Obamacare Markets By Stealing Tax Return Info

The Cause of Action Institute recently filed a Freedom of Information Act to ascertain whether the Obama administration was marketing ObamaCare to young adults using the information from their tax returns.

The Cause of Action Institute filed the act with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, which are two key centers involved with the Affordable Care Act program.

Additionally, the Cause of Action Institute requested information from the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as demanding an investigation into the accused act.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We request that the Inspector General initiate an investigation into Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) and Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS”) roles in using taxpayer information to market Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) health insurance plans to individuals who have opted out of the program,” the FOIA reads.

The main concern is whether or not the Obama administration used information from tax returns to market the Affordable Care Act to those who had previously denied it.

The access into personal records is no doubt a questionable legal matter.

Federal laws protect the privacy of citizens, which extends to their tax returns as well.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Federal laws protect the confidentiality of tax returns and tax information. According to 26 § U.S.C. 6103, it is unlawful for an employee of the United States or a State to “disclose any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service … The law allows for tax information to be used for the limited purpose of determining ACA subsidy eligibility. It does not, however, permit CMS to market ACA subsidies to taxpayers who have already rejected Obamacare,” CoA states in the FOIA request.”


“The American taxpayers have a right to know who has access to their tax information and whether the federal government is breaking the law by using that information to market Obamacare,” the FOIA concludes.”

The Obama Administration is trying to market the Affordable Care Act to a younger demographic under the age of 26; however, under the Affordable Care Act, parents can opt to keep their children on their personal insurance plans until the age of 26.

Many young adults choose to stay on their parents plan due to the discounted rate.

The Obama administration is trying to force health insurance onto the Millennial generation because the system needs healthier, younger individuals in its statistics.

Furthermore, due to the incredibly expensive nature of health insurance, many individuals simply choose other, cheaper options, like prescription-only plans or “catastrophic” plans.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Obama administration is so keen on Millennial enrollment because the system needs younger, healthier people to offset the cost of older and more illness-prone members of society. It is a difficult sell for the administration, because many young people faced with the choice of staying on parent health insurance (at no cost to them) or enrolling on their own will likely choose the status quo.

It is simply not realistic to expect a young adult in their 20’s to be able to spend hundreds of dollars a month on health insurance.

What are your thoughts?

Is the use of taxpayer information an invasion of privacy? Or is it considered research for a better system?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



2 thoughts on “Obamacare Markets By Stealing Tax Return Info

  1. JWPerlsen

    Everything about the ACA is BS. Obama wants to control everything by making people take what they don’t want. It’s bad enough that those of us that can afford health care are paying for those that do not want to work and think the government should take care of them. The health care system is broken, it needs to be fixed or better yet replaced with an affordable one that the people want and need. I think we should give our President (elect) a shot at this. A good start might be putting someone like Dr.Ben Carson as the Surgeon Genneral and getting him heavily involved in working WITH the insurance companies. Not like it is now where the POTUS is telling the insurance companies what to do. Obama has lied to this country from the beginning of Obamacare and he compounds it by lying about lying and then telling us new lies about it. I for one am tired of listening to a politition flapping his gums and telling lies. The nation is tired of it. It’s time we let someone who gives a damn about this country to give it a try.

    1. Glorya S


      Succinctly, well said sir! You are Spot on for anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed or is braindead! I especially like your suggestion of Dr. Ben Carson as Surgeon General working with Insurance companies. But I’d specifically like to bring an acceptable balance of redefining “pre-existing conditions” that prevent people from getting a new job or when their job is lost being unable to get the insurance that they previously had to continue treatments so that these companies can take advantage of certain loopholes that are especially not at the fault of a person who has not engaged in activities that are known to create health problems such has cigarette, illegal drug use, drinking alcohol, obesity which are contributory factors to the most chronic health problems.

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