Obama Wants This Banned

Barack Obama won’t let the results of the election get in the way of trying to impose his failed agenda on the American people.

He’s launched last minute sneak attacks to leave his policy fingerprints all over America before he leaves office.

And his latest move will ban something that will outrage the public.

In one of his final acts in office, Obama is paying off the radical environmental lobby.

He’s proposing rules for offshore drilling in parts of the Atlantic and the Arctic.

The Hill reports:

“President Obama is planning as soon as Tuesday to indefinitely block offshore oil and natural gas drilling in parts of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.


Obama will use a section of the 1953 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to implement the protections, Bloomberg and The New York Times reported, citing sources familiar with the plans.


It’s unclear, however, how large Obama’s protected areas will be.


The action would answer calls from environmentalists to implement so-called 12(a) protections in the Atlantic and Arctic as a more lasting legacy against fossil fuels from Obama.


Obama last month made final a plan for offshore drilling lease sales from 2017 to 2022 that excludes the Atlantic and Arctic.


But that plan’s time period is limited, and President-elect Donald Trump can revise the plan to insert lease sales if he wishes.


Previous presidents have used the 1953 law rarely. In each case, they focused on small areas of water and set time limits in an effort to protect particular species.”

This is an unprecedented step by Obama that has puzzled many as to how they can be undone.

The Hill reports:

“It’s unclear how easily Trump can undo the protections, since no previous president has tried to roll back a predecessor’s actions under that law. Congress may also step in to undo Obama’s actions.”

Obama’s actions are squeezing the energy industry dry and depriving Americans billions of barrels of oil.

The Hill also reports:

“The United States’ portion of the Arctic is estimated to have 27 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The Atlantic has not had testing for oil and gas with modern technology.


The United States’ offshore drilling industry is based almost entirely in the Gulf of Mexico, with limited production off California’s coast.


The oil and gas industry has been pushing the federal government for years to open more areas at least to exploration, with limited success.


The Atlantic does not currently have any offshore drilling. The Arctic does not have any drilling that is in federal waters with traditional, mobile drilling rigs.”

President-elect Trump won the election on his promise to bring jobs back to America.

One plank in that platform was unleashing the American energy sector.

But Barack Obama is scheming to handcuff Trump in his final days in office.

  • oat21

    I don’t believe Obama will be ever able to handcuff Trump. His (Obama’s) legacy speaks for itself, a failed attempt to fundamentally transform America into a divided America, pitting one American against another and a liberal socialist communistic state where freedoms and liberty would be eliminated. Jan 20th cannot come quick enough, so we can fight hard and get our country back from near death. We as Americans, all races, religions and nationalities must stand strong together and united for the sake of freedom and he U.S. Constitution. Good riddance to what the history books will identify as a failed president.

    • Richard Bagenstose

      i agree merry xmas, oboma belongs in a 3rd world country like kenya, where he was born , he has no american values, and i am sick of blacks acting like they are better then every one else, when they are actualy stupider

      • NannyB

        Your remark is simply why our great country is divided. There are many great black people and many waiting in the wings. They just need a little boost of their confidence because they are constantly berated as you have just done. America needs to help not only the black community, but the underprivileged in all of our society. I say this as a white person trying to really see what is happening to our country. Be kinder. Be more gentle. We all need to get along.

        • Richard Bagenstose

          what a bunch of garbage, maybe for the good ones , what do you do with the bad apples out there murdering their own kind, they complain to many blacks are in prison yet they forget to mention 50% of the crime is commited by blacks, no one ever helped me so why should i go out of my way to help them, i made a half decent life for my self let them make theirs, the persuit of happiness does not mean free loading on others , it means you work to achieve your goals and happiness

          • NannyB

            Sorry you had those problems but you should be proud that you got out of the problem. If it were me, instead of being bitter, I would pass my good luck through hard work on to another one. Bet you could locate a worthy candidate if you looked. It must be hard living with that kind of hate. But it is not up to me to dictate what you do. I just believe that since you appear to be a self made person with some success doing it, it would be worthy of trying to pass your knowledge on to others. JMO that is all JMO The black community needs help. The Democrats sure did nothing all those years.

        • Howard

          No Obama is why this great country is divided.He intentionally incites riots between the races and the police.So NannyB you are clueless.

          • NannyB

            No…you need an English lesson. You said Obama I said Democrats. Too close to the same thing. Of course OB is at the root of all our racial problems. America WAS healing. But this man sounds like he needs to hear about a different point of view. I think it is more important to try to give people hope. Sorry you don’t think that way. Instead of blaming OB (who IS the problem) move on. Pick yourself up. You are being VERY narrow minded. We do not need that either. My son was a cop…I know all about the problems they face. Sorry…you are the one who is clueless. Read my response again.

  • David Stewart

    If those limp wrists in Congress would do their job and impeach him, each and every so-called Presidential edict would become null and void!

    • Merle Dickey

      Too late now .

  • Karma

    All the things omama is doing in these last few weeks of his power of the throne (kingomama), in the name of spite, should show even mindless americans that he doesnt care a bit for the country, or else he would be working toward a smooth transition without all his spoiled mamas boy b/s games..he should consider us, and the fact he wasnt tarred, feathered, and dismissed from a job he has so pitifully done (while not off golfing or spending billions in taxpayer money on vacation with the thing he calls micheal and/or michelle)….do us all a favor, pack your things, go golfing, go vacationing, go somewhere…just go..

    • Merle Dickey

      Bush never treated Obama in such a way . He(obama) is just a mean un american traitor !!!!

    • danstewart

      obummer should be in gitmo, not another country.

      • Karma

        Yeah, omama, both clintons, podesta, reid, huma and her pervert hubby, lynch, maybe comey, just for starters…waterboard em with 93 octane..

        • drbhelthi

          Plz remember, it was George H.W. Bush who restored the Muslim Brotherhood to USGov payroll in 1984 as VP to Reagain. It was Bush+CIA who increased the cocaine smuggling from south & central america into the US under the guise of the “iran-Contra” fraud. http://www.globalresearch.ca/cia-media-disinformation-and-us-proxy-wars-fallouts-of-iran-contras-lost-chapter/5326764 It was Bush Jr. who assigned the US Army to guard the poppy fields of Afghanistan and protect the heroin production that has been smuggled into the US by the Bush-CIA-US Army organization. Corporal Pat Tillman was murdered in 2004 in Afghanistan to prevent him from whistle-blowing about US Soldiers guarding the poppy fields. The Pat Tillman story hides a lot of facts and covers the USArmy murder of Tillman.

          The alias, Barack H. Obama, was not duly elected in 2008, rather voting was controlled in order for the Bush-Saudi Carlyle Group to install Obama. You will not find the info on every corner of the internet, however.

          • RareBear5419

            You gave us references for all of the “old history” – but gave nothing while making the accusation that Obama was not duly elected. Don’t get me wrong – there hasn’t been another man I have despised more since the ultimate RACIST, Al Sharpton. Please, follow up with a source to back up your statements. That would be something I would like to see!

          • drbhelthi

            Thanks. I have not done a summary of all the references, which would require more time and effort that I can apply right now. Folk who are not aware of his string-pullers, and their history, usually have difficulty believing the identity of his string-pullers.

          • PBrenda

            But even when the dems are told of soros and the Fabian society history, they still roll their eyes or want to argue the fact……they love obama and doesn’t matter what he does….I voted for trump as we couldn’t have Hillary as president, even though I am very wary of trump. Many of his supporters remind me of obama supporters……if he really screws up, I will not be one of them, supporting all he does….but I will give him a chance with watchful eyes for now……so far, so good….Supreme Court will be vital

  • Evan

    Don’t worry! Trump will void this and everything this fraud has done!

  • Evan

    We would just love to see you banned from America also obama!

    • PBrenda

      Have you read that an upscale golf course that obama wants membership in, may not allow it as most on the board are Jews….it was started decades ago when Jews were not allowed into golf courses and now they see obamas hatred of Jews and may not vote him in…..karma

  • ReaperHD

    All these orders he is writing can and will be rejected once TRUMP gets into office. Non of these writs are law and it will back fire on OBLOZO for not working with Congress and making it law.

  • Merle Dickey

    I am sure Trump will find a way to undo this damage that this traitor is and has done . we the people can raise a maor protest if needed but why can’t Trump use the ole executive order until he can solidify a change .

  • cathylovesyou

    What Obama has just done, should convince Democrats how divisive and spiteful he is. He has done tremendous destruction to the country as have the PC patrol over the past 60 years. Bush gave us Obama and Obama gave us Trump, to undo the criminality of the past 8 years

  • Richard Bagenstose

    oboma can take his pen and shove it up his a**, i will rot in hell before i listen to the perverted ni**er

  • Dick Ellis


  • David Stewart

    Simple cure, just place ARCO and BP in charge of EPA, BLM, U.S.Forest Service, Nat’l. Park Service; we’ll get that oil and coal!

    • YJ77

      The EPA was created by Executive Order, and should be able to be disbanded by rescission of the EO. Then tell all the federal EPA’s employees that they get 2 months of severance with benefits – go home now. Then they can look for an actual job.

  • George

    New President coming in so not to worry

  • RareBear5419

    This man is a pig. More worried about his stinking “legacy”, and intends to do all he can to hamper Trump’s promise to bring jobs back to America than being the least bit concerned about AMERICA’s FUTURE! HIS “legacy” will be the absolute WORST PRESIDENT this country has EVER seen! Virtually EVERY one of this stinking communist’s FAILED policies have cost American taxpayers billions, given our enemies every possible edge, and caused exponentially more problems across the world! He has managed to create the largest racial divide this nation has seen since the sixties, while dividing our population young against the elderly, the so called haves vs the have-not’s, and burying our progeny into debt generations before they are conceived. GOOD RIDDANCE TO SOCIALIST TRASH!

  • barbarakelly

    When that day comes for him –i hope he rots.