Obama Left Iran And Afghanistan In Ruins, Along With His Legacy

Throughout his 2008 campaign, President Barack Obama pledged to end the war in Afghanistan and get the American soldiers back home.

He did everything but keep his promises.

His strategy to withdraw soldiers from Iran only made the situation worst.

The political regime in Iran was left in shambles, while Obama’s militant powers stumbled through Afghanistan wreaking havoc under his orders.

Obama left the Middle East in calamity, yet tries to accredit it as a victorious part of his so-called legacy.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Barack Obama pledged throughout the 2008 campaign to end the “bad war” in Iraq and win “the good war” in Afghanistan. Now, days away from the end of his tenure, it’s clear all he’s done is make both worse.

Obama’s vacillating strategy — withdraw from then politically ignore Iraq, and fumble through Afghanistan — leaves the Trump administration with the most powerful Taliban movement in 15 years and an Islamic State global terrorist network.

“If you are a U.S. serviceman who served in Afghanistan at the time of the surge, you have to be very cynical about U.S. policy in Afghanistan,” Bill Roggio, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Obama’s first major military debate in 2009 revolved around what to do with the troops in Afghanistan.

Two sides eventually arose – Vice President Joe Biden and his eagerness to aggregate the tension with counterterrorist acts, and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her demands to spike the amount of troops deployed.

Disarray was evident both in Obama’s war room, and overseas.

The Daily Caller reports:

Obama ultimately decided to increase troops to 165,000 in 2010, but simultaneously — to the dismay of senior advisors, including Iraq surge guru Army Gen. David Patraeus — imposed an artificial deadline for withdrawing the surge forces.

Roggio likened the concurrent withdrawal announcement to “pulling the rug out” from under the surge. The strategy, he said, was like “not having a strategy at all.”

The surge spiked U.S. casualties. Troops fought for and secured Taliban sanctuaries. The Pentagon funneled billions of dollars to the corrupt Afghan government. Meanwhile, Taliban units “squirted” through the porous border and found sanctuary in Pakistan. U.S. diplomacy repeatedly tried to balance the needs of supply routes with taking a tough stance on Pakistan, which contained Taliban sponsors in its government.

Overall, Obama’s decisions yielded little results other than senseless American casualties.

Obama’s legacy is one written in blood; it is not one to be praised.

What are your thoughts?

Did Obama’s administration handle the state of the Middle East correctly?

Or did they merely aggravate the tension?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



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