Obama’s Daughter Malia Exposes How “White Privilege” Is False And Wrong

Videos have recently surfaced showing President Obama’s oldest daughter Malia at the music festival, “Lollapalooza”.

By the looks of it, she was really enjoying herself and having the time of her life.

She danced. She listened to good music.

She smoked some marijuana…

…..Wait, what?

Video proof exists showing the President’s oldest daughter using a Schedule I narcotic.

But did the police arrest her or write her a citation – or at least give her a warning?


However, according to reports, President Obama had found out after the incident occurred and was highly upset and “furious” with Malia.

Apparently he gave her a lecture, or at least that’s what sources are telling the newspapers.

Of course, he had to do something. This looks bad on the President.  The last thing he needs in his last year in office is a family scandal that could damage his legacy.

Their picture perfect family apparently isn’t all that perfect.

But these things happen.  And kids do make mistakes.

Fortunately for Malia, she didn’t end up in jail. So there likely won’t be any lasting consequences for her actions.

However, thousands of kids across the country, who aren’t the sons or daughters of the President of the United States, are currently sitting in jail for doing the exact same thing as Malia.

In fact, some of them now have criminal records that will follow them for the rest of their lives — potentially damaging employment opportunities — for committing the exact same crime.

But they don’t have the status which comes from being “Obama’s child” – nor do they enjoy the same privileges Obama’s daughters enjoy.

Contrary to what the mainstream media and Black Lives Matter would have you believe, the most affected communities of non-violent drug laws aren’t categorized by race, but instead by economic disadvantage.

Regardless of race, poor kids are much less likely to have the means of affording decent representation in the court of law. They are also less likely to have a cop simply turn the other way and let them off the hook.

While no one should advocate for the lock-up of Malia Obama for making a mistake, the same standard should absolutely be applied across the board for all Americans.

And the radical supremacy group Black Lives Matter should never discuss their flawed logic of “white privilege” again, especially considering how Obama’s daughters are two of the most privileged children in the entire world.

Consider also the fact that Malia was at a “rowdy” party on Martha’s Vineyard and the Secret Service quickly removed her from the party after receiving a tip that the cops were about to bust it up.

Some of those party attendees might have likely gone to jail.

But not Malia.

Instead, she is bound for Harvard and will attend the Ivy League school, receiving a top-notch education and have the opportunity to live a successful life.

Unlike the majority Americans who are jailed for non-violent drug crimes or for making a common youthful mistake, no one bats an eye over Obama’s daughters for committing the exact same mistakes.

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  • eddy122

    Like father, like daughter…

  • longshorts

    No father should be dragged over the coals for his adult daughter’s criminal acts – unless you are the President. The President’s family always are supposed to set family values for the Nation to follow. Thus far, the President’s family has set a poor example for anyone to emulate. Obama, and his family could have set a shining example of the first black President to exist, and his family to back him up. To date, Obama’s “example” has been a disgrace to the Nation, and his family an embarrassment and a disappointment to the US as a whole. Malia has lived the privileged life since her father was elected, and not being arrested for use of an illegal drug is a prime example of money and prestige buying off the authorities once again. Had I been found using an illegal substance, I would be in jail faster than you could say “arrested”. So much for everyone “being created equal”. Obama should be ashamed of his daughter, and Malia should be charged and face trial for her “habit”.