Obama Snaps: Can’t Handle Trump Taunts

President Obama has reached a breaking point.

After months of ridicule and repeated taunts from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump over his refusal to call radical Islamic terrorism exactly that, Obama snapped back at Trump.

“There’s no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam,'” Obama said bitterly. “It’s a political talking point. It’s not a strategy.”

In a clearly heated attempt to fight back against Trump’s taunts, Obama described his attacks as “yapping” by “politicians who Tweet and appear on cable news shows.”

Obama defended his decision, insisting his refusal to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” wasn’t because of his culture of political correctness, but because it would “legitimize the enemy.”

Obama clearly believes that if he continues to not call radical jihadists out by their name, they’ll simply disappear.

He even went so far as to say the radicalized Muslim terrorists weren’t “religious warriors” but “thugs”.

No doubt, Donald Trump’s harsh words for Obama in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting got under Obama’s skin.

“Look, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind,” Trump said in a Fox News interview Monday morning.

“And the something else in mind — you know, people can’t believe it. People cannot, they cannot believe that President Obama’s acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words ‘radical Islamic terrorist.’ There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on.”

Trump even called on Obama to resign.

“I refuse to be politically correct. I want to do the right thing. I want to straighten things out. And I want to make America great again. The days of deadly ignorance will end, and they will end soon if I’m elected,” Trump said confidently.


  • desert fox

    The problem is not guns but people. Why did they stop their surveillance of this terrorist—I’m all for gun control–every home should have one—- and the media is lying to you—this was not the most people killed in an attack. Check out what the government did to the Sioux Indians in South Dakota. They made them give up their guns and then they slaughtered them. This is exactly what will happen to us if we give up our guns…..he brought 176,000 unvetted muslims into the country in 2015 and disbursed them through out the country. They caught 7 known terrorists crossing the border from Mexico—how men got through without being detected. If you are smart you will buy a gone to protect yourself and your family—and remember self-defense is a legal plea. If you feel threatened by a muslim, shoot first.—–Remember—–you felt threatened.

    • Dianne LaPierre

      If people don’t want to buy guns because they feel they are too dangerous, they can also buy a sling shot and a few pounds of bacon!!!!! LOL

      • Korean War Vet

        Or, better yet, Dianne, the little wimps can simply round-up a few pebbles and simply under-hand toss them at the muslims; that ought to scare the bejeebers out of the terrorists.

      • Barrustio

        I actually suggested rolling bacon up into balls held together with a toothpick, frozen and aimed at “desirable” targets. A good sling shot can carry a frozen bacon ball a loooong way with nobody knowing where it came from.

    • William Ingram

      I have no gone to protect myself.
      I can’t point a gone or anything like a gone.
      Instead – – – I will sue a gun as it will be more effective than any gone.

      • Awaitingtherapture

        You can always tell a liberal. They are the ones pointing out typo’s, grammar errors and spelling. The facts and the truth won’t serve them so its all they got.

        • dokey347

          tsk, tsk!
          Oh, and its “all they HAVE”! LOL

          • stopspending4

            dokey, you obviously have not heard the slang “that’s all they got”. Guess you should get out more and worry about other people slang less.

        • William Ingram

          THEY point out other peoples errors. – not theirs –

          They don’t think they can cause errors (therefor) they don’t check their own work. Learned that in College

          I A R smart – butt de arr even schmarter then me.

          (or at least they think so).

          Gotta love liberals. As long as their friends (fellow liberals)tell them that they are smart they are happy and believe themselves to be so.

        • David Parker

          Hey, I point out typographic, punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors and I am NOT a socialist (I know you use the word “liberal” but a classic liberal is one who is willing to look at every point of view before deciding which is most feasible, plausible, desirable, etc.)
          A socialist, on the other hand, desire absolute power over everyone else, i.e., Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao are the best examples in recent memory. The book “1984” by Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) describes such a totalitarian nightmare (nightmare to we the people but a bureaucrat’s dream).
          I believe in the free market and no central “government” and by “government” I mean the scum who call themselves government, those who invented and maintain the system of forcing we the working people to pay for our own oppression by them the scum. The owners of the federal reserve system, the ones who have the power of the US military to force us to take their paper currency in exchange for real gold and silver, those are the enemy of all honest people.
          By the way, the rapture is a hoax, John Nelson Darby, Scofield, Dallas Dispensational Cemetery, etc., are utter frauds. Revelation was God’s warning to the first century church to get out of Jerusalem because Israel’s cup was full, they were slated for total destruction and they were destroyed. The Israel of today is not the true Israel. Sorry to bust your bubble, but you are going to have to pay the mortgage, face the pains of old age, and die as is appointed to all mankind until His enemies are made his footstool and He returns. If you do not make provision for your old age and family, you are a fool.
          David Parker

