Obama’s Been Hiding This Secret From The American People

Barack Obama has dedicated his time in office to fighting so-called “global warming.”

But at what cost to taxpayers?

Obama’s been hiding a multi-billion dollar secret from Congress.

In 2015, Congress passed a law requiring Obama to detail how much he is spending on “global warming” related programs.

So far, he has not turned over that information.

The Daily Caller reported:

“We believe it is important that there be transparency and accountability with regard to the climate change related expenditures across the federal government, and that Congress and the public should know how much is spent by federal agencies, and for what purpose,” lawmakers wrote.


The chairmen of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the House Committee on Appropriations sent the letter to Shaun Donovan, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).


Congress included a provision in the last-minute budget deal that was hashed out in December, 2015, requiring OMB to submit “a comprehensive report … describing in detail all Federal agency funding, domestic and international, for climate change programs, projects, and activities in fiscal years 2015 and 2016.”


The budget provision was included after President Obama pledged billions of dollars to global warming-related programs.


Obama pledged $3 billion to the United Nations Green Climate Fund and said he’d spend $10 billion on green energy research. So far, Obama’s only been able to spend $500 million of his Green Climate Fund pledge.”

In 2013, Obama spent $22 billion on “global warming.”

The Daily Caller reported in 2014 the Obama administration requested $12 billion to fund the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agency.

Obama’s priorities are clear.

The left has long sought to remake the U.S. economy into the mold of European socialists.

A key cog in that plan is restricting America’s economy in the name of fighting “global warming.”

Even if Obama continues to hide what he has spent on “global warming” from Congress until he leaves office, the Trump administration could slash funding for these dubious programs.

The Daily Caller also reported:

Lawmakers’ request comes as President-elect Donald Trump gets ready to take office in January. Trump has said he’d deal with the U.S. national debt by growing the economy and getting rid of government waste.


Could this be a list of places to cut?


It’s not clear, but the Congressional Research Service reported in 2013 the federal government spent $77 billion on global warming programs over the previous five years.


Three-quarters of that came from funding green energy production though the Department of Energy. Trump’s reported Energy Secretary pick, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, said DOE was one of the agencies he’d cut when running for president in 2012.

Do you think Trump should cut Obama’s “global warming” programs?

Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Fat Hubie

    There is no “global warming”. There should be no government funded programs. The government is not responsible for supporting the liberal agenda. If “renewable energy” was a viable endeavor the private sector would be all over it. So far, for all the billions of dollars listed in the article, all we have is bankrupt Solyndra…

    • CharlieM

      The only reason the leftist/socialist/communist faction continues to exist is that their main weapon is getting funding for their pet projects from the people’s taxes (government confiscation). This has always been their number one plan. Shame the government into increasing taxes as needed to the point that government bankruptcy is the final result.

      These animals, who, by definition, CANNOT support themselves, are the antithesis of good common sense, responsible life. This is why all leftist/socialist/communist “experiments” always fail. The slackers always demand support from the producers.

      If it weren’t for the good, common sense, responsible people, there would be absolutely no one to provide the handouts to these wastes of skin.

      Stay Vigilant, Proud Deplorables.

      • Fat Hubie

        In 1950 the people who call themselves liberals today were regarded to be traitors.

        • texexpatriate

          They are still traitors.

          • Fat Hubie

            Yes, but now they have “freedom of speech” to riot, destroy, and preach subversion of America. Or throwing a tantrum to get their way as it was once called!

  • YJ77

    Perry’s first task as head of the Dept of Energy should be to lay off 90% of the departments’s employees due to lack of work; giving all of them a full 6 months severance package including continuation of their federal benefits for the 6 month period. That would prevent their additional spend or “granting” any of our tax dollars. They could seek gainful employment in the growing energy sector of our economy. If their skills aren’t transferable, why were they ever in an energy organization operation anyway.

    • Dick

      While I agree that 90% of departmental employees should be laid off, there should be NO SEVERANCE PACKAGE. When my health insurance was cancelled, when I lost my job due to Mr. Obama, there was no severance package. We were all just dumped onto the job market. Per Obama, the job market is wonderful. They should have no problem finding work if that is true.

  • David Stewart

    No President should ever be able to contribute tax-dollar funds to a foreign government or the U.N. without a vote of the public; in the last eight years we should have learned that not every sitting President has the neccesary intelligence to form those type of decisions!

  • If there is any global warming, it is certainly not caused by humans. What is really astonishing is that even when there are record cold periods, the global warming idiots claim that it is due to global warming. The claim also that CO2 is dangerous is a total fraud. The amount of plant life that depends on CO2 for its very existence is infinite in comparison to all the CO2 that all humans life can create. Our earthly ecosystem is so complex and huge in comparison to whatever puny efforts man can muster to affect it. Just think of all the forest fires and volcanic action there are every year without any impact to the earth’s climate. Again, progressives are really wanting to decrease population growth through abortion or war. Talk about a totally sick agenda so that a few of the elite can make $Billions using this scam.

  • Mr Washy

    Man made global warming is the religion of the far left. The constitution of the U.S. bans the establishment of a state religion. Absolutely NO money should spend in furtherance of this new religious (doomsday cult) movement.

  • ziggyman911

    Not one tax dollar should go to global warming. Not $1