Obama May Still Have Control of This Government Agency

Obama-era politicians are still causing problems for President Trump and his administration.

Though Obama has been out of office for nearly a year, his influence on the government still lingers, with those who are loyal to him attempting to sabotage the Trump administration.

Most recently, records involving Hillary Clinton are being hidden by the public — and one lawyer claims it can be directly linked to Obama’s appointees.

FBI officials are claiming a lack of public interest is preventing them from releasing information regarding Hillary Clinton’s federal investigation.

But even Democrats admit that the public outrage over her criminal behavior has affected Hillary Clinton’s career — even going so far as to say it lost her the election in 2016.

The American people want the records released to the public, so Clinton’s crimes can be fully revealed.

But reportedly, Obama-era agents are preventing the records from being opened to the public.

Ty Clevenger, a lawyer requesting open records for the case, was shocked at the refusal to make the case public.

Though the FBI claimed there was a lack of interest in the case, the fact it made national news and sparked controversy during the election seemed obvious enough reasons to make the records public.

The Washington Times wrote:

Mr. Clevenger said he thought it would have been clear why Mrs. Clinton’s case was of public interest, but he sent documentation anyway, pointing to a request by members of Congress for an investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton perjured herself in testimony to Capitol Hill.

While Breitbart reports:

“We have determined you have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” says the August 28 letter from David Hardy, the FBI’s record manager.

“I’m just stunned. This is exactly what I would have expected had Mrs. Clinton won the election,” Clevenger told the Washington Times. “It looks like the [Barack] Obama Administration is still running the FBI,” Clevenger added.

“It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” said the time-wasting response, which will likely be appealed by the filer, New York lawyer Ty Clevenger.

Clinton’s records have been the focus of global attention, especially in the run-up to the shocking November presidential election in 2016 as the FBI renewed investigation into her emails, computer records and her husband’s secret runway meeting with the serving Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. In fact, Democrats blame Clinton’s November defeat on the public furor over her records.

Though President Trump’s pick for FBI director, Christopher Wray, took office on August 2nd, Obama-era agents may still hold a great deal of influence over the agency.

Do you think that Obama still has influence over the FBI?

Do you believe that Hillary Clinton’s records should be released to the public?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



28 thoughts on “Obama May Still Have Control of This Government Agency

  1. Saml31

    Damn right ! As long as the Kenyon fake president lives and breathes he will fight President Trump every step of his presidential terms. We must deport him to Kenya where he belongs.

    1. Mo

      Whar we need is for his American Hating excuse of a human being is to be arrested for TREASOn, tried and convicted and EXECUTED, period. We should not have to pay for his retirement, he proclaimed that he “HATED AMERICA” more than once during his campaigns.

      1. gardeauxandrew

        That’s because you Americans both civilians and military have not the ba.lls because of blind patriotism and the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail to storm all castles and make citizens arrest from the very top to bottom of all said associates of a previous administration! The American medias do it worse by promoting the liberal agendas of riots that help terrorist to destroy America from within!

    2. gardeauxandrew

      He and the medias sure fooled many and those that didn’t get fooled have the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail and with blind patriotism to a long ,long corrupt politicians haven from previous administrations! Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES Why do you Americas [ any/all ] allow this without true resistance because of both liberal repubs and especially democraps political correctness of a race card pass, stop lowering standards to pacify ,it hurt all! Stop helping terrorist to destroy this country from within through the medias promotion of civil unrest [ riots]! Americans can be especially you white one your own worse enemy! Diversity is code for ant-white! liberalism hurts all especially those they profess to help!

  2. Glanda Widger

    Obama still has control of most democrats at the white house and meets with them in his shadow government offices regularly. They are determined to bring down this country. The fact that rhinos side with him shows just how far down the rabbit hole Government and America has gone. He needs to go but the liberal slaves he owns are too stupid to see what he is dong to them. he played his part well. Pander to the blacks and welfare recipients and promote division in this Country. Nothing now but him being gone as well as his puppets on the hill will save us.

      1. Glanda Widger

        That part I agree with but his handlers do and you know that Jarret moved in with them at the DC house. he is still under their control and acting on their directives,

  3. cathylovesyou

    Obama and his gang of thugs are set up two miles from the WH doing their dirty work. Communist are like snakes they bide their time lurking in the under bush to kill innocent Prey. He is really rotten.

  4. barbarakelly

    I was listening on Foxnews and they had on a Mike Oharo a political commentator and he dared to say that hillary may not get punished. ON that statement he better be wrong. People died because of her –she is a black widow and she needs to face justice and not go free She needs to face time behind bars at least a yr. or 2. So help me –she better not get off free. There will be such an out-cry for justice for this women —trust me.!

  5. Jerry

    So they think we the people are not interested? How about one of you lawyer types out there write a petition to the white house to let them know how much interest there is?

  6. Don Liv

    The Director could not have seen this release. No responsible person could have reaped such an irresponsible statement to the American people. There is NO DOUBT THAT CLINTON Sympathies run deep in the FBI occupied by many ardent Obama supporters. AG Sessions needs to have a military “Standown” at the FBI and get it back to an A Political Bureau again. Wheather they know it or not their credibility is lost at the present time it has never been in this position in their history.

  7. Calvin King

    First, the Assistant Director need to be relieved and reassigned. As a SES he cannot be immediately fired, but can be reassigned to a nothing job like in American Samoa. He is the Bathhouse Barry surrogate in the FBI.
    cannot understand why President Trump has not ordered Sessions to do this. Send this Dopeycrat and his Demwit wife away as far as possible and start dismissal proceedings. Will take a while to get rid of this mole, but worth the wait.

  8. Lucia Gibson

    Speaking as layman,Just read: ‘Obama may still have control of this government agency….How disgusting, How can any of this be lawful this should read Obama and his cronies have been held…, I can’ t believe that ex-Obama with serious criminal convictions – the ones known of by the country alone can put him in jail for life, is permitted to protect Hillary another criminal trying to prevent the law of justice to be carried out in the proper manor and how can a few smelly swines hold back required evidence of major importance to be investigated by the country, while this farce goes on Obama draws circles around the law justice, winds the country round his little finger, mocks the law of the land he inhabits with audacity never known the like before, but the country feels helpless throws its arms up in the air waiting for the papers that will incriminate Hillary to appears, if ever. Come on , you can do better than that. Get those cronies out by the scruffs of their sodding necks, bust in on them, drag them away on a cart wheel, what sort of great country you call this? On the other hand, I don’t believe the country really wants to criminalize. Time for Trey Gowdy to take action. God bless America.

  9. Ron

    Wait until Obama’s billion dollar legacy is built in Chicago on approx 500-700 acres, alongside Tiger Woods newly renovated Jackson Park Golf Course. All this for the most anti-Christian unAmerican Pres we ever had.

  10. Kathleen Redman

    Time to get em all out and start over with the FBI! I am sure they are not the only agency that is still traitorous to this nation and our president.

  11. yumadlh

    RULES, REGULATIONS or GUIDELINES from any of the departments that do not have heads approved by Congress will not be approved. These departments will be closed for business until such time heads are approved. Or just closed. Not necessary.

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