Obama Tried To Take Credit For One Of Trump’s Accomplishments….And It Backfired

Former President Barack Obama is constantly trying to take credit for Trump’s actions.

But this time, he went too far.

Obama just took credit for Trump’s achievements in this one field—and it backfired.

Stronger than Ever

The economy is currently stronger than ever.

This is all thanks to President Trump pushing to increase jobs for American workers.

He is also stimulating the economy by pushing new economic policies.

But during a rally last week, Obama tried to take credit for his actions.

He pushed back against Trump and claimed that the economic swing was because of him.

Obama was there campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Rich Cordray and his running mate Betty Sutton.

Cordray was a supporter of Obama years ago.

At the rally, Obama claimed:

We worked hard to turn this economy around when I was president and Rich was there. And the actions that we took during the economic crisis returned the economy to healthy growth, initiated the longest streak of job creation on record, which continues to today,” Obama stated.


So just remember that when you hear these folks bragging about this economic miracle. Just remember when it started. Just remember when the ball got rolling,” he continued. “We spent eight years pushing that boulder up the hill, we finally get to the top, it starts rolling down the hill and then these folks come in and say look at what we’re doing. They’re standing there, didn’t even break a sweat.”

But Donald Trump Jr. just fought back.

He declared that no intelligent person would believe that Obama can help the economy or foreign policy.

In fact, Obama drove the country into the ground with his policies.

Donald Trump Jr. claimed, “The biggest joke I’ve seen in the last two years is Obama … trying to claim this economy because his policies of over taxation, oppressive regulation,”

He added that Obama ruined the country after sinking it into a recession.

The 2008-2009 recession was so bad, the economy did not recoil.

And Obama has been ruining the Democratic party for years now. Read more about it on American Patriot Daily.

Obama is now trying to re-enter into the political climate by sparking debate with Trump.

And Trump will not be fooled by his tricks.

Trump knows that Obama treats politics as a game.

Trump has referred to Obama as the Democrat’s best “salesperson” in the past.

But now Democrats are flailing trying to keep relevant.

And Obama is trying to ride off Trump’s success.

But Trump is fighting back.

Donald Trump has had enough of Democrats trying to ruin the government.

And Obama is one of the worst offenders.

After constantly bashing Trump in the news, Obama is now bashing him in person at rallies. Read more about how Democrats are bashing Trump on Conservative Revival.

But enough is enough for Trump.

Do you think that Obama is trying to take credit for Trump’s success?

Do you believe that Obama ruined the economy and launched the country into a recession?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.







12 thoughts on “Obama Tried To Take Credit For One Of Trump’s Accomplishments….And It Backfired

  1. Kent Powers

    Vote in a foreign, racist, Muslim, liar, on drugs & gay, & then wonder why everything is so confusing, we’re lucky to have survived with what we have.

  2. Statesman Patriot

    Democrats don’t have any clue how the economy works. They believe the private sector becomes stronger as government and regulations become bigger!
    What a bunch of dolts!!

  3. Jose

    Two people cannot just concede that they are no longer relevant but keep popping up like a bad case of acne – obama and hrc. Both are just are valuable as a poor race horse with a broken leg.

  4. Francis Kaspar

    Maybe the Dems can explain why the stock market went in the toilet on Election Day when the predictions were that Hilary was going to win and had an immediate +300 point recovery when it was obvious that Trump was the winner. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot foll all the people all the time.

    Lying is stock and trade for the Dems and they practice it as an art-form.
    Face up to it Mr Obama and Mrs Hilary; you lost and had your ass kicked. Finally, after all this time, President Trump has been able to shit can most of your stupid Executive Orders and the economy and the new business climate have emerged from under the onerous Obama constraints.

    1. Ppointy

      If only the people who term themselves (democrats) actually believed in & practiced Democracy, their actions would cause little concern.
      Unfortunately they attempt to hide their TRUE BELIEFS behind tenets such as Socialism / Communism / Fascism.

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