitches and how many of them are so butt hurt about it they are out destroying private property and hurting innocent people. Only half of American public had enough and it is a safe bet it did not take them 8 years to figure it out. Truth be told the 2012 elections were rigged and the monkey never did really win, him and the corrupt democrats system cheated the system to get him re-elected.

      • cathylovesyou

        You don’t see it different you are right on,if someone wanted to destroy the United States, hiring Obama would be the answer. Your right the thing that really gets me is the Republican as well as the Democrats never did anything in the eight years of his tyranny.

      • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

        Or as my grandmother used to say, ” a lot of book learning and no common sense” or an “educated fool”, but he is charming and charismatic and that’s why many voted for him, not once, but twice, yes it is finally almost over, but we must remain ever vigilant which is the price of freedom!

  • Ektor

    Obama is a diehard Communist, along with Witch Hillary. He is a fourth class community agitator and will lie to save face. When, if ever, was the last time Obama told the verifiable truth about anything? Trump only needs to dismantle about half of Obama’s agenda to make it a ghost of history.

  • Kevin Morrison

    Personally they can repeal the entire last 8 years of this monkey fucks presidency and I could care less. To bad we can not send the prick on his way with the debt he left the Americans to pay for! If this moron calls anything he did a proud legacy it proves just how out of touch with reality the loser is. If there was ever a worst president I have yet to find him! Obama is by far the biggest mistake this country has ever made and only electing Clinton would have been a worse choice. So I guess his legacy is that he was a better president then Hillary ever would have been!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well executive orders are not laws so he can undo 95% of your corruption , as for the things you did get passed in congress will be repealed and that makes 100% of your b/s being undone , you wasted 8 years of americans time and money

  • redrider

    I saw the speach Obama gave from Peru (he was talking about how great TPP would be for us), it sounded like the same thing Bill Clinton said about NAFTA. Seriously do you remember anything good that the Clintons did while Bill was President? Obama will be the same way, in a few years we will have fixed everything he did to us.

  • 2ndOrion

    If the “Affordable Care Act” was Affordable, it would be fine -but it is not Affordable.

  • I can’t even begin to tell all of you how disgusted I am with Obama. He has been following his agenda to destroy America and has nearly succeeded. His so-called legacy is one of death, destruction, debt, division, racial prejudice and hate. I truly believe that the only hope and change he wanted was to turn America into another Venezuela or worse. Because of him the Democrats have suffered their greatest losses during this election and previous mid-term elections. And hoping that Trump is able to do just 1/2 of what he is promising, we may never elect another Democratic president again. Draining the swamp will begin with Obama and his entire administration. I think that Trump is playing Obama rather cool in order to minimize what further damage BO can do before the end of his term in office. I also believe that Obama and/or the Clintons were responsible for the death of Anthony Scalia in hopes of putting a liberal progressive judge on the Supreme Court – or worse if Hillary had won. Scalia’s death was really clouded with mystery given that an autopsy was not even performed to determine the cause of death. I also believe that Obama gave the “stand down” order in refusing to save the 4 who died in Benghazi for political reasons and then concocted the lie about some video maligning the character of Mohammad inciting Islamic terrorists to riot. Obama should have been impeached and shot for treason because of that disaster along with all the many crimes he has committed regarding his insane and totally bizarre methods for conducting the wars in the middle east, the fast & furious gun running scandal, the IRS scandal, the $150B give-away deal with Iran, the payment of $1.7 B to Iran in hostage payments, bringing in thousands of un-vetted Syrian refugees – some of which are Islamic terrorists, and along with Hillary’s poor judgement being the main reason why ISIS is flourishing in 32 countries throughout the world. What a complete disaster his entire 8 years in office has been. Good riddance to BO and Hillary! This election and ousting the Democrats from both the executive and legislative branches (and assuming that all goes well with the selection of good judges to the federal courts – even swinging the balance of power in the Supreme Court) of government will go down in history as the greatest political achievement ever in a single election.

  • jim jones

    I would prefer it if Mr. Trump left the Paris agreement in place. We can’t let greed kill us.

  • marina knife

    Hopefully the emphasis on Planned Parenthood as a political activist arm of the progressives cultural machine – they placed ads for paid rioters under their own banner – the fact they have a lucrative business selling foetus part and whole when possible – hence their support for late term abortion – all of these items are evidence they are not a non-profit organisation. End any tax-payer funding. If people want to donate to them that’s their choice. Let the progressives pay for their debauched and sick enterprise no enforcement by Federal allocation of taxes. Arrest those members in receipt of commission (on top of basic salary) so profits beyond charity care; profits that are knowingly made profit – as per their turnover as shown on accounts filings – supply and commission – not on their verbal claims and denial of evidence in filmed conversations.

  • arizonapatriot

    Nuclear option in the Senate First!