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Your disclaimer is pure bunk. You are a socialist.
            Next item, I hope all of the religious bunk you said will not occur gives you great comfort between now and the day you meet the Lord. Because it is the last comfort you will ever have.
            You have swallowed , hook , line, and sinker, all the lies and counter arguments that the father of all lies has spoon fed you.
            All of the prophecy has come true, just like clock work.
            The RAPTURE, or gathering up, which the Latin term
            “rapio” means, is the next thing to happen in the prophetic calendar.
            Enjoy your pathetic search for correcting my mistakes.
            My mistakes will be forgiven, yours will condemn you to an eternal torment and separation from All Mighty God.
            Change your mind while you still can, the RAPTURE could occur before I finish typing thi

      • dokey347

        I think you need Spell Check! lol

        • durabo

          Spellcheck has become the nation’s worst enema…after Obama.

          • dokey347

            This kind of Enema? lol

          • Richard

            Yes, also known as a pain in the azz.

      • f8crusader

        buy one and learn to shoot. do not be afraid of them.. Believe me if someone is coming at you with a knife, he or she will think twice and maybe turn around and leave, or take a bullet someplace, then hje or she will never try it again

      • tarheel

        You are going to sue an inanimate object? Next time you want to jerk someone’s chain over a typo….might be a good idea to check your own.

  • Jay Hanig

    Odd that he would say they’re not “religious warriors” but are just “thugs”. Thugs were a well organized, hereditary cult that practiced large scale robbery and murder, justified by their belief in serving Kali, one of the Hindu goddesses. If that isn’t being a religious warrior, I don’t know what is..

    • Guest

      Brilliant observation. Its the uneducated blind leading the brainwashed blind. Morons and idiots all.

  • Kirby

    Obama apparently has no clue the nature of his chosen religion or the scriptures and prophet who wrote those scriptures. Muhammad is the rock solid standard for all Muslim men. The women are irrelevant cattle as far as Islam is concerned and have no hope for any future in the Muslim version of paradise.
    The Qu’ran is an infected virus that gives no leeway to any other thinking. Abrogation rules whereby once Muslims have reached a certain population percentage (about %6) their dictates of peace flip-flop (abrogate) to Muhammad’s latter, sick, and demented behaviors and policies. “Peace” – ? Don’t make me laugh. Slaughter, rape, beheading, enslavement (mostly as a sex toy), mayhem, and destruction rule the Islamic way.
    For the uneducated, kafir (a non Muslim) literally means “excrement”.

  • Dennis Martin

    If he calls them terrorists then he will be admitting failure because he knows he let them in. What bothers me the most is that he lets them in does nothing to protect us and goes a step further and tries to disarm us. I have to ask myself…. who’s side is this guy really on?

    • For sure, NOT on Legal, Law abiding Americans!! He has shown who he stands by– the muslims and criminals! He is a Marxist, Muslim Terrorist Usurper SOB!!

    • Korean War Vet

      Whose side is he on? His brothers’ the Muzzie terrorists.

    • stopspending4

      He told us at the beginning of his reign, that he would stand with the muslims.

    • judge45colt

      do you really have to ask???

    • Tom

      Obama’s inaction and allowing – demanding – muslim terrorists in the US is and has been his plan all along.

  • Julia

    It’s not a “political talking point”, it is the name of our worst enemy, he just won’t say it because it hits too close to his home!

    • Yes, because he is one of them!!!

      • Richard

        That’s it. Radical islam is not obumer’s worst enemy, it is his M.O.

  • dokey347

    Well, Obama’s going to let Millions of ISIS people in very soon also!! What the hell is wrong with him? Maybe he IS a Muslim? He sure as hell doesn’t give a crap what “We the People” think of whatever he deems ok to do!! Sad, very sad:(:(

    • Korean War Vet

      You guessed it: he IS a Muslim.

  • dokey347

    I have no problem with citizens having a gun to protect themselves and their family! My brother has one, my son-in-law has one, my sister has one and I’m thinking of getting one because I live alone. BUT, why are Assault Weapons sold to the average Joe?? That I don’t understand? What in God’s name would you need assault weapons for unless you plan to kill a lot of people?? That’s the only NRA problem I have! And the Orlando authorities were aware of the killers purchase and did nothing!! DUH!!
    ASSAULT WEAPONS should be for the Military ONLY!!

    • durabo

      The “assault weapon” is a chimera. Learn proper firearms nomenclature before you further embarrass yourself, dokey.

    • Dennis Dumas

      You sir are misinformed as so many others are regarding the term “assault weapon”, a label unfairly hung on a firearm that only resenbles a true assault military weapon the M 16!
      Being a gun enthusiast and sport shooter let me make clear the difference between an M16 (assault rifle), and the AR15 civilian hunting rifle.
      First, the M16 is designed to shoot one particular ammo, that is the 556 NATO round! This weapon has three firing settings, full auto, which can discharge 30 rounds in approximately 20 seconds, semi auto which discharges in three round bursts, and manual which is a single shot for each trigger pull. As far as the ammunition used, the NATO 556 round, it’s velocity as measured in ft/second, and range 409 USA is actually about the same as used in the old style bolt action hunting rifle using 30/6 or 30/30, or .308. The major difference with the M16 being its full automatic capability and it’s semi auto capability of firing three round bursts! There is no rifle available for public sale that has this capability without a special license! So for all intents and purposes no civilian can own a rifle with this capability! Admittedly the M16 and the AR15 share a lot of visual similarity, mostly due to refinement in ergonomics! For example, they both share an adjustable/collapsible stock,( if you’ve ever shot a rifle before this capability makes it comfortable to shoot, as opposed to a fixed/non adjustable stock, it like the M16 uses a rail mounting system for auxiliary equipment, like a scope, allowing the user to adapt a multitude of different scopes easily, also the ability to mount a flashlight, or red dot laser. Both of which are advantageous in some shooting instances, where as the traditional bolt action does not have that capability. Another factor is weight, like the M16, the AR15 weighs in at about 6 -8 lbs, as opposed to your typical bolt action hunting rifle weighing at 20 30 lbs.( try and spend a day hog or deer hunting with a 20 lb rifle! Basically the only characteristics shared between the M16 and the AR15 are ergonomic features which I have discussed previously.
      Regarding the AR15, it is a semi auto rifle, meaning it’s ability to chamber a round is by automatic feed as opposed to bolt action. This allows a shooter to not have to manually chamber a round for each shot, but instead allows shooter to fire a single round with each trigger pull without having to use a bolt action lever to eject the spent casing and chamber another live round. Having this ability is far from a fully auto rifle which can discharge 30 rounds in 18 seconds with a single pull of a trigger. So for anyone to consider an AR15 a weapon of war is woefully misinformed. Giving the firing characteristics of both the M16 and the AR15, the soldier armed with a AR15 would not stand a chance against a soldier equipped with an M16, having far greater fire power than it civilian counter part!

      • Mogwan Boggie

        Dennis, you’re mostly correct about your differentiation points of the AR15 vs. the M16. The M16 in full auto mode can run a 30 shot magazine in approx. 2-3 seconds assuming the cyclic rate is between 475-800 rounds per minute. These “rounds-per-minute” rates are the original ‘design’ rate of the AR15, set by Eugene Stoner at 475 RPM. Through much trial & error testing, it was found that the M16 could fire as rapidly as 950+ RPM… the cyclic rate being contingent on the ammo’s projectile & powder load, recoil buffer, gas tube, etc.

        You’re also a bit off on your estimated weight of an ‘average’ hunting rifle. a Remington 700 in .308 with a scope and 10 round magazine weighs in at around 10lb. -Just about the same as an AR10 (.308 cal) which is the same rifle as an AR15 but in .308 instead of .223/5.56.

        And finally, in Vietnam, ‘dumping’ the entire magazine in one constant full-auto trigger pull was not ‘spray & hope’… it was “Spray & Pray”… and standard GI Issue M16 magazines were 20 rounds…not 30.

        It’s tremendously pathetic that one of the most vehement anti-gun politicians sent her staffers out to buy a handful of gun magazines… she then took out a big marking pen and proceeded to circle the “Scary Looking” rifles then transcribed a list of guns she wanted to see banned… Great logic. She probably overlooked a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch with wood furniture and highlighted a Ruger 10/22 “Archangel .22lr” build… Jeez…all too scary for me

    • Delete the Elite

      And Patriots.

    • Thrifty

      “Assault Weapon” is a scary made up terminology made up by gun control zealots to scare people uninformed about guns in general. An AR-15 is a semi automatic rifle. Semi automatic rifles have been around for over 100 years. A surprising fact is that the US government is one of the largest sellers of semi automatic rifles to the American people. They’ve been selling military surplus rifles to citizens since after WW2. Many Garands and Carbines have been sold by them and direct mailed to the buyers. Something which federally licensed gun dealers cannot do since passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. The government made sure to exempt itself from it’s own pesky restrictions though…good for them! They sell off case lots of surplus ammunition too. Wonderful of our government to compete with gun stores isn’t it? Makes you wonder if they are trying to hurt the competition?
      Semi automatic rifles fire one single round with each pull of the trigger. They aren’t machine guns. The public relations campaign to smear the AR-15 paints scary features of the rifle as something that makes it more dangerous that other rifles. Those features however are window dressing. A bayonet lug for example is just a small metal stub that a hole on a bayonet goes on to keep it straight. An adjustable stock, or collapsable stock as some like to call it is a safety feature that has been turned into a scary feature. They want you to think the adjustable stock makes the rifle concealable but in reality the stock adjust maybe 4 or 5 inches allowing the shooter to adjust for arm length. Proper fit makes for better control and comfort shooting. The stock has an inner tube that is about 8 inches long housing a spring and plunger which is part of the operating system. It is required to be there to function. If you saw an AR-15 fit with a wooden stock set you would think it is just another hunting rifle. If you see some hunting rifles fit with ugly plastic stock sets with some accessories you would think they are military rifles. Putting a racing stripe and numbers on your mini van doesn’t turn it into a NASCAR racer now does it? It is all political flim flam. The NRA does what it’s members joined it to do…protect their rights collectively. Nothing different than the NAACP or AARP or AAA or any other group representing lifestyles, professionals, or hobbiests.

  • Daniel Spickard

    A Muslim extremist by any other name is still a terrorist! If the idiot in DC can’t see it for what it is then maybe he is one himself! We need to rid this country of all non Christian people! After all did you ever read in our history books of any non Christian people fight for freedom from England in the Revolutionary War! I haven’t! Also any nationality that comes to our country needs to follow our laws not the laws of their former country! If they can’t follow our laws then they should be deported! As for any illegals in our country, they should all be deported. Then if they are caught a second time they should be banned from ever entering our country. If caught a third time they should be executed! plain and simple!

  • Tommy G.

    The ” YAPPING ” is what you are doing Barry Soetoro. If you are going to defeat your enemy you need to identify them and they are ” RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST “. AND another item is what are you going to tell your daughters when they come home all shook up over a ” FAIRY ” coming into their bathroom swinging their HOG LEG at the gals? You know it is going to happen so get ready for a hot headed red neck DAD blowing the HOG LEG off the fairy for swinging it at his daughter. CAN’T SAY I BLAME THAT DAD. You created the problem BARRY so be prepaired to deal with it. I realize that back in your day in Hawaii it was different back then when the boys made their money to buy their STUFF by doing OLD MEN–I believe the term was giving them a B. J.

  • durabo

    There is nothing Sheikh Hussein al-Obamastan won’tt do to protect and enable his Muslim coreligionists, including the practice of taqiyyah.


    Obama, that is not a very nice way to speak about your ‘sadists in your proxy armies of ‘moderate’ terrorists. Think of all the things they do to help you to destroy Syria and her people. That is a very ungrateful way to speak when they have saved you so many dollars in comparison to what you would have had to pay for more American boots in Syria.

  • Delete the Elite

    Defied Obama today. Dragged my balls into the gun store today and purchased an AR-15. The place was packed with 2nd amendment American patriots.

  • shirl1

    Mr. Abomination has NEVER been able to HANDLE ANY TYPE of CRITICISM!!!!!! EVEN if TACTFULLY spoken so as not to OFFEND HIM! This is why a LOT of PRE-PRESIDENT,SO-CALLED FRIENDS(Homosexual sex partners) were found DEAD EXECUTION STYLE, FORCED ONTO KNEES, THEN SHOT in BACK of HEAD. JOURNALISTS,POLITICAL ACTIVISTS,found MURDERED! Especially Investigative Journalists who released/were to release VERY DAMAGING FACTS
    about this TYRANT! The ISLAMIC TERRORIST-IN-CHARGE stops at NOTHING so he can FINALIZE HIS AGENDA,NEW WORLD ORDER’S AGENDA,(ILLUMINATI),ISLAMIC(MUSLIM)SAUDI ARABIAN ELITE’S AGENDA(A SAUDI PRINCE FINANCED OBAMA’S Educational and Lifestyle needs in AMERICA. ABOMINATION has ORDERED TAX AUDITS on SO MANY Christian, Conservative,Presidential Candidates, Conservative talk show hosts, like Bill O’Reilly of Fox News,RAIDED HOUSE of CEO at FOX NEWS,TOO MANY to tell you about in this post!!!!!!

  • Wayne Winslow

    Mr. Trump you have my vote.

  • daveveselenak

    That is why we love Trump! I love that picture, it definitely exposes this Muslim-Marxist jihadist as the demonic psychopath that he is! This is a comment about his debauched morality agenda!

    Sick, twisted diabolical deeds of the Godless Satan worshipping Leftist reprobates forcing the God fearing wimps to accept their debauchery, that is what this is! My God, when are the sheeple going to start standing up to this insanity? I’m with the gargantuan “Queen of Welfare” Moocho Michelle in one respect: I too am not proud to say that I am an American! It is tragic that the once ” land of the free and home of the brave” has become “land of the ENSLAVED and home of the ‘FRAID”! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION and that is why this Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his band of homo and lezbo commie minions are using the FBI, CIA, DHS and the fat-ass bodagger attorney general Lynch – hmm. that sounds interesting – to perpetuate all of these false flags using Islamic terrorism as the sledgehammer in forging their One World government, religion and currency as the State-run, fifth column propagandists – FOX FAKERS included – cover up for them, the “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment aids and abets them and their useful idiots on the Left support them and that is why we are now the “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA and it is going to get much, much worse! I predict that there will be no elections in November: WW III, which has already begun but most of the sheeple haven’t a clue ( NATO on their border, sanctions and now even banning their innocent athletes from participating in the upcoming Olympics ) crash of the dollar and martial law, any of these or all of them will see to that! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, they know it and that is why they are hell-bent on disarming “US” as to put us through where they are destined HELL! They have the gall to preach about income disparity while they live the lives of kings and queens ( especially the demonic psychopath in the “Outhouse” and his ole ugly commie political whore “Hillary the Pillory” ) on the backs of the middle class!

  • Tom

    “There’s no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam,” Obama said bitterly. “It’s a political talking point. It’s not a strategy”.
    Well OBAMA – why then do you refer to ISIS only as ISIL? Because you don’t want to use a term that recognizes Israel. ISIL refers to Islamic Sate of Iraq and Levant which eliminates recognition of Israel. Who are you bullshi**ing with your statement of “magic to the phrase” anyway – you cheesy hypocrite!

  • maquignon

    It is the same pattern Barack Obama has always used. He thinks that if you don’t call it a tax, then it isn’t a tax; if you don’t call it a coup, it isn’t a coup; but if you call it a cut then it is a cut; etc etc etc. Barack Obama knows very well the power of words and he has practiced what amounts to government censorship in many areas as to what words can be used by the government. So far the American people have been stupid enough to tolerate it. I laugh every time I hear a politician say: “The American people are not stupid.” If they were not stupid, politicians could not get away with crap like Barack Obama has – lying about Obamacare and the Iran “Deal” and dozens of other subjects.

  • jim jones

    Wake up asshole the enemy is very real and it is not a secret.

  • FStookey

    I have often wondered what Obama and Hillary would do if their entire security detail was suddenly disarmed (including all guns in particular). I am willing to wager we would no longer see them in public again (which really would be okay too).

  • David Parker

    One queer/demented idtiot/Moslem kills a bunch of queers at a queer wallow does NOT constitute a “terror attack”.
    A terror attack is an IRS audit, assault by trigger-happy FBI agents with orders to “end the standoff”, the TSA when you have a flight to catch and you are being gropped by queers in blue uniforms drawing a government paycheck: Those threats are meant to subdue we the people to them the god-power scum that calls itself government.
    The morale of this story is pack your own heat. There is nothing that calms a Moslem down like the prospect of immediate retaliation in kind. The prospect of return fire, being burned alive, or having his own head chopped off per Moslem protocol has proven to be very soothing to excited Moslems who tend to think themselves better than Americans.
    The morale of this story is don’t walk into watering holes infested by sexual perverts when there are Moslems around.
    David Parker

  • jeeper97

    Obama is finding out the people (who don’t know anything about Saul Alinsy) Don’t like what is going on. Saul wrote the ten rules for radicals; designed to bring down America from the inside. Obama and Hillary are long time students of Saul and they have nothing but disdain for the everyday Americans that keep this country moving forward